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Hello emeliech,

Could you please contact with with your Screets API key?

We only provide premium support for our customers who have valid license from Envato.

Best, Screets.

I am intrested to buy this script…but sir,i have one question to use this script,we have to purchase any api plans. or just i have to place my script in hosting server and use right….no need to pay anything…

Hello Rameindia,

You don’t have to purchase any other plans or services. You will only need to have Firebase account which is free. There is no monthly fees or additional costs.

If you have other questions, feel free to ask.

Best, Screets.

Please tell me that firebase url,from where we have to create account

You can find information from here: (you will need Spark – free version).

Hello, Is there any way to hide User by blocking their IP? Take a look at my capture to see what we mean:

Hello Chef,

Currently you can’t block users by neither IP or user email. However, we will have more control on users on Lone Wolf which is the next major version of LC (

Please give it a try on your test or developing WP installation. If you give feedback to, we will really appreciate :)

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

Best, Screets.

The popup shows the text “We are connected” even if our “Chat console” is closed. Please we need to fix this.

Hello chef, it seems like your session wasn’t closed in real-time database platform. It means Firebase couldn’t recognized that you or one of other operators were disconnected.

The fastest solution is to delete “online”users” data from real-time database manually.

1. Go to your Firebase Console > Database 2. Find “online_users” in the list item 3. Click “X” (delete button) on the right of the “online_users”

Hope this helps. Please update this comment, if something else happens.

Best, Screets.

+1 iOS App. I’d say more than 90% of your clients would want this / would be willing to pay more to get it too. Thanks.

Hi Screets,

Can you explain more about pushover notifications? I saw it on the details about your plugin.

Also is it possible that when someone chats on my site. Can I receive a notification from my phone? If possible, how to do that?

Hell jedlarosa,

Thank you for contacting Screets.

Pushover is working a little different in current version LC2. You will get notifications about new messages and new visitors on your mobile phone when you’re online in chat console in your back-end.

Of course, you can customize it in your settings. But you won’t get notifications if you’re offline in chat console.

We are working on mobile application for both iOS and Android and you won’t need a chat console most of the time already. It supposed to come after we release the LC3 which is the next major update.

If you subscribe email list, we can notify you about LC updates:

If you have other questions, feel free to ask.

Best, Screets.

It says on your site there is no mobile app you have to use the WP admin panel to answer chats. Is that only on mobile devices? Is there a front-end admin that you can use on desktops so you can answer chats from the front-end of the website?


Thank you for contacting Screets.

Chat console of LC2 is working on WP admin panel only. It won’t work on your mobile devices properly because it didn’t designed for mobile.

iOS and Android applications are on the way. It will be released after we done with the next major update LC3 called Lone Wolf.

If you have other questions, feel free to ask here.

Best, Screets.

Is it possible to make a front-end admin as a customization? This is where the chat operator could login on the front-end of the site and answer the chats from there inside of the back-end admin panel.

How can I check it’s back end view.

Hello Ahmad,

Why don’t you send a demo request email to So we can send you demo version and test it in your test WordPress website.

If you have other questions, feel free to ask.

Best, Screets.

Hi, I am really excited about LoneWolf (v3.0). Any news on when that version would be ready?

Hello angel0405,

Thank you for taking the time to contact Screets :) We’re very close to finish Beta 2. It will be the closest one to LW3.

Why don’t you subscribe LW list. So we can notify you when it is ready:

If you have other questions in the meantime, feel free to ask.

Best, Screets.

Hi, How to be notified by e-mail when user start live chat ?

Hello produ,

In LC2, you will be only notified by Pushover.

However, we have added instant email notifications in next major update called Lone Wolf. All operators will receive email notifications when a visitor sends a chat request.

Why don’t you subscribe Lone Wolf email list? So we can notify you when it is available:

Update is free.

If you have further questions, feel free to ask :)

Best, Screets.

Is it possible to have Green color when “Online” and Red Color when “Offline”?


Currently you don’t have shortcode for that.

However, Live Chat is open source and you can add your own custom code to let plugin work the way you want. It is up to your HTML/JavaScript knowledge.

Besides, we have added your shortcode request in ideas list for the next major update called Lone Wolf (

If you have other questions, feel free to ask.

Regards, Screets.

Can you help with that custom job?

Hello zconsulting,

We’re currently unavailable for custom jobs. If you have other questions we can assist with, please ask!

Best, Screets.

How can I display operator name and not IP

Hello zconsulting,

Thank you for contacting Screets. It seems like the plugin shows up IP address for your operator user. If so, you will want to:

  • Go to chat console > settings
  • Click “Restart”
  • Logout from your WordPress
  • Re-login your WordPress and then chat console

Hope this helps. If you have still issue, please feel free to ask.

Regards, Screets.

Hello, Thanks, I did and the issue is resolved.

However, the picture shown to clients is not the operator avatar profile picture but the website logo. Is there anyway I can show operator picture instead?

Hello zconsulting,

Thank you for your update. Night Bird is currently checking and if your email doesn’t registered there, it shows up default site logo.

You will just want to update your profile avatar for your email:

Best, Screets.

does it have automatic trigger just like zopim?

I’m really excited to hear this and will buy the app to support you and show my interests for such features. Keep up the good work.

can you share the idea page features?

Hello faisal,

Glad that you like it! First of all, the ideas page in local and we share in Screets. However, we might make it public in the future to receive feedback.

Why don’t you subscribe email list of Lone Wolf here, so we can notify you about new update:

Please reply here if you have any further questions or concerns.

Best, Screets.