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Is there a limit as to how many conversations can be carried out at once?

Yes, there is a limit. By default, up to 18 online users are allowed at once.

Demo is preparing ;)

Demo is ready now. Justt go to details page of this plugin and click Live Preview button.

Nice. If I buy it once, then can I use it on all my wordpress websites or it has a limited?

You can use your all WordPress websites as long as you buy a license for each of them. It is only limit :)

Please read Regular License terms:

Hi could you please insert IP location ! And i do not get it but can we add a image profile for administrator ? And my last question is this responsive ? If not any plan to do that?Thank you


Every operators (WordPress users) have avatars. And this plugin uses operators’ default gravatars. Changing your gravatar means you change your profile image as well.

Default skin doesn’t support responsive yet. Why not? We can put it bucket list ;)

In first version, IP address is not stored. But we have already planned to store both IP address and browser of visitor in to DB, and admins will see visitor data from WP admin panel.

Looks like a sale-maker for you :)

1. Do you have demo for us? 2. How many simultaneous conversations at one time? 3. How would it behave with a responsive theme? 4. Do we get an auto-alert like when people visiting the website or only when they send us an alert?


Thanks for your reply :)
  1. Demo is ready now.
  2. 18 users allowed at one time
  3. Responsive support in our to-do list
  4. Auto-alert not supported yet, but it is GREAT feature. We may put it ln next versions

I hope this helps.

Just bought it and it seems to be very nice, i have to make some tests to give a full feedback, but for now it seems to work great!

It just seems that the logs can be deleted.

Interested in the responsive capability also ;)

Just for your information, you should add stripslashes to messages so that anti slashes do not appear in messages when using apostrophes (‘)

Ok, thanks. Sometimes when i write a answer, it simply disappear before i press enter, and then i have to rewrite my text. That would be great if you can fix that!

You would be fast :) The plugin removes the text, because it’s preparing itself for new message. I’ll also think what can we do for it.

ok, let me know

nice job! Book marked!

Regards Levt

Could you build a magneto community version, too?

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I have write a mail to your account!

Did you get my reply? I just want to be sure you got our emails?

How does the chat work? Do you have to chat from wordpress admin or does it link to an IM client?

Is there a demo?


Plugin works from WordPress admin and using Ajax technique. It stores conversations and visitors into a Database table.. And no releationship with any IM client.

I hope this helps :)

By the way, demo is preparing ;)

Demo is ready now

Will definitely get this if I’m happy with the demo. WordPress has been crying out for a good livechat plugin.

An option I would like to see is disable the default CSS – I prefer to load the CSS in to my main CSS file to cut down on HTTP requests.

Yes, WordPress needs a good chat plugin .We are preparing a demo. Don’t worry about this.

And the option you mentioned is good idea! You might see it in next version (1.1).

Thanks ;)

Great, I’ll wait for 1.1 and see if it’s in there before purchase.

Thanks :) Just check the plugin page again in a couple of days

Hello, can we customize the button for chat?

You can change texts and colors of all buttons from Administration Panel. If you are familiar with PHP, then you can even create your own skin :)

Is like the button you have on this page?

You can’t do it directly from skin options. You need create new skin for it. If you’re familiar with HTML/CSS and PHP, you can create your own skin.

This looks great, mate – well done! I’ll let you know how it goes.

Does it work in a multisite web?

Has not been tested yet. I will put in to-do list. I’ll reply from you from here when i tested with WP-MU, if you want to hear?

Yes please, if it does work I will buy it. Thank you

Does it work only in WordPress ?

For now, yes. It works only WP. If you have a request, please let us know which platforms requested more

I’m interested if it works in a normal page, html, php. Thanks

WOOW iam READY to buy it , please send me a message when the demo is ready , i want to make sure its support arabic or any other language ,

thanks :)

Demo is ready :) Go to plugin details page and click Live Preview. We has not been tried for Arabic languages yet.

Allright, installation was smooth and it’s working nicely! Sweet :) Now…

1)I only want to show the chat-box on the Support pages of the website. 2)The box should appear on the bottom left instead of the bottom right.

How can i achieve this?

Thank you :)

1- The plugin works all around your blog. But we’ll also put an option to disable chat box, and then you will be able to add a shortcode to pages you want to display chatbox.

2- For now, you can edit style.css of Basic skin (wp-contents/plugins/screets-chat/basic/style.css). Go to line 25, and change this code right: 40px; with this one: left: 40px;

I hope this helps..

Thank you! Very helpful. A shortcode option would be great. Crossing my fingers for version 1.1. hehe :)

You can follow us by Twitter, if you want to hear new updates:

Does this save logs of conversations, and is there a nice beep beep or something similar when there is a message?

Yes, if you look at plugin details page you will see how to logs stored on administration panel. And yes, you hear beep beep when got new message :)