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Pre-Sale Question

Hi, I want to ask one question. Can a redirect page be used with internal links also? I have a website which offers direct downloads. I want the users to go through a redirect page when they click on the download links (which are internal links). Looking forward to your reply.

Hi, if all your download links go under the same URL structure, for example then I can help you out, just buy a license then send me the details as a message via my profile.


Hi, I bought the license and sent you a message. Kindly check it. Thanks

Hi, I replied to you with the modded plugin.

I bought the plugin today, but I thought it worked for cloaked links. Apparently it doesn’t, I use pretty links to cloak can this feature be added to the plugin or in my specific case? Thanks.

HI, please PM me a link to your website, ill see if anything can be be done.


Thank you for the quick reply to my PM. Also for resolving my issue in such a short time period.

Hi, I inherited the maintenance for a site that uses your plugin, and after WP auto updated yesterday to 4.1.1 the plugin doesn’t render active links on the front-end. To clarify, the text for the link appears, but the text is no longer an active link. If I disable the plugin the links appear as normal. I’m not sure if the original developer/designer bought your plugin or not, but I would be happy to purchase it immediately if the current version works with WP 4.1.1. The version of the plugin on the site is 1.55. Let me know and I’ll purchase a new license immediately. The plugin works perfectly for their application. Thanks

Hi, I just realized the plugin that isn’t working is actually your Exit Box plugin. Is it working okay with WP 4.1.1? Version 1.55 worked fine until the site upgraded from 4.0 to 4.1.1. If it doesn’t work after I buy a new license will you help if it doesn’t work? Your profile says you don’t offer support. Let me know and I’ll buy it immediately. Thanks again.

Hi again, I went ahead and gambled on the new version of the Exit Box plugin working, After purchasing it and installing it, all my problems disappeared. Version 1.6 works perfectly with WP 4.1.1. Thanks again and sorry to have troubled you.

Happy to know that things work out. good luck

Hi i have cloaked affiliate links with some plugins now external links are like “” does this work with your plugin . waiting for your reply

Hi, By default no, if the link is inside your domain it will be considered internal, However with a little modding this can be easily done. I could help you if you buy.

just purchased kindly do it for me

Hi, I just replied to you by email, please check.

Hi there. Is there any way to have the exit page to be opened in a new window (target=”_blank”)?

hi, While you can launch the external link in a new window from the settings, the exit page itself can’t normally be changed into a new window,

however it is possible and easy with some moding in the plugin. let me jnow if you need help

Would be great if you can show me the necessary code tweaking. I’ll implement it myself then. Thank you!

Hi, Please send me a message through here and we’ll see what we can do.

Hello, i am interested in buying your product however i need to make sure if it can work with woocommerce affiliate product links. So when a visitor clicks a product, it takes them through the exit page to the merchant site.


Hi, yes any link that is displayed on a post or page will be passed through the exit page.


i have some quetsion before i buy

1. i have an affiliate site with cloaked external links for posts and woocommerce products, will this work for me? sample of my cloak links is

all my external links are rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”

2. will this for sure reduce my bounce rate?


Hi, please send me a message through here indicate your website URL and the structure of your cloaked link. thanks

sent, thanks

I sent you a modded copy, please check

Will the exit page show up if the user clicks the youtube icon on the bottom right of an embedded video?

Hi, No, that like was generated by javascript on the client side, there’s no way to alter it from the server side.

Also can you provide a copy of the modded version of the plugin you gave “serseralal”?

hi, Yes I could once you finish the purchase

Also can you provide a copy of the modded version of the plugin you gave “serseralal”?

Yes I could once you finish the purchase

I have bought this plugin. I was not able to contact you due to email account Issue. Now The problem is solved ..Your Plugin is working perfect but there is one more issue. This plugin is Working On the text Download links But not On the Download Button You Can Check it Out from here .Please solve this problem .

Hi, please contact me thought here: , I need to see your settings, if you don’t have “process entire pages” enabled please try it.

Hello, I just send to you an email, you got it? BTW, this is the first time I use :D… If you still dont see my email, This is my details: (Sorry for my bad English).

I want to use an image for count down, I found a way at here:

But I’m a newbie for website on internet :( ... really sorry for this. I saw they have CSS, HTML, Javascript.. But I dont know how to put these code or create some files and put any where, I hope you can help me. I appreciate your helps and your plugin, it really worked fine now. And thanks in advance.

Hi, welcome to codecanyon and thank you for buying Exit strategy.

you’ll need some basic html knowledge to get the design right, I have replied to your email with the required code to make the counter that you requested.

basically, the style from the jsfiddle goes into the <style> tag , the javascript goes into <script> tag.

good luck

Hi this plugin works entire post links for example if one post has 14 external links can this plugin work all of it ?

And in the creation page, we need only add ad code here right?

Can we change black background color in the logo?

If we want to add in our themes this plugin, Can we need create full width page and insert shortcode in it ?

I’m waiting your response.

Hi, here are your answers: 1) Yes, every external link will be processed through the exit page. 2) No, you dont just put an ad code, you can write the entire exit page, 3) Yes you need some CSS HTML knowledge to change the background and any other elements as you want in the design. 4) if you decide to use a specific page as your exit page (integrated with the theme, not as a standalone page) you can configure it using your theme to display as a full width page (if the theme supports this)

have a good day :)

Hi thanks for developing such a great plugin. I have one issue or requirement with the plugin. Can you please help me how can I place ads like this page:

Looking forward to hear soon from you.

Have a great day ahead.

Regards, Imran Aftab

Hi, you may put the CSS anywhere (add it in the theme CSS, or use any free plugin to add CSS) regarding the ads touching, you just need some simple HTML CSS maipulations to get the look you want.

Its usually not within my scope to design the exit page, but here is your design again

Thanks for the support up till now. I really appreciate your quick help and custom design for the exit page.

But I have got one more issue, the plugin is doing the same thing with internal links which should be only for external links only.

Looking forward to hear soon from you.

Have a nice day ahead.

Hi, No that’s not possible, send me a link to your website by message and I will take a look


kiwifu Purchased


Sent you an email and waiting your reply.

hi, I just replied to your email, please check and let me know if I can be of any more assistance.

Hello, I purchased the plugin and I was wondering if you can help me with a couple of things. I was wondering if it’s possible to include a URL and not exclude. For example redirect only URLs going to Also, do you think is possible to open the redirect in a light box rather than a new page? Note: I sent you PM as well.

Hi, I just replied to your PM. Thanks

Hello, can I use cloaked links with this plugin? I use affiliate links!

Hi, it really depends on how your cloaking plugin works, I helped some other customers to get it working, given that the cloaking link always have some special postfix for example

I have bought this plugin can you please let me know how to use it and where can i find the step by step guide.

Hi, The documentation are included with the plugin, I have just replied to your other questions by email. Cheers

Good morning, I have a couple of short pre-sales questions: (1) Is your plugin tested on the latest Wordpres version, 4.8? (2) About 20% of my links go to other domains I own – is there any way with your product to “white list” a list of domains so they can bypass your product’s Exit Page? (I don’t need to display an Exit Page if the visitor is jumping over to another of my websites.)

Hi, sorry for the late feedback, yes the plugin works normally on the latest version of wordpress, and yes, you can add your own websites to the “excluded domains” list to avoid them passing through the exit page.


Good morning AngryByte, thank’s for confirming there is a “exclude domains” feature built into your plugin, and it’s working on the current rev of Wordpress. Will be purchasing shortly, Sincerely, Shawn

hello, i am interested in your plugin, i just want to confirm is it safe with adsense ?

Hi, Sure, you can safely place Google Adsense ads on your exit page