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If I were to import say an Excel style Google Docs document what would it look like as a post? Does it retain the tables girds or simply raw import content (just text)? Can you provide a live preview example possibly? Thanks

It imports Docs (https://www.google.com/docs/about/), not Sheets (https://www.google.com/sheets/about/), if that is what you mean.

Ah, yes that’s what I meant. Will you be making another plugin in the future that can import Google Sheets too?

Maybe, it will be considered.

Hey there,

1) will the images of a Doc also be imported to Wordpress?

2) What about the styling (Headings, bold)? Will this be imported to my style?



1. Yes, HTML will be imported and you will see images but they are hosted by Google (not imported to Media Library). 2. Yes, as inline styles generated by Google API in HTML content (it is possible that some tweaking will be needed).

Will there be a way that the images are imported to media library? Otherwise its not that much time saving for me

Currently there is no way to do that with this plugin.

Hello, Would it be possible to implement a batch selection option so that you can import multiple documents at one time? Thanks

Hello, thanks for your feedback, we will consider this.

Nice work, Good job! All the best for your sales


Hi, I just purchased the WP 2 Google Docs plugin and I am having some trouble with it. I followed the instructions on setting up the OAuth and everything appears to be configured correctly; I even got the Authorization Code working, but when I go to where it should list my google docs I don’t see any of them. Hopefully, there is something simple I’m missing but what’s the best way for us to troubleshoot this?

Thanks, Jesse

Hi, please check browser console for JS errors, it is possible that some other plugin is causing JS error which might prevent normal operation of WPGD. Let us know if you need more help with this.

Unfortunately, there are no errors. It appears just to fail silently. I am using G Suite for this account, not sure if that make a difference? What’s the best way to reach you off the thread to work this out? Thanks.

Please send email to info@bitorbit.biz