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comfythemes supports this item


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This is a great idea. But I’m needing a few more details.

Is this all done on wp-cron? Or is when an action is done by the user.

You should look into bookly support!

Hi mate,

This is real-time, not using wp-cron, that mean when you have done some actions, it will post directly to your slack channels.

Multi-channel posting will go live soon

I will take a look on bookly, that’s awesome idea!

Thank you, this is great! I have a rather specific use case though. Would it be possible to get the plugin to post the # of articles each writer wrote the past week/month?

hello ; would be great if you could register buddypress activities on activity stream

We will look for the way to do that.

Thank you!

Hello . any news on the buddypress activities ? is the plugin still supported ?

Is there any future plan to implement comment reply with slack?

Hello, I would like to know if it has a configuration like an event type: “access to a specific url from my WP site”?

And congratulations to the plugin.


We do not have this on the plugin but we can do the customization for you. It will add extra cost.

Contact us by email: support@comfythemes.com. We will catch up with you from there.

Thank you