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Hi there, just installed the plugin. On the site where I placed the [list_user_files] shorttag, the login form is placed at the top of the page rather than at the position of the shorttag. How can I move the login form?

I send you a private message. Thanks for the ultra-fast answer!

I’ve checked out the demo site, and you can see how the H1 and text appears above the login form, so I’m not sure what’s happening on your site. —Can I have a login to see if I can investigate further?

On your demo site, there is the H1 above the login form and the text “Example page showing downloads.” is shown below the login form. Why?

Hi, recently bought this plugin. I installed the plugin and I do not see the search option, nor the pagination. I would like to know the reason. Thank you

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Sent you an email

Hi, recently bought this plugin. I installed the plugin and I do not see the search option, nor the pagination. I would like to know the reason. Thank you

Hi. Please send me a pm with your site address and a login and I’ll take a look this weekend.

Hello, ask me to send you the login data to check the lack of pagination and the lack of search option.

Http:// User: bonny Password: $$ bonny2017 $$

The File Center works at:

Thank you, be attentive

I’m waiting…

Sorry please allow me to tonight

Sent email

Hello, i have nothing in my user panel to add file at the bottom of the page. How can i add some files to user please? Thank you

Hi. is the plugin activated? If you send me a message privately with an admin login I can login and have a look for you.


I have a pre-sales question:

Does your plugin work with Woocommerce accounts? We need to assign documents to people after they bought items. They should be able to view these items in their account page.

Is this possible?





When logged in, I can see the files, but I cannot download the files, the following message appears “You don’t have access to this file.You’ll be redirected in about 5 secs.” I’ve seen in the comments a similar question and your answer was about the PHP version, mine is 5.6.

Could you help me ?

Thanks !


Great ! Thanks ! Seems I didn’t receive any message, where did you send it to ? Thanks

Can I ask if you have any SEO plugins installed? If you send me an email privately I can arrange to check it out.

Ok, message sent !

Hey there,

Plugin & Features are looking good, however the demo is not working for me since the password seems to be invalid. You mind checking it out? I am looking to test and purchase :)

Sure thing, I will look tonight



I need to know more is client-side operation. How will it generate accounts with username and password? How to drop files? What max weight is allowed on deposit? What kind of files is accepted? Have you a documentations ?

Thanks a lot ! We will need this asap

Hi. It uses wordpress user accounts, so you add them as normal. Users login to the front page and download. Can be any type of file. I added a video to my item that you can watch

Hello ! Please how can i heve 2 pages of Wordpress File Download Manager with different files. i want to my client download their payslip and their certificate. with pages one for payslips and the other for certificates. THANK YOU.

Hi. There is a search box you can use to filter down the files, but there is no system in place to have one page for payslips and one page for certificates, everything will display within a single list. It would be possible with custom coding through


Is there any way to allow users upload files too? I’m building an attorney website an I need a private area attorney-client with this behavior.

Thank you so much in advance!

Hi. This is more designed for an admin to give users files, rather than the other way around.

Hi, I bought your plugin and it’s brilliant. There is just one thing that is bothering me. When the user logs out, it redirects to the home page of my website rather than the login page where it should go back to. Can you tell me how to fix this issue?

Ok, that’s a bit strange, use site_url() instead of home_url() then

If not, send me a pm with login details and ill check it

Hi, that’s still not working. I am going to message you my login details. Would you mind please having a look at the plugin on my site thanks?

Hi, we purchased the plugin recently for our client and they are really happy with it, but one thing bothers them. Its that you ll have to assign documents to the user. They have a large user group (180+) it needs documents (13 pieces) to be assigned to. Is there a way to make to assign documents to a usergroup, instead to a single user? I know this is more custom than usual. If you need details, we can discuss this in PM

Hi. I’m having a think about how this can be done. With complicated user permissions this could mean quite a big rewrite of the plugin, but I will try to think about the best way to achieve it

If this could be done, it would be awesome. It would save them a lot of time doing so.


abz87 Purchased


Hope you’re well? I have a few questions and hope you can help:

1. I would like the ‘logout’ to appear in the header of my website – see screenshot here:

2. This is my client login page where I have pasted the shortcode:

But once logged in I would like to be redirected to the client area (different template then the client login page) page which will show the client all the items they can download. This page looks like this:

Is this possible?

Thanks and appreciate your help.


Hi. The plugin creates a page automatically, so you can style that how you like, or put the short code on a different page if you prefer. I will send you the logout code you need to put in your header

This explains how to put in a logout link Logout