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Great!. Something like this is what I’m looking for.

After approve the post, where the post publish? in a default post section or can publish in any custom post type?


Hello. After an article is approved you can see it in the default list of posts available in your WordPress admin area. If your solution has advanced features that are not covered by this plugin you can just approve posts without publishing them. That will make the item appear in the posts list but it will be kept as a draft. After that you can edit it using the features that your admin area provides and you can publish it when you are done.

Thank you for your feedback and we hope that you will enjoy our plugin.

Hello, does it support file attachment (images)

Hello, due to security reasons that feature (file upload) is not supported by current plugin. If more people are interested in that feature we will implement it in the next releases.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

I try your demo and works great. Some question before.

In a future can add the option for can add (choose) a custom field?. This if for example if I have a actually a custom field for my post named “extracontext” can give this field to show in a Guest?

Can add like your “Category” option for can select “Authors” (from a list)? This nor no need to write the author name in each guest.

And the powerful option for can add tags, this will be useful in some cases.

I really like your powerful product. Thanks.

Hello. We are glad to hear that you like our plugin and also thank you for providing feedback on it as this way we will be able to improve this package to better fit the customers’ needs.

We are interested in suggestions from existing or potential customers and because of this we would like to ask you a few things about your proposals:

- How would that custom field you are referring to be used in relation to the article? Would that value just be available for the admin to see or included somehow in the post?

- We are not sure what you mean by adding a select of authors. The author bio can be appended to the article because the purpose of this plugin is to accept articles from guests that don’t have accounts configured in your WordPress admin. Would that be an option for the visitors that choose to submit a post or just for the admin to decide the user that will appear as author on the website?

- Adding the option to submit tags is a good idea, we are considering it for a future update.

Thanks for you response.

About “Custom Fields” is very useful because can add the possibility for save time. If my post have a previously custom field, with your product only “include” the name of this fiel for can use it. In your product some like can write the name of the field or with ”,” for two or more for can show as simple “text area”.

About Authors too save time, this is because if the people that write knows what is the author for each post. In my case your product give me the posibility for a editor can write in front end (and not in back end Wordpress) this is more fast for some people.

I actually search some like your product in the web, but really your solution is the most complete.


Thank you for your suggestions. We will take into consideration some of them.

Hi, it’s a very useful plugin! Thank you! But i have a little problem. I use the WP 3.5.2 and i have this error in the Guest posts main page of the admin:

Warning: usort() [function.usort]: Invalid comparison function in /home/lapublic/public_html/wp-content/plugins/osd_guest_posts/includes/osd_guest_posts_list.php on line 445

Thank you.

Hello, thanks for letting us know about the problem.

Because we are in progress with new features we can not update the plugin to fix this notice at this time.

However if you can send us your email address using this contact form http://codecanyon.net/user/onlinesolutionsdevelopment we can provide you with a file which will fix this issue.

The next update to the plugin will fix this notice and also will add new features.

Thank you for your response, i am going, now, to send you my email! :)

Everything is fixed now, works perfect; thank you for all this work!

I would like the image upload as well.

Found an issue in file “osd_guest_post_view.php” on line 545.

Wrong < input type="checkbox" name="osd_also_publish" value="1" />

Correct <input type="checkbox" name="osd_also_publish" value="1" />

There were too much spaces after the opening tag before the word “input”

And I’ve got a question: When publishing a post, the author is me, the admin. But I want the author of the guest post to be set as the author of the article.

How can I set that up?

Hello, Crille.

Thank you for your feedback on our plugin. We did notice the typo on the checkbox you mentioned and it is already fixed on our server. We are just making other changes too and as soon as those area completed and well tested we will release an update to the product.

About wanting to set the user that submits the article as the author: this plugin is meant to accept posts from GUESTS, so the entire idea is that those users are not registered in your system.

We don’t really know how what you asked might work, but it doesn’t seem to be the purpose of this plugin to register author accounts. We can only tell you that the update we are preparing will allow you to choose the author for a guest post, so that might work for you.

yes I think the new function will bring what I need. Thank you for answering my question. Keep up the good work

Hello , i will buy it when i could add file attachment (images) :)


I have recently bought this plugin, so far settings seems great but, how I can add the post form in a page or its a page itself, I cant find it anywhere. Please let me know how to add the form/page.



