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Looks nice, so it calculates an end price dynamically depending on the choosen steps? Checkout via woocommerce?

Hello mate,

Yes, it will calculate the prices and numbers base on user input/selection.

It wouldn’t checkout or do any payment here, it only allow user to submit application form and you will review it in the backend.

This plugin won’t mess with any payment process or money on your site!

Th?nks man!

Hello, can this be used to calculate an investment goal calculator? for example, how much should i invest montly in order that after X years to get 100.000$?

Hello, our plugin can’t do that, it’s for installment purpose only, you will get result for determined paytime & interest rate with total price and prepaid amount

Chaps I have left a support query on Sunday but haven’t heard back. Can you let me know if you can help asap? Thanks!

Also – can we do this in private? thomas-at- Brunkard .com is my email.

I have replied to your mail, can you please check it?.

Thank you!

Hello Thomas,

We have updated the plugin, it should be fixed, can you please re-install the plugin?


Hi there! Could this work to make a property appraisal?

Hi Dariostar,

Yes, It will help you somehow, let us explain.

By providing conditions for a customer for installment, just they have to have “I.D”, “Driving license”, “Bank account”...

And when they choose a product for installment, they will need to provide/match these condition, before submitting application.

So it will help you easier in making a property appraisal base on their submitted application, you will know what they already have, like “I.D” or “Driving license”.

Hope that help you.


I’m getting a fatal error when I enable the plugin – what should I do?


What is the way you uploaded plugin? If you uploaded by FTP method, please try to upload it again, as FTP might have missed uploading some file.

Thank you!

Hello Andrea,

We have update plugin, can you please take a look if it works for you now?

Sorry for being late in replying you!.



Do you have an example of how this works for calculating car and personal loans? I’m looking for a calculator to use on a financial site where visitors just enter basic info (loan amount, interest rate, loan term) and could it be used for a savings calculator?



Yes, our plugin can do that for you, no matter what you are going to loans.

On our demo, you can see http://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-installment-multipurpose-calculator/full_screen_preview/13987994

All you need is create a page, let’s take example is “calculating car loans”, then you will need to input the terms (driving licenses…), interest rates….then it will work.

Your customer also can apply by submitting a form, then you can view in the backend and approve or not those applications.

Thank you!

I can not active this plugin with woocemmerce 2.5. Can you help me

Problem solved.


Hello, I just buy your plugin an i have a problem:

Warning: include_once(/home/ccn/domains/ccn/public_html/wydarzenia/wp-content/plugins/osvn-woocommerce-installment/classes/wci-function.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/ccn/domains/ccnews.pl/public_html/wydarzenia/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-installment/classes/class.wci-install.php on line 48

Warning: include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening ’/home/ccn/domains/ccn/public_html/wydarzenia/wp-content/plugins/osvn-woocommerce-installment/classes/wci-function.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/local/php/5329/lib/php’) in /home/ccn/domains/ccnews.pl/public_html/wydarzenia/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-installment/classes/class.wci-install.php on line 48

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wci_create_page() in /home/ccn/domains/ccn/public_html/wydarzenia/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-installment/classes/class.wci-install.php on line 59

Of course I’m reinstal script manual, but don’t works…. Could you help me?


Due to our mistake when update plugin with Envato, we have updated plugin carefully now.

There’s 2 option, one is download main file (which include plugin and documentation), one is WordPress plugin only.

For now, we just submitted a plugin for an update, it will get in the line and got approved by Envato, it shouldn’t be long.

For now, if you’re in a rush, just download the plugin again with option “Plugin only” again and install, it will work fine.

Else, just wait for notification from Envato about the update.

Another solution is you can email us at support@comfythemes.com We will send you the updated version right away.


Thank you. Now works very nice! Thank for help and you advice!

Awesome, we’re sorry for any inconvenience we made.

If you’re still reading this comment, can you please write a few words for our product with your rating? You should see rating section just below download button on your download page, here’s the link for your reference: http://codecanyon.net/downloads

To all our potential client. The problems of the customers above are fixed 10000%, so if you’re feeling scared about those, no worries, we have fixed it and we got your back!

Does it processes Balloon payments


It is just record the information, no online payment is available.

It’s a pure calculator.


How to config like Demo Produc button.

Bạn vào WooCommerce > General setting ở đó nha

Hic tất cả web mình hiện theo đúng chỉ có cái plugin thì hiện ngược lại chả rõ do đâu

Lên bản wp mới đụng với thằng nào mà cứ active lên là không thể upload được gì lên nữa.


I have a product in setup in woocommerce and i have setup my credit rules, pay percent, loan months, and credit providers, I want to setup the shortcode for woocommerce in the installment page but the add installment does not see my woocommerce product when i try to type it’s name. Please help resolve this issue .


I have a product that is variable which produces different results depending on the user choice however the installment option only picks up one variation instead of all the variation. on the front-end if the user does not choose the particular valuation specified the process fails. Please help with picking all variations in the item.

Hi I can’t get the language file for this plugin please give a step to step instructions on how to make the change?

Kind reminder of my above query on changing the wording. Please assist

hi how to add product price as field in the frontend for user to key in


There’s a parameter in the shortcode allow you to that, it’s ‘price’


Can a calculator be done like this page below with your plugin ?


I am on a site for a Electric Co and would need this asap, lemme know if this is possible so that I can purchase it asap,


Hey, I have a problem with plugin but the support page isn`t available. Where can I send WP access for you to check the issue?


I need to create a calculator to get the next vehicle inspection date based on its registration date and tipology, do you think your plugin would be able to help me with this?

Thank you!