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Hi, awesome app, but how do get my categories on the blog page, they don’t show.?

hmm, it says the mail does not exist.

thanks for add on skype

how i can use it for android app, or it can`t be done

It’s already developed here is the link. http://codecanyon.net/item/business-application/9944994

dear sir is this app has push notification ? if new post or any push notification can be displayed?

:) when i downloaded the file both of them with ads i wana to remove the ads ?

can you send me more documentation about change the colors of the app in the xCode?

I hope after discuss on Skype your issue are fixed.

Installation instructions please. When I try to install the zip file I get WP message “no valid plugins were found”

Thanks for your purchase. Please first extract that zip file because in that zip there is 2 plugins.

Yes, I have done that. I have tried loading both the app_business_with_adds and and the app_business_without_ads and I get the same error message with both files. No validplugin found.

after unzip you will find 2 folder on it. Just zip one by one and then install. Stillnot get idea then contact me skype: excellent.web1

Hi, i want to buy your app, can you tell me the app work with wp? When I upgrade the wp the app is also updated?... Thanks

Yes it works with WP and also with updates.

Hi, how to set up the parse account and when to change in the code i did not get any thing in the documentation.

First of all thanks for purchase.

Second its not support parse. you have to configure in wordpress.

Also if you need any help then please add me on skype: excellent.web1

Will it help in creating an iOS app for site like prove.dk.

in which their are tests and sounds plus images from the website itself

Please add me on Skype: excellent.web1

I’ve made websites before, but never an app. Is there any documentation that comes with this showing how to set it up? Or is there a tutorial or something you can point me to? Thanks.

yes you can but its in code.

what is the file where the code is to change the color? And is there something that goes into more detail about setting up the categories in wordpress and connecting them to the app?

Please add me on Skype: excellent.web1

Hey there, i am interested in this app. but before i buy i need to ask if this plugin is only for one WordPress website or can i use this plugin for many WordPress websites? it is a plugin for WordPress am i right?

1. please let me know if it is a wordpress plugin or not? —>Yes

2. i am happy to buy the extended licence form you but i need to see a demo first.(and i will buy it at same day) —> You can check demo apk and backend. http://codecanyon.net/item/business-application/9944994 3. or you can send me the demo form your side. i am ok with that. i just need to see that it can be done via wordpress how does it look like. what features cames with it. http://codecanyon.net/item/business-application/9944994

4. Please send me the demo for this webiste—> www.pattarkhurd.com if you do not want to send me the demo then it is fine but i need to see how to use it and does it support my theme because i want to create more then 20 websites with that same theme. so i will need 20 apps in future so i need to buy your plugin. —> please help me via telling that if it is a wordpress plugin or not and how does my website look in a app. thanks —> Yes its wordpress plugin.

one last question… if i pay you $90 then how many WordPress websites can i build with it? and if i pay $18 then how many websites can i create with it. what about if i do not need any support can i use $18 plugin for all of my websites to crate apps?

if you purchase single then you can use it in one site. Also if you purchase extended then you can use all website.

I have a Question. We want to make a Direcotry Applikation. Can we make this with this Plugin? This was the Theme what we want to use in wordpress:


Please answer me. When we can make a Location Directory Theme, than we want to buy it, but you must say us, how we can make it.


No that will not support but if you want then will do custom for you.. please add me on skype:excellent.web1