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Projectby_us – your sites are still down – we have contacted you several times for support – While I appreciate your comments here – you need to address the issues. We paid for a plugin – your $249 developer version and your license server is still down.

Check your email, I never received your email before

Does this stil works with WP 4.7.2 ?

And if A have made a plugin, can I then put some code in the plugin, at track it with this system ?

yes, sure

How does this plugin work with Woocommerce?

yes, and woocommerce required to distribute license key

Hi is your plugin still working? Your live preview site is down..

Does this plugin depend upon your 3rd party server to work.. or is it all created on the individual wp site you install it on?

plugin work as well but demo will be removed, many spam detected by server

Since WordPress requires any product built on it to be GPL compliant, how does this work and maintain compliance?

this for provide direct update to your client who bought your product

Very cool! Good luck!

Demo link doesn’t work ?

kindly sen Private message Sir
Thank you

I’m still not clear how this works, can you upload a wordpress plugin and lock it with a license key which expires?

kindly sen Private message Sir
Thank you

Hi, I have a website with a few HTML pages and some scripts in java, With him I could do trial ?

Sorry, I was not clear, I need to do test versions of websites in html and java with expiration time

Interested, but will not purchase until live preview is working

Hi, How long does the automatic license verification process? Does the plugin work stable?

based on server where you installed Worpress Licensing System.

Automatic license verification every X days/weeks ?

you can setup it on your code, this based on your setting
Thank you

Friend, would you like to know if generating the license it will check the same on our server or yours? And I already bought another system that checked on the server of the tool developer and since the beginning of the year the server is off line and the developer disappeared and gave us headache and prejudice.

Taking advantage of, I await response from a question asked 1 month ago: I need to test versions of websites in html and java with expiration time

1. It hosted on your server (all you manage it)
2. No demo for it, i’m sorry for it