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Awesome work! :)

Thank you :)

Super work my friend :) Very useful!!! wish you luck and many-many sales

Thank you!

Great product, just what I was looking for!

Thank you for your words!

Very useful plugin, lot of thanks!

That brings order in Wordpress-sites with lots of old articles and I hope to generate more traffic on my page with it. I´ll give more comment again after some tiem of using it.

Thank you!

Very nice touch with the WooCommerce there : )

My question is. For my site users/members do not publish content via the backend. So instead they publish via the frontend of my site. Will the related posts still appear underneath their published posts?

Thanks Antongorodezkiy

Hello kwilliamroman, thank you!

If you mean their published posts on the post’s page, then yes, but there should be linked (related) posts for this post. And currently you can add linked posts only from the backend (admin dashboard).

But this is very interesting feature – to add linked articles from the frontend – and I think I should include it in the next release.

Do you use some special plugin for frontend posting?

Hope I understood your question correct.

I use UserPro so my users publish posts via the frontend.

Ok, thank you. I’ll add support for UserPro plugin in the next version.


I really like this plugin, and I’m glad I bought it…but…

When I use it, it causes code to be displayed on my page. IDK why this is happening, and it’s preventing me from using it. Does it need to be updated?

Thanks! I’ve already sent you an email with all of the requested info :)

Oh, I see. Will answer there

Cool, thanks :)

Still working for newest version of wordpress? Thinking about getting it, worried comments are so old, just want to be sure, thanks! :)


stane Purchased


I have “before bying” question about your plugin : Wordpress Linked Articles Plugin


Please can you say me If I can choose, for each post of my blog, a product (woocommerce) that I want to sell.

To explain the situation : I have posts on my blog and for each post I would like to sell its numeric version. Well, I would like to link each post ton one woocommerce product.

Thanks for your answer ! :))

Have a good day


Hello stane, yes you can link products to articles and vise versa.


stane Purchased


I’ve buy your plugin,

In product page :

- you talking about : “Articles linked to this product”

But it’s impossible to link articles, I’m obliged to link product in product…

I want to link articles in product Please refund me,

Hello stane, to link articles (posts) to products you need to check option “Allow cross post types linking” on the page /wp-admin/options-general.php?page=wp-linked-articles ( as described on the screenshot ). Please let me know if you have other questions.


stane Purchased

Yes it’s true,

but If related articles are display when I linked them in post when I do the same thing on product : nothing appears.

The related posts or products are not display in my product page.

Why ? because it’s necessary to have description’s product even if nothing appears…

Hello @stane,

I see what you mean. The plugin uses the_content filter to attach linked articles in automatic mode. And when you have no description this filter is not triggered.

However you could use the workaround to add one whitespace for every product which has no content (description) so linked articles could be shown on those products anyway.

To use workaround please paste the following code to your functions.php file of your current WP theme:

function linked_articles__show_content_on_empty_products() {
    global $post;
    if (is_product() && empty($post->post_content)) {
        $post->post_content .= ' ';
add_action('wp', 'linked_articles__show_content_on_empty_products');

Let me know if this will work for you.

is this plugin still for sale or outdated ???

Hello @lordii, it’s still for sale and supported.