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I click on live preview but nuthin’...........

try urls from lpugin description. Fixing preview

I bought this add-on and I’m having issues with it. I have a lot of tooltips I need to add to a page, but it will only allow me to use 5 of them when I’m editing the page. HELP!!!!

ping me via profile private message. ill help you

ping me with http://codecanyon.net/user/evgendob rightbottom PM messages and ill check

I tried this plugin, but didn’t do anything.

? Maybe you can provide details? You can contact me via PM

is it possible to show images with this plugin ?

As i remember – yes. But you better to try live demo to be sure all types of data you want to use can be used.

Works partially.

You’re unable to use bold or italic if you want to use the tooltip with a phrase.

I contacted the author and from all problems I had. the most important it was not only not resolved but got no news from him since last week.

I’m throwing the plugin in the trash where it deserves to be.

i wrote you that you can use html in replace phrase so you need to enter tags where you want tags to replace. anyway. tnx for your feedback. other users will be know all details.

And what about the fact that as I wrote you in my last e-mail (transcription above) instead of not working it simply suppress all the post. That you didn’t answer and is because of that that I decided to post this comments. See that the last mail date’s from Dec 10.

I dont see any email from you dec 10. Tnx for your comments. Sorry for this.

So 12 dollars without tinymce, and 25 dollars for tinymce integration. Right? Also I am not using standard Tinymce (it’s an advanced version), will the integration works as well? And does it work with WP 3.8x?

You can just can check delux version to see its functionality

Ok, there is no function like you show here :


How to get this function, and can you confirm it is compatible with WP 3.8

Live demo of Delux Version You can check demo here http://tooltipsdelux.voodoopress.net/wp-admin with tester/tester login/password. You will see this functionality there

Hello, can I load post content automatically in the tooltip? For example, I want to have a front page that will load all the featured image of the last X posts, and on hover I’d like to load the post content corresponding to that image. Is it possible?