WordPress Full Screen Gallery

WordPress Full Screen Gallery

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WordPress Full Screen Gallery turns your normal and boring built-in gallery of WordPress into a fullscreen gallery with the support for thumbnail, caption! It actually utilize power of short code [gallery] which is a buil-in feature of WordPress. Normally when we clicked on thumbnail of default gallery we go to attachment page or the picture itself. But after installing this plugin, when a thumbnail is clicked, a full screen gallery to show to vistiors


  • Full Screen Gallery with nice effect
  • Thumbnail list
  • Caption support!
  • Easy to use. Just install plugin, then upload pictures use Upload/Insert of WordPres to create gallery
  • Utilize power of shortcode [gallery]
  • Multi instances. It means you can have many gallery on the same posts, or even many gallery when listing many posts on a page
  • Auto resize to fit the browser’s size

Idea for use this plugin

  • Photographers who publish his own albums on blog!
  • Designer can upload her/his works when creating a website to make a gallery then attach it to a post. And voila, we have a full screen slider to present to vistior


See Live Demo

Or, take a look at these video: Insert and edit gallery with WordPress Full Screen Gallery
Demo WordPress Full Screen Gallery


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A support forum will be set up soon for easier supporting! Thank you