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Hi is it possible to make the app that my clients can login on there gallery? I have wedding photography business. And i would like to have an app for my clients. So they can install and access photos from private gallery.

Hi, this is the app optimized for Wordpress, without categories and those kind of stuffs. But you can check our other app, HD Wallpaper App. It is easier to make that with that app: http://codecanyon.net/item/hd-wallpaper-android-template-app/7591811?s_phrase=live&s_rank=14
Kind regards.

Hey, it’s simple to add to annother Application?


Hi, you can use our App as library for your App. Kind regards.

Gives a Documentation for embed this in my Application? And can I add a Navigation Drawer?

Hi, you can see here our documentation that you get with our app: http://csform.com/documentation-for-wordpress-gallery-module/
Kind regards.

if i purchase this app..and need some help will u help me???

Hi, please find our documentation on this link (http://csform.com/documentation-for-wordpress-gallery-module/). We can help you about how to setup the project and in minor stuffs, but if you follow the documentation step by step, you shouldn’t have any problem. Kind regards.

Can you install the app in my WP?

Hi, you can use url from your WP and put into this app, and you will get android app for your WP. Kind regards.

demo app not working

Hi, we just check, and it’s working fine. Did you have internet connection when you try to open the app? Kind regards.

Any update for the new Admob??

Hi, you can add the new AdMob instead of this one. You need to check in their documentation how to do that and remove the old one from the source. Kind regards.

hi, i have a wordpress website which shows albums around 1500 posts. your app works for me ? Also which api like JSON api you are using? Thanks

Hi, this app is not quite for you, because you have many posts on your site. Please check our other app “HD Wallpaper App”. We have replied to you there. Kind regards.

Is this file me Android Studio ???,

Hello, yes it is AS project. Kind regards.

can i protect gallery through password ? no one able to open gallery direct.

Hello, yes you can, but you need to add that option. Kind regards.


I am adding AdMob Publisher ID : res/values/tags.xml file There, change 2nd line, But it does not work.

How can I solve this problem?

Hi, could you please check the MainActivity.java and check which AdMob ID is there. It should be the ID from tags.xml. If you have any more questions, please contact us via email dev@csform.com. Kind regards.

Possible to show catogirys in left side bar?

Yes, it is possible.

Free of cost or extra price for adding catogiry in left side… After purchase

Sorry but I didn’t understand your first message.

It is possible to add if you plan to add it. But we are not available for any freelance work. Sorry.


How much would a user system cost me? based on wordpress to access the gallery by manual subscription, which are scheduled for weeks, months or years.

Sorry but we are not available for freelance work at this moment.