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I submitted a ticket via your website over two weeks ago but I’ve received no reply. I then followed it up a week ago, yet I’ve still not received a reply.

Plus I have “Support”, yet I’m not getting it.

I have still not received a reply from you in relation to my support query, on a ticket I opened over 3 weeks ago.

Hi. Is this plugin responsive?

Hello, is it possible to do with your plugin contact form like this? With tooltips next to each checkbox?


I’m having an issue where the shortcode is basically firing other shortcodes every time and everywhere there is another. AdBlade code, fired right after it. Now, I’m having a problem where it fires another shortcode with an header 2 tag and despite checking “display inline” it causes a break in the paragraph. Here is a url with the example. The tooltip is the Red & Blue “Fox News Poll”. It’s very hard to explain but the link will show you what I mean.

If the theme selected is anything white, the image loads off-set to the right. If any other theme is selected the theme loads centered, which is what I want. Why is white changing the location of the pop-up?

Also with the white theme the outlined box theat popup does not go around whole image. The other themes do have the image within the box

i figured it out. Is there a way to have the pop-up image pop-up over the tooltip image?

Hey there,

when using the plugin my google maps are disappearing. I use it together with the ibuki theme.

Any hints?



Hi, i have to put tooltips over a grid. Each cell of the grid contain an image of a member of a team. I need to show a short CV as a tooltip. Which is the best way to get this result? Thank You Maurizio

The “support” is absolutely nonexistent. Every time I submit a ticket, I get a “server timed out” error. It’s been like this for a month now.

OK, well. I will try my luck here.

I’ve got some rather lengthy tooltips appearing as paragraphs of text. When viewing on a mobile, the user would have to scroll down to read the rest of the tooltip. The problem is that when they start scrolling, the tooltip disappears even when they click within the tooltip. I need the tooltip to remain visible when the user scrolls and for it to only disappear when they click outside of it (not when clicking inside of it, which they have to do in order to scroll). Is this possible? I’ve tried messing around with the advanced settings, but nothing seems to work. Do I need to modify some code somewhere?

Hi, liking the plugin very much! Is there a way to allow them to click on content inside the tooltip without it activating another tooltip underneath it? Thanks in advance.


does this plugin for WordPress work with the actual version 4.6.1. of WP? Does the plugin support showing tooltips also in the admin area of WordPress (wp-admin) or only in the generated pages of the website (frontend)?

Kind Regards


Seems to be what I’m looking for. can it be used inside woocommerce products?


Is it possible please to have all the tooltips images on a page appear in the same fixed position on that page ? Thanks for the help.

Hi dear I’m going to buy your wordpress plugin (WordPress Hover Image & Content Tooltip Plugin) but I have a question My website has over 2500 image tips, I used Tooltipy ( and with this plugin my website’s load speed goes down and users can’t surf well. I would like to know that your plugin is optimized for this conditions with over 2500 tips?

Thank you for your time. Thanks

Does it work with videos from the wordpress media library?

Hello there. I recently purchased your plugin. Once installed, I can no longer add media to posts or even your plugin page per the add media button. I have to insert tags into the content editor.

Can I either get a refund or could you find a way to fix this for me?


No replies to any comments for over a year – AVOID

Please, I want to create four buttons, where when i hover on any button then 1- the popup window will be displayed with some text and button. How can i do that? please. I don’t find any example of your demo page like that. 2- can when i hover on a custom button then i will display a custom popup window with custom post type? Regards A.J.


I want to use this plugin to show four tooltips on different parts of one image. Is this possible?


elspanko Purchased

Is this product still supported? Support requests seem to be ignored.