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I am using auth0 for my user login. Is it possible for me to show a user-specific list of files like in your demo but on another page of my choosing? If so, is there a short code I can use to place the object?

Thank you

Ok, next problem. I upload a file, but it seems like anyone can get to it. For example I uploaded a plan text file and it generates a URL.

It looks like anyone can get to that list. Is there not a way to require the user to log in to get it? I am using auth0 for the login management.

Hello. I must be honest this plugin is designed to work with the standard wordpress login system as opposed to auth0, which is why it is likely not applying the resistriction. Do you have to be using auth0?

I use it for single sign on with Facebook, LinkedIn, Google. I understand that it can’t work with everything. Thanks for the response.

Demo site Password not working!

Hello. Are you sure? I just checked and it works fine.

ID: tim PW: timtim1 is not working!

Hello. Are you using an old demo link? This is the latest:

Hello,i need a translation in Dutch is it available?

Lost your password button its not working (not text)

if i change this file nothing happens, what i’m doing wrong? wp-content/plugins/user-file-upload-v5/includes/user/forms

Sorry please try /admin/bhuufu_admin.php and look at line 417 for example.

Hi, is it possible to restrict downloads for certain user roles?

Kind regards Patrick

Downloads are restricted on a per user basis rather than groups etc

HI. I just bought you plugin but a user can’t see the files? We are using WooCommcere and after a client logged in he will be redirected to the WooCommcere account dashboard. Is there a link where a client can see his downloads. Maybe we can add a new menu item to the Woocommerce account menu. Thank you

Problem solved. I don’t saw the create post page

Is there a way to notify users when an admin uploaded a new file?

Not just yet but I will look at it

Hi there,

I have installed this plugin on the following site:

There is just a slight formatting issue when you follow the forgotten password link – the submit button has no value / text in it.

Could you let me know how I can fix this? I am comfortable editing HTML (and PHP to a certain extent).

The bug is on line 332 of bhuufu_admin.php but I can’t quite see the fix just yet


is it possible for the client to upload files too? Thank you

Hello. No this is not paid or, it’s designed to show clients files for example.

Hi there,

I am using this plugin together with WooCommerce and have a My Account page set up for my clients. I would like to place the User Documents area on the My Account page. Are you able to explain how I can do that?

Sure thing. You just want the form but don’t want it to say “Login”?

Sorry for the delay in replying! Yes please, just the form and not the login. If you visit my website, you will see that it’s currently displaying two login areas. I’d just like the WooCommerce one: Many thanks!

You just want the woocommerce login and not the login for my plugin? You can add this CSS to the page to hide it on that page.

.wpb_text_column.wpb_content_element { display: none; }

However, if you hide the login for my plugin I think it would cause problems after you try to login. What is the problem with having the plugin on it’s own page?

Hi there. Does this plugin allow me to restrict how many items a user role can download in a month

Could be added in without a lot of work, but not currently.

Hello, i see that the plugin haven’t received updates for a long time… is it supported with newest WP versions? Is it discontinued?

It is supported with the latest version. The plugin does what it does well, I don’t want to create a bloated plugin so I make it simple and update it when it is needed :)


byasbala Purchased


We just buyed the plugin.

We need to translate some strings but unfortunately there are no po or pot files.

Can you help us please?


The strings:

Welcome – Merhaba No current uploads – Sistemde henüz bir rapor bulunmamaktadır. File Name – Dosya Adı Description – Açıklama Size – Boyut Download – İndir Logout – Çıkış (we want to delete logout link if it is possible.)

Ok, I will look

when i add a file and try to download it it shows this You don’t have access to this file.You’ll be redirected in about 5 secs.

Replied as above

hey bro i just bought your product but its seems i always get this message You don’t have access to this file.You’ll be redirected in about 5 secs.

and the link is im using ultimate member

referring to plugin modify user accounts so it will only work with the wordpress user roles right? e.g subscriber

still same sir, i’m using the WordPress user system

Can I have a link and login to check? I would need to disable the ultimate member plugin, and then reattach a file to a user and test.