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wow this a very nice solution!!!

Thank you :-)

Why should i buy a plugin for this since there are alot free availble,

They even have more options than you, why should i buy this plugin ?

I think for more than 60% of the plugins and themes sold on CodeCanyon you can find an alternative on the internet (sometimes free). For everybody to decide which he wants to use. My plugin is a non bloated easy to use solution to let passwords expire for selected user roles. All extra options you don’t need are cut out. And no ads or nags to upgrade to a premium versions or whatever. But with support.

Great Plugin! jeffrey-wp

Can you set the plugin up to force the user to change their password upon initial login?

This plugin directs users to the profile page to reset their password. We don’t want them directed to the profile page, we’d like them to stay on the login page and reset their password there. Can this be done?

If the option ‘Yes force password change on first login’ is turned on the user will only be redirected to the profile page on initial login. On the profile page they must change there password (and can at the same time check if there other settings are correct).

For the option ‘require password reset every … days’ the password can be reset on the login page.

You don’t want user to go to there profile page after there first login? This way they can also check if there profile is correct.

Correct. I would rather then not go to the profile page. I will need to research more. Thank you for following up.

hi there. All I need is a first-time visit new password required function. Our users receive their default password at first, which must then be changed on first visit. Is that possible?

Yes, since version 1.2 there is an option that requires users to change their password on first login.

Hi there. When I tried and install it, I had a dead page with too many redirects or loops or something. So that was NOT working :( I also realised that there was this new automatic password generator and password sent by email to newly generated users. However, Im using a data-import for importing my customers, meaning that they DO NOT receive such mail. And that is why I hoped that your plug-in could do the trick.

Help pls.

Are you using any other plugins besides mine? I have not encountered the redirect loop before.

Hi there. Of course I have more plug-ins installed. I have never heard of any WP site not having at least 10 plug-ins :) But no other “security” plug-ins.

Do you require log-in details? Can you pls provide me a secure e-mail I could send these to?


Hi Peter, I would like to investigate it further. If you want to send login details you can send it to

Hi Jeffrey, Is this plugin can force admin user (me) to generate the new password for my users? and I read previous comments you said this can select different users to set password expire, right? May I know can I set the users for different password expire date? for example, my user password will expire on 30 days, 6 months, and 12 months depends on their subscription plan settle. Thanks

Hi Wendy, that’s not possible with this plugin.

Dear jeffrey-wp,

currently the Plugin “WordPress Expire Passwords” works only with Wordpress. If I use Wordpress and “Ultimate Member” to manage Users and give them only frontend accress, the Password-Change Window doesn’t appear after the expire date. Is there a User-Management-Plugin like UserPro, PrivateContent, User Profiles Made Easy, Ultimate Membership Pro or something else which support your Plugin? Or is there a way to integrate your plugin into a User-Management Plugin for users which have only frontend access?

Greetings from Germany Simon

Hi, sorry I’m afraid that isn’t supported. If now the plugin is “useless” for you, you can get a refund at


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Hi Jeffrey ! Does your plugin works in multi site configuration ? Thanks.

Yes, it works in multisite configurations


descode Purchased

Thanks for your reply !


Question before purchase

Is it compatible with wordpress 4.8 Is it compatible with all plugins Is it compatible with all templates

Do you know a plugin, Who protects the main admin account

Thank you


Agree, I test

We have several administrator accounts, How do I protect the main administrator account? Against other directors

Thank you

I don’t know a plugin that can do that. Did a quick search on Google, but can’t find one.


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For some reason, I get infinite redirects when users log on and I have your plugin activated with the “force reset password on first login” activated.

Running WP 4.8.3 with WooCommerce and User Role Editor and AG Custom Admin and the Force Login-plugin installed.

It was some searching, but I have found a problem on multisites. Will release a fix this week. Are you also using it on a multisite website? Otherwise I have got to search further to fix your problem ;-)

I’m afraid you’ll have to do some more searching… :) What I have installed, that could affect the login/redirect functionality, is:

A5 Custom Login Page User Switching Force Login User Role Editor

Maybe that could help you out to begin with…

I can’t reproduce your problem. So sorry I can’t help you any further. If now you can’t use the plugin you can get a refund at

pre purchase question- can I send a client a password and configure the plugin so he will use it only once and on second attempt and so on it will fail?

Yes, you can force the user to change the password on the first login. And there is also an option to not allow the user to use the same password again.

thanks- just to make sure i need to send a pw to a group of selected clients – they are not part of my website team – just visitors- will that plugin be suitable for my case?

The plugin works with all user roles (subscribers, authors, administrators, etc.) and also custom user roles.