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Demo is not working. When I Click to Live Preview. I get following error.

“Access denied.”

Thanks to report the issue. Please visit by http://leaui.com/wp/wordpress/wp-login.php I will fix it later.

Thanks, I have fixed it.

Hi Leaui, Nice to see that your plugin has similar menu options like msword has,which is very easy to use.. but it seems it lacks few common sections like ‘Accent’,’limit and log’,’operator’,’Matrix’ etc. also few symbols like operators, geometry. Do you have any plan to add these features soon?

Hi, thanks for your seguestions. I have plan to add theses features, but I am afraid I haven’t enough time to do it.

Great plugin, exactly what i was looking for. I’m willing to buy it but I have one question,can I enable the users of my website to use this formula editor in the comments area ? How can I do that ? or would the javascript version be better ? Thank you.

Sorry, it cannot be used in the comments area.

Demo is not working… Questions: 1. What is the difference between this and TinyMCE4 Formula Editor? 2. I use TinyMCE editor on my Wordpress self hosted site. Should I buy Wordpress Formula Editor Plugin or TinyMCE4 Formula Editor? 3. 1. If this does not work, is there a refund?

Sorry, I have fixed it and submit for review, please waiting for review. The demo is ok.


This plugin looks interesting. How are the formulas rendered – SVG? Is MathML supported? It would be great if basic LaTeX syntax was supported?

I never heard back – disappointing.

Hey Leaui,

I am planning to purchase the plugin, but before purchasing i want to see the demo. Can you please share the demo.

Please try it again.

it’s asking credentials for login

username and password is demo

Hi I’ve just purchased – its not working – There is just a text “input formula” when I click on the button. No other buttons are clickable except “cancel”

Im using latest wordpress with divi theme

Please help !

Sorry, I have fixed it and submit for review, please waiting for review. The demo is ok.


Hi. I cant paste formulas. There is no any action when I click to paste one. In console there are messages: Uncaught TypeError: target.node.getTransformToElement is not a function, Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘mapping’ of null in leaui_formula/formula/js/formula-editor.all.min.js:830. Please, help.

Sorry, I have fixed it and submit for review, please waiting for review. The demo is ok.


Thank you very much.

Thank you very much Leaui – awesome support speed and codes! Works like a charm – God bless you

the margins are shocking, and unworkable, can we change them?

Receipt: RCD5232596

yet still no answer to my original question?

BTW 28802496 is the order ID

Hi ! I have received an email for the version 2, but I’m unable to find it. When I dowload again from the website it’s only version 1. Can you help me please. Thank you !

Can’t you download from http://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-formula-editor-plugin/11490181 ? please give me your email, i ‘ll email it to you.

Hi ! The live preview its no working. Would need to try the demo or preview to decide whether or not to buy. Thx.

Hi, please see http://leaui.com/wp/wordpress/wp-admin/post.php?post=220&action=edit please refresh after a error occurred. The server is unstable.

I have no user

username: demo password: demo

Hi, Using latest WP and plugin I get broken images after I click update or publish post. Admin i dont get it, only when author post. Any ideas?

the plugin dont work on my website when i come do make new post the visual editor is blank, i canot do nothing

I Just installed the plugin and everything is working, but I don’t see a pi symbol anywhere. Is pi part of the character set? This plugin won’t be much use to me without it.

plugin not installing


sense3x Purchased

Hi, i love your plugin, but i need to change formulas text color to white, how i can do that?

Sorry, there is no options to do it.


sense3x Purchased

And font weight, family and size? maybe in code?

Hi, i buy this plugin but i cant use it https://codecanyon.net/item/tinymce4-formula-editor/10917683 can i change it

I am interested in buying this, however, I need to know if this inserts the formula as image or as a text? Thanks.