Thank you for your interest in our plugin, we are happy to hear that you like it until now. For more details on how to use the plugin we placed a READ_ME.txt file in the plugin directory. In it you will find the basic instructions on how to install the plugin and also a reference to the usage documentation. You will see that a version of the instructions document is found in the _documentation directory. You will find there two important files: READ_ME.html and READ_ME_ADVANCED.html. By opening them with any browser you can read more details on how the plugin is used. In READ_ME.html you will find a description for a basic usage and in READ_ME_ADVANCED.html you will find details on how you can used more advanced features provided by the plugin.

The documentation is also available here: http://demo.onlinesolutionsdevelopment.com/docs/guest-posts/

If you read either of them you will see that the form is rendered by using a short code. So basically you just need to paste this text in the page content [osd_guest_posts] and the form appear as you configured it. This method was chosen to provide you more flexibility in the usage as this way you will be able to add the form in several different pages. If you will read the advanced documentation you will see that some local configurations for each page are possible this way.

Thank you for your feedback and please let us know if you have any other questions.

Hi I need to edit the names of of the fields in the form. How I can do that, Which PHP Pages need to be changed for this?

Hello, This is not the kind of general support, please use the contact form available on the company’s profile and we will write to you in private to clear what you need and how that can be done.

Is it possible to see the admin section of this plugin? The image in screenshots doesn’t show enough

Thanks, looks great. A few more questions:

Is there any featured image upload for posts? I have added a Custom Field to your website, and it showed up in the drop down menu – great. The problem is that my site has many custom fields listed. On your demo site, I’ve added a few custom fields, and they showed up too. Is it possible to define which custom fields will be visible on this form? Or, is it possible to add a Featured Image button?

Is the data sanitized?

Is it possible to rename these fields without going into the code?

Thanks again

  • Is it possible to rename these fields without going into the code?

Let me clarify this question – is it possible to change the labels, such as “A short presentation of yourself:”?

To answer your questions:
  • Yes, you can pick the custom fields that appear in a form by using the shortcodes attributes.
  • No, there is no file upload feature
  • Yes, the data is sanitzed and validated by using the filter extension from PHP
  • No, at the moment there is no way to change the labels for the fields, but we are considering it as a future feature since it might help with internationalization also.

Since most of the things that you asked are alreday descibed please take the time to read the item description if you are interested in this plugin. Also you can check the basic documentation here or the advanced version here.

How can i translate the plugin front end to other language? I cant find language folder :(

Ok, i find, thx.. :) Great plugin, i love it…

Hello, At the moment this plugin does not have multilingual support. Thank you for your suggestion, we will consider this as an improvement for a future version.

I am not sure how to get the original authors name to show on the post

If you want to give credit to the authors you can use the author box that is appended to the post content, but if you want to post to appear as authored by the guest the way it does when you (as site owner) write it you can’d do that easily. Only users that have an account registered on your blog appear as authors. Basically this is the point of this plugin – to allow unregisterd users to provide content for websites, but the theme will still show registered users as authors.

How can i change the character encoding from utf-8 to ISO-8859-2 ? Some letters ( ?, ? ) do not appear correctly. Thx again

From what we tested the plugin should work with these characters too. Can you please give us a link to the blog where you are having this problem, if the website is public?


Does this lock all other tabs (posts,pages, code etc) in the backend so someone can login as a writer and post as a guest?

Hello, the plugin does not lock anything related to an authenticated wordpress user. The plugin was built with idea that a guest (not an authenticated user) be able to post on your website.

Hi. I ran a test post to see how the payment worked. It did indeed charge the account however, under the posts (payment metabox), it reads “User has not completed Payment for this post”. Also, ORDERS under the WP Guest Menu remains empty.

How can I tell when posts with payments are actually received?

Thank you

Hello, Nypsattler. Are you sure that you meant to comment on our plugin? From what we see you did not purchase it and also our item doesn’t provide support for payments, at least not yet. Please check if you should comment here or on another plugin’s page. If you are really sure that it is our plugin that you are using please let us know where you got it from and we will do our best to help you.

Perhaps I am confused. I have a purchase code for WP Guest Posts. Maybe there are two plugins with the same name. Regardless, it is OK, I found a solution that works for my application. Thank you.

Hello! Wordpress 4.3.1 plugin does not work. In the admin panel there is an error: “function WP_List_Table::get_columns() must be over-ridden in a sub-class.” How to fix?

Would you be able to take this one step further and add a pay-to-post option? Plus make the plugin 4.5x compatible?