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I have tried everything I can think of to get this plugin working. Nothing works! I have loaded jquery update too. The short codes don’t work. I’m tring to use this a a very time sensitive project. Any idea why it isn’t working/

(using WP3.91)

We just purchased the plugin and have a couple of questions:

1) Is there any way to set defaults for new scrollers so we don’t have to change all of the settings every time we create a new scroller?

2) Is there any way to automatically open each image in a lightbox instead of having to set the image again in the Lightbox tab?

3) Is it possible to use the lightbox system outside of the scroller for individual images by adding a class or something else within the HTML?

We’re happy to do any of these items via code, but any help would be really appreciated. Thanks.


Hello Author!

I bought this plugin before i read this comments… My version is nog working in Wordpress 3.9…

Are you gonna fix this ?



Hi I would like to buy this plugin. My question is: Can I change the look of the overlay text? Just like in my example? Can I set a size for the images?



I just purchased your plugin and works great except I am having trouble trying to figure out how to stop the ‘rewind’ in the slider carousel. Is there a way to just have the slideshow loop without hitting the last slide and rewinding to the first? In the sliders setting tab I checked the box that says Continous in the Navigation box, and move by one, but when the slide reaches the last slide (only 4 slides) it rewinds back to the first – I want to keep the one by one feature but when it gets to the last slide just start again at the first slide without showing the rewind. I am using WP 3.9.2 and woothemes.

Thank you,

Plugin not working, blank screen after selecting slides-

Please hekp


Is it possible to set to automatically display for example the latest 10 or 20 posts, rather than creating them manually in the slide page?

setting up the slides and everything works as advertised however whenever I attempt to implement it in any of my wordpress pages it does not appear. The HTML code is there however nothing is visible.

Who and where do I contact to receive support for a paid product?

Hi! I need the php code (not the shortcode) of the Gallery! Where can I get it? Thank you!

Hi. PP question:

Will I need to upload images to a specific folder/ plugin or are you using the native library?

+ will I need to resize images etc. or does it work with all sizes?

Hi Team,

I just purchased this plugin, and realized that the images height and width is fixed. I can keep the images height same but the width can be different, can you please suggest what can done ?

Hi there, In general the plugin is working fine. (Using Wordpress 4.0) but everytime we update the site the front end just gives us the shortcode. We think there’s a clash with WP Minify which does include the file kpm-thumb-scroller in the list of files minified. Have you come across this clash before? Any suggested solutions?

Correct my comment above…strangely the plugin works fine on pages and posts but when inserted into a widget on the home page for HTML it has a problem…could be more an issue with the theme than the plugin I guess….www.thepoint.lu…

How can I use this with YouTube so that it opens in a lightbox?

Can I have each thumbnail link to a different website OR have them not link anywhere at all? So basically just a scroller with no linking functionality? How do you define which images show up in the scroller?

This plugin does not work. Will not let me ‘add new’ – just shows and empty list. How do I fix this plugin and make it work? If not, give me my money back.

Any chance you guys release an update for this? its been more than 1 year since the last update 7 May 14. Try to incorporate bug fixes you found for the next update which you guys haven’t did up to now. If an update is not planned for this item within coming 1 or 2 months, PLEASE PROVIDE ME A REFUND. As per the Wordpress norm, there’s no point in using a plugin that’s not getting frequent updates. Its susceptible to lot of bugs and conflicts going forward. Its a bad business practice to asking to pay for support when you are not actively updating the script with previous bug fixes! (I’m just stating the recent Envato’s support policy change. It seems you are not even supporting this item anymore)

This plugin does not work anymore! Just tried to install it to a new website – no way. It still works in an existing environment, but does not work in the new site.

Hi There! Is it possible to put caption under the photo in fullscreen lightbox? Thank you!

would be possible make it work like Smooth Div Scroll (http://www.smoothdivscroll.com/) and move the carousel with mouse hover?

Hi, I this plugin isn’t working for me either… It won’t let me add new scrollers to even begin to work with this. Has that concern been addressed yet?