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Is it possible that the exit box appear after the click on a external link in the new window??

Hello, the exit box has to in the same page,but when clicking the external link in the exit box, it can go to a new page (selectable in the plugin’s settings page).

Ok but I want auto redirect and that it opens in a new tab or window but the browsers block that with pop up blockers how can I avoid this?

Hi, usually, auto redirect is not used with open in new tab. most browsers will think that the page being opened is an unwanted pop-up. I recommend using only one of them at a time.

the pro plugin disables all my external links… lite version worked.

I sent you an email with link to website.

Please advise. Thank you.

Hi, I replied to your email, please check, thanks.

so does this mean when they click the x to close the tab it will stop then and ask them to share?

Hi, no, this plugin will not try to block a user’s attempt to close your website. it is activated when the visitor is clicks on an external link within your website.


Hi. I’m having trouble with the plugin not working when I link to Amazon, Apple, or Google domains. It seems to have worked with all the other domains I’ve tried. I do not have any links excluded in the settings. Any suggestions?

Hi, there’s a setting called “Process entire pages” when you enable it the plugin will process all links including widget areas, header and footer. thanks

So it is. Sorry about that, I completely overlooked it!

Thanks alright, nice job on the line you added _

Testing the lite version before buying pro. If I have links in sidebar widget, they do not trigger the exit action. Is this a feature of pro or is there something I can hook to have the plugin process content in widgets?

Hello, Yes, the pro version has the option process links anywhere on your page.

It doesn’t work for me at all! I successfully uploaded the plug in, activated and saved it after set it up exactly shown in the documentation file. However, when I clicked to the external link on my website, there is nothing popped up. What did I miss?

It has been over 24 hrs since I posted my question. If I don’t get reply in the next 24 hrs, I’ll be forced to request refund.

Hi, sorry I didnt check the comments for the last few days, the best way to get support is by sending a message through

please send me a link to your website with the plugin active and we’ll see whats wrong.


What is the difference between Wordpress Exit Strategy Pro and WordPress Exit Box ? I bought the WordPress Exit Box. If i want to upgrade to the Wordpress Exit Strategy Pro i have to pay the 16$ ?

Hello, These are different products, Exit box is a jquery box that pops up when the user clicks an outgoing link, Exit strategy is similar but it doesn’t use jQuery, it creates an exit page that you can customize according to your requirements, depending on what you’re looking for, one product is maybe more suitable for you than the other, and of course you can’t use both at the same time.


I’m having an issue with the plugin on my site where the wordpress is installed in a subdirectory. My SITE ADDRESS doesn’t match my WORDPRESS ADDRESS in General Settings. For example, my SITE address is and my WP ADDRESS is

The plugin uses $myurl = get_option(‘siteurl’) to determine local urls (line 983 & 1349. This pulls my WP address (, and this makes it see all my internal links as external and applies the exit box code to them. If I change the $myurl value to use get_option(‘home’); then it processes the internal urls correctly. But Fancybox no longer works correctly. The exit box window is off center, the “close” button doesn’t appear in the top right (the display:inline that is supposed to be applied to the element isn’t coded), and clicking outside of the popup will not close the window either. Any idea what’s causing it to break the fancy box code?


Just as a follow up, I got it to work correctly by switching over to ThickBox. FancyBox is still a no go for some reason when changing $myurl value from get_option(‘siteurl’) to get_option(‘home’);

Hi, The difference is that tickbox is included with WP while the other boxes are bundled with the plugin, I assume that the wordpress fails to locate the boxes files (css png ..) because of the unmatching site URL, you have done pretty solving the issue yourself, and I remain at your service if you would need me to take a look. just send me a message through here and I’ll reply by email.


Thanks for the reply. That was my first thought as well. But all the links to css, javascript and image files appear to be linked correctly in the source. I’ll send you a message shortly. Thanks again.

Great plugin – thank you!

You’re welcome _ happy you liked it

Hi, is it posible to exclude categories (categorie ID)? If not, can you include in next release.

Great plugin, thanks :)

Hi, You can exclude specific posts or pages from processing. but not categories. I will definitely keep it in mind for the next update. thanks

If a target ends with underscore, the plugin eats it. redirects to

Is there a way to work around this? (I already tried using two underscores. Didn’t work.)

Hi, that’s strange. please send me an email with a link to your website through here .

Thanks, Angrybyte for your help. I’ll try to track down the conflict. For everyone else… we fixed it by using %5F in place of the trailing underscore.

hi im peter i cant seem to get pro to work its just producing a pin wheel would u be able to assist please the website is cheers

Hello, could you please send me an email, through and we’ll figure out whats wrong. thanks

Hello, I have a theme that uses custom fields to display a website on a listing post. However i cant seem to get the plugin to work with those links, works fine with normal links made, but not with these. I looked at code and doesnt look like there is a reason it wouldnt work.

if(get_field('website')) { echo '<li><span class="icon-link" />'; echo '<a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="' . get_field('website') . '">' . get_field('website') . '</a>';</li>

Help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hello, there could be many reasons, Exit box processes the links on the page, but it seems that your plugin is taking a very late order to add the link to the page, in other words the links are added after exit box finishes the processing. I could help you more if you send me a message though here

I am getting some comments that the plugin is not completely working in IE 11. The box appears but the contents are blank. Have you encountered this?

Hi Exit Box is tested working normally with IE 11, you can confirm that easily yourself.

I have a link to a linkedin site that ends with a period. When it gets processed through the plugin, the period gets eaten, so the link 404’s over on linkedin. The correct link is

Is this a fix you can make soon?

OK, found a work around. I replaced the period with %2E.

Hi, your solution is correct, good job.


I’ve installed the plugin and have an issue. When I turn on “process entire page” the exit box opens as a new page with just the alert content on it.

Any ideas on what would cause this?


Sorry I didn’t get a notice that you replied I will send links

I’ve noticed that when process entire page is selected in setting, it loads the script for fancybox right below the title of the page well before any jquery gets loaded

Hi, I replied to your email with a possible solution. please check and email me how it goes.

Hello !. clicking on the link displayed very slow box, I want to help to improve speed

Hi, The box do not require any more processing time than a regular page from your website. you could use firebug to find which parts are taking long to load, maybe you’re using some large images stored on an outside server. If you still can’t figure it out, send me a link to your website via my profile.


Thanks for your answer. I’m using version 1.60. Is this the latest version?

Hi, yes, and you can get future versions directly from codecanyon

Some of my links are pop up with the message “The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later.” Why is this happening?

Hi, thats strange, could you please send me a PM with a link to your website, I’ll take a look


is this works with external cloak hidden links? e.g. http://mydomain/25435 instead of


Hi, No, it will not work as long as the external URL is cloaked as internal

ok, so if i decide to buy the other plugin (to avoid javascript conflicts), will you be able to make this mod you said? my links now have the /go/ special url. thanks.

Yes, once you buy exit strategy send me a PM with the details of your website