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I purchased your plugin and I have a problem and a question. So, I want to change the name from Feature Request to Community Wishlist or just Wishlist. I am a novice and was wondering how I could do this as simple and easy as possible. Also, the add feature part does not work with my theme. I click on it and the black background boxes opens on the whole page but there is no smaller box to enter the information I would like to add about my suggestions/features? How can this be fixed? Also, finally was wondering if the number of votes can be changed from 5 to any number I want there to be be? If so, how can I achieve this.


Hi, Thank you for buying our script. Kindly send us the wordpress access via email to and we shall check out out the issues and fix them.

Did you receive the email I sent you with requested info? Please advise.


I was wondering if you can fix the issue with your plugin and my site. The modal window does not open – page just blacks out but cannot do anything else. I still need this fixed asap.

Plugin stops working if you don’t have the default permalink structure ( ) turned on.

Also, all CSS styles in the plugin will override theme settings on the site as they’re not specific to the plugin.

Also comment box for adding comments doesn’t seem to work.

Hi, thanks for purchasing the plugin and pointing out the bugs. Kindly send us access to your site where you’ve implemented the plugin and we’ll fix it for you.

Hi. Can I change the labels and customize the headings? I want to turn this into a popularity contest, not a feedback form.

Hi there,

Can you use different WP theme to show all your plugins? Now you have 2 sidebar, and live preview is quite bad.

Thanks for understanding!

has the default permalink issue been fixed? I’m interested, but cannot switch my permalink structure (currently using “post-name”).

Has the default permalink issue been fixed or not?

Is it possible to attach files like zips or images to the request?

Hi, I boutgh your plugin but it is not working as it should. I made a video to explain:

Please help me! Kind regards,


Is it still being updated ?

Demo is not working – 404 page


demo link is not working where I can see live demo before buying plugin ?