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The plugin is not working in latest Wordpress 4.4.1. There is no link to “Edit with sEditor” in Media library.

sorry for late replay, the bug is now fixed. Please download new version from codecanyon.

HI. Can you modify this script for a custom work?

Not working, “Edit with sEditor” is not to be seen in WP 4.4.2

ok, thanks for purchase. I will check it and make an update if needed.

In Medial LIbrary you have to switch to list view and then you will be able to see “sEdit” button. Here is short video about it: https://youtu.be/xuZyHul9HIs

The Editor doesn’t seem to be working with Wordpress Version 4.5.2.

After I installed and activated it, the link to edit an image with sEditor does show up, when I click it, a new tab opens and it sais “select image size to edit / click on image to edit”, but there is no image and these links are inactive. I’ve tried it with various jpgs, but get only the same result.

Could you please help with that or, if it’s just not compatible, give a refund?

Sorry for my late reply, i have setup the latest version of WP (4.5.2) and sEditor is working fine. Here is the video of m test: https://youtu.be/tvYI80qsJ_Y So the issue must be on your server settings, could be image folder permission issue. But please check your console log when you open image and check your php log file- maybe we can find someting

I don’t know how to check any php or console log. I’m no pro, i’m just a volunteer that’s trying to set up a website for an animal welfare organisation. But I don’t think that has something to do with image folder permission. I’ve installed various plugins, including some that edit images (crop, resize, optimize) and they all work without any problem. This is what I get: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0025yb9y03

Ok, can you create a test account for me? I would like to check it by myself. After i am finished you can delete that account. If you agree send me the link to website, and login credentials to my email (it is in Help file)


This is my scenario – I use RSS feed extractors for my website and I get posts from feeds going into draft.

I then go into each draft post with the intention to edit text and images. Unfortunately I’ve NOT been able to find a plugin to edit images from within draft.

I’m particular about cropping – some cropping plugins or sites are not very flexible and don’t allow me to crop off the exact part of an image I want to crop off.

To recap:

I’m looking for a way of directly editing or cropping images within the “edit post” page at the backend of my wp site.

The same place where text is entered and media (Images) can placed in….(I’m not sure what they call that page.

Anyway, can your plugin crop any part of an image I wish – some plugins when you want to crop just a section at the bottom, end up cropping by moving a square – it’s not flexible.

Ahah…..If you have used Microsoft Paint on your computer to crop, I want similar mode of cropping.

Thank you.

Any suggestions by anyone to solve this problem is helpful.