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Sorry, but it’s still not completly working. Check out this page:

Fixed on your site and I will upload the fix here

Thank you

You are welcome, thank you for your patience

Hi. I have a user with 139 files, when I try to include one more file, I get the message the following error message. “Invalid user ID.”

Hello. So the fix for this is to put the following settings in the bottom of your PHP.ini file, because for that many files, the host settings you have at default are too small:

max_input_vars = 2500

max_input_nesting_level = 200

memory_limit = 256M

post_max_size = 10mb

max_get_size = 10mb


Hi spadez, is it possible to upload complete folders with this tool, or is it just lose files? Our client wants to knew if it is possible.

Display, my bad, not upload. The client wants to upload a complete map and display it one time to the client. Does it display folders?

Hi. Uploading the entire folder in one go is not currently supported, but you could upload a zip file if that would help?

There is no way to display in folders at the moment but I am looking into it

Hi there, I would like to know if your plugin will suit the following scenario.

  • I have 25K users, and 25K documents (PDF files).
  • I need to be able to upload all the documents to a folder, in bulk (using FTP).
  • I then need to be able to import data into the DB so your plugin recognises the files (I can do this via MySQL client, so long as the table structure of your plugin is not overly complex)
  • I need to also be able to import (no problem via MySQL admin tools) the data that associates a user with each file (the access permissions).

Is your plugin data base structure set up in such a way that it would be relatively easy to import CSV data for the files and associated permissions?

There is no capability to import a CSV file at the moment, so doing this process for 25k users will likely be a long process for you. I will look into this for the future.

Hi, is there a way to insert links to FTP/media library files without getting this message: You don’t have access to this file.You’ll be redirected in about 5 secs. ?

Even when I insert freely available files/links, I cannot make them accessible through the manager so I am forced to use the file upload…but my customer will probably need to upload file sizes of ~500MB so they might be uploaded via ftp

Hello. You can’t use direct links because the point of the system is that clients wouldn’t be able to access the file directly for security reasons, this is why they need to be uploaded through the wordpress manager. Have you tried added the file to wordpress manager first (there are plugins to allow you to do this VIA FTP) then selecting that file through my plugin?

I will give this a go, thank you. Another small issue has emerged: I need to change the labels for the login form (translate “username” to german etc.). I would have expected to edit the ”/includes/forms/login-form.php” file in order to do that. But when I change the labels here, the output does not change. Can you explain my error please?

Hello. Please search and change the code in the file bhuufu_admin.php for the login-form labels. I will do some restructuring on the next version to make it more clear.

Please, you can send me a solution so that when upload a file a user will be confirmed with an email the download, send a solution to

Hi. That functionality isn’t built in to the plugin therefore that would be custom work. A lot of the ground work is already there so not a big job. Either you can commission it from me to do, probably around $25, or I can give you some hints for you to try yourself.