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Preview not working!

regards Levt

Thank you! By default WordPress is blocking admin pages from showing inside iframe, I had to disable this feature. Anyway it’s always best to check the demo directly at:


This plugin looks great!! I have just one pre-purchase question. Is it possible not to show on mobile phone?

Do you mean a setting to a popup like “Show on mobile” yes/no? No such thing is implemented yet, but it’s a good idea and I can work on cutomization and add it to the next release. Of course if you’ll buy it now, I can send you amended files right away once it’s done (it might take some time to the next release)

This comment is unnecesseray, but I can’t remove it ;)

Pre Purchase question. The demo only shows the pop-up on click of link. Can the pop-up show automatically on load of page?

Thanks, downloaded. I also just sent you an email.

Hey Damian, Just sent you an email.

Need to know if you received my email? Gotta get this one solved, looks like it may be something very simple. Would appreciate your response. Thanks!

The demo only show “Click here to show popup preview” in a top of a page.

Is it possible to include “Click here to show popup preview” in a middle of a complete paragraph, and not at the top. I want to see some not clickable texte before, and after the clickable word or sentence that calls a popup.

Thank you.

This link will always be at the top, because it’s just for a popup preview (this site won’t be visible for users not logged in as admin)

To check the popup in “combat” you need to decide where and how do you want to show it. For example choose any page/post where it should be shown right after page load or apply it inside post content using shortcode to be seen after triggered by click.
Like I did it here:

Ok, it seems very good. Did you know the wpautop issue, or break line / extra lines added automatically? How do you manage for this to work? Because with some WP templates it simply does not work, even if we modify functions.php, and if it work on your demo, it does not guarantee it will work at my side.

Well I just style paragraphs (<p></p>) inside popup to have 0 for margin and padding. Some idea to fix wpautop if it’s not needed by anyone is here In general popup can have separate CSS file, where it can be styled accordingly.

Hi NetKevin, Great plugin. I have a few questions before purchasing : - compatible with wordpress last version 3.9 ? - the option to chose the popup displays on the load of the selected pages : does it work as well with the products pages of WooCommerce (shop, items products, customer account …) ? - i work on a template which has its own shortcodes. Can i use them inside your plugin edit html window ? Thanks in advance for your response. FloWB

Hey FloWB,
1. I’ve just updated demo site to 3.9 – it’s still working.
2. I’ve installed WooCommerce there as well. It was not working on product pages, but I can tell you what to change in one place to make it working (and think about making it available on all post types in the future release).
3. Popup content is shown using do_shortcode() function, so any shortcodes should work inside.


this working, but trouble with double scroll at browser, how to fix it ?

I have no idea where, how and what, so you need to either provide a link, or contact me directly. Cheers!

Is it possible to have a flyin form? the demo isnt working.

You can put anything inside popup. Any HTML content, so forms as well. Content is edited in Wordpress HTML editor as any post content.
What do you mean that demo isn’t working? I was able to view it and sign in. I have created sample popup with form here Of course it’s not doing anything, just sending the form to the same page.

Hi Netkevin, the demo is not working, can you recheck or reset the password? Thxs.

Looks like someone was bored and changed password for user ‘demo’... Really? Why would people like to do this?
Thanks for letting me know! It should work now. Cheers!

I have this error at installation / turning on the plugin: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/dsignhu/public_html/faber/wp-content/plugins/flying-popup/flying-popup.php on line 185

The matter is very urgent ! Thank you!

That’s because you have old PHP version (< 5.3.0) that doesn’t support anonymous functions. Please contact me directly so I could send you a file with workaround for this. Cheers!


Will this be compatible with latest wordpress and Avada theme ?

Hi, I don’t have Avada theme, but plugin shouldn’t be dependent on any theme. I have updated demo site to the latest Wordpress and it’s still working.

Nice, I’ll definitely get it once I finish the design of a banner.


How to add a close button to custom flyingP?

As it is in samples and provided templates the close button just needs HTML class=”netkevin-close”
For example:
<a class="netkevin-close" href="#">Close</a>

Hi, I see this plugin has not been updated for a while… does it work on WP 4.3.1, please?

Hi, you can check it in the live preview section:
Wordpress is in version 4.3.1 there. Cheers!

Hi netkevin. I have opened a support ticket with Envato, and waiting. Maybe you could answer my question. If I buy an extended license for a plugin, can I rebrand it as long as I add additional training (i.e. marketing/listbuilding training, etc.) to the end product?

Hi, as I understand you only need extended license when the end product won’t be free. If you ask me you can make any modifications you need to this plugin.


Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare create_post_type() in /home/luisbalboa/public_html/wp-content/plugins/flying-popup/flying-popup.php on line 29

View printshoots:

What reason can solve?



Already managed to activate! I had to disable the Stockholm theme and come back after the turn again.

It Works very well! I recommend :)

Glad you have sorted it out. Yes, I believe this function name should be different, as “create_post_type” is too generic and might appear in other themes or plugins, generating error like you have. Until I make this change in the code, if anyone encounters such error, there are simple changes in the flying_popup.php file. On line 29 change the function name, for instance create_post_type_for_my_popups() and the same function name should be put in line 27.