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Can you make an interface in the plugin that

1. Allows the admin to enter a city, radius and url into a database

2. If visitor is within an entered city / radius, the visitor is redirected to that url?

Hi, I am interested in buying this plugin. Before that I want to know if it will suite my need -

1. We have pricing of our service as a Graphical Image for international users in DOLLARS. But we are looking for a option for INDIA, for people from INDIA Ip the whole website will remain the same, but just that Image on the page will be replace with Rs. based on their India ip.

Is it possible to implement it on only Images, not on text?

Is Denmark and danish cities supported?

What is needed to make this plugin work in other countries/cities than the present 3?

I just purchased WordPress GeoIP + Cities Plugin and got the following error during installation:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare geoip_country_code_by_name() in /wp-content/plugins/wordpress-geoip-city/includes/geoip/ on line 1593

I already wrote an email to support team but didn’t get any reply for 7 days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It does not work for Brazil, can you help me?

In general the functionality serves my requirement. To be specific, could you please confirm the following on urgent basis: 1. I wish to aesthetically display via short code a filter on my front page, for visitors to select country, city and product category. 2. Could the filter be automatically set to user’s current country & city, such that the visitor will only have to select the category and press on apply button..which will take him/her to the shop page with filtered results…on the shop page further filters could be applied for finer results…? 3. Is the country/city selection database up to date for India..?

That’s all…Please respond asap. Thanks,

is it work? who buyed?

Can this plugin be used to provide seperate pricing in woocommerce per city?

Do you have a redirection page or widget? So I type country and city and redirection target > if user is from that country and city, they go to redirection target?



nazjas Purchased

It is not detecting the City?