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Good morning, the plugin I love, great work, congratulations! I need information – help: can you enable multi-file upload for every single user? Regards

Hello. Thank you. The file needs to be set for each user, you can’t yet upload a file for every user but that is something I am looking into for my next release

Thanks for the reply, Spadez8! I will wait for the new version. Good job! :)

is it possible to upload files by the user too

Hi. This is for the admins to upload files for users I’m afraid, users can’t upload files themselves. It’s good for things like showing clients your work.


ralmar Purchased

Hi! Great plugin… :)

Before I buy it, I have a question…

I need this functionality but I would like to customize the appearance of the user page, change the location of the user name, etc., how difficult is it? Is there a php template?

Thank you for your time.


ralmar Purchased

Hi, one more…

Any idea to translate with Loco Translate or similar? Manually?


Hello. Sorry I thought I had replied to this. Sorting should be easy, I can do that. Do you start each description or filename with a number for example? I can also help you translate it if you want, but it;s a manual change not with loco translate.


ralmar Purchased

Great! Thanks! I will try it! :)

Hi! is tih possible to translate the frontend?

Yeah pretty easy, I can show you how

Hello The plugin is all working fine but the search function is not appearing. How do you activate this?

Hello – are you using the latest version? Can I have a link to your site? I should be able to get it fixed up quickly for you.

Yes have latest version downloaded from last week. Where PM links?

You should be able to send me a private message through code canyon

Did you ever add the email notification option? I just bought this plugin and would like to see this.

also do you have plans for a download notify to the admin?

I need to have the upload form on a specific page other than in the admin area. Do you support this? If not, I am willing to write some code, any hints? Otherwise, fantastic plugin.

Hello. It’s possible but a bit tricky since it is built on the WordPress native admin upload functionality. Can I ask what page you were thinking of having it on?

The goal is that the person using the uploader does not have access to the user profiles. Best if they can do it from the front end on a page that only a few people have access to. They will have the user name and any info needed for who the file is going to.

Hi, can we submit more than one user to a file?

Hello. You have to add the file to each user

Hi, before I buy this plugin I want to know that does this plugin allow me to create multiple download sections ? and allow each user role to get access to different download manager ?

Hello. There is only one download section, but each user will only see the files that have been added to that persons account. I.e you and I would both login at the same download page but see different files.

Hi Spadez.

Are there any limits/limitations with how many files can be uploaded? Eg we want to use this plugin to create 5000 users with 10 files in each user?

Thanks in advance.

Not really, you ha e to update your php.ini file to override the php defaults when you get this large but it’s easy to do and I can help you

Hi Spadez,

None of the files download once the user logins in. When you click download it comes up saying “What do you want to do with download_php? Save or Open. It should have the file *.pdf instead of this .php file?

Please help

Download should be .php yes, did you manually create the plugin files? Can you send me a link privately please with an example login so I can investigate?

Hi, the plugin works perfect! ;) Will it be possible to upload multiple files for each user soon? Thanks! Rgds.

Can you please link me privately to your site? I can push a quick fix.

HI! Thanks, WP access or ftp access? Please write me your mail account ;)

Hi! Could you send me your mail, thank!! ;)

Hi Spadez,

love the plugin. im just looking to format the login section to change the label wordings. can you advise how i could do this?

Hello. Sure, look at the login form file in includes/user/form. That will allow you to change the label wordings (i.e line 47). Hope that helps.

Thanks, will changes made there be wiped when then plugin is updated?

Yes they will but if you make the note of the line to change then it will be easy next time. The plugin seems to get large updates not very often rather than lots of small ones.

Just downloaded, seems great – can I clarify some bits:

1. How do I remove the ‘logout’ option (dont need this on our site as it’s a wider site 2. Any way to notify user of a new document?


Hello. Remove line 287 in bhuufu_admin. At the moment no way to do it. I will look into this to be added.

Hello! I just bought your plugin :)

It Would be necessary to translate the frontend (into Spanish)...its possible? how? I have also verified that in the file page, a search engine does not appear as in the demo, why it could be?

If you need to acces to my site, please let me know how we can do it ; ) Thanks for your time!

Hello. So if you go to includes/user/form folder there are files there for the login/reset password and lost password that you can change the text in. And then the rest is in file bhuufu_admin. The best way is to find the text on the plugin you wish to change, and search for it in the file and simply rename it. I can help if you want.

As for the search box, yes please send me a link to your site privately and I will look and give you a fix.

Hi there – need to be able to offer up multiple files to a singular user for a project – does your plugin have the capability for that?

Yes indeed :)

Hi, do you plugin work in last wordpress version? thanks

Hello. Yes it does :)


thx for this beautiful plugin

please give me the code to hide (logout) from the page.. display none


Send to please

Sorry I found the fix. Use:

thead a {display: none;}

Thx,, worked successfully

Hi, I need to use the code in Spanish

Username; Password; Log In;Welcome ;No current uploads;Logout

Can I have an email address to send this to please?

You can email me at and I will send to you

Hi, I installed the plugin ( also linked the plugin to the new page and placed the shortlink on the page) but when I go to the page the login screen isnt showing.. just the header and footer…

Can you send me a login please?