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Hi, The Exit Box works fine on Chrome and Firefox, but in testing IE there is a big issue. The pop up box (fancybox) works fine – the counter looks fine – but the links for the “continue on here” redirect do not appear at all.

How to fix? Thank you.

Hi I just verified again that the end of count message is displayed correctly on IE + fancybox, something else should be wrong, if you need help, please email me a screenshot of your plugin settings page, and a link to your website (with the plugin enabled) through here


Hi - I actually just purchased your “Exit Strategy” a moment ago, thinking it would work better with the IE – and I’m testing it out -

Is there a private way to send you the url link to the website?

Thank you J

Hi, Go here there’s a box where you can send a PM from.

Hi, nice plugin, but many conflicts with other plugins/JS. Best, Mike

Thank you Rohmer, yeah, JS can be pretty troublesome when mixing different plugins and themes, I previously helped some customers overcome them, if you need help, please send me a line through my profile. Cheers

Is there any functionality to show the exit popup a certain number of times only, using cookies

Hi, the exit box is displayed when the user is leaving the website to an external link, there’s no counter, which is the best way to go in most usage scenarios.

Hi, I’ve purchased this and it works great but I just have one query:

Is there any way to make it work with Widgets? I have an RSS feed on my website from an external provider and need the warning box to come up on these links as well. Similarly with Social Media widgets.

It’s a compliance requirement that I need these warnings so hoping you can help me.


Hello, Please enable “process entire pages” in the plugin settings, it will do the trick as long as the links are added in the widget on the server side, if it is done on the client side, like by using Javascript, then Exit Box will no be able to catch the links.

Good Luck

I want to purchase this plugin and i only have one major concern. I rely on foobox in order to keep continuity and minimize other scripts. Can you add the option for foobox within admin, or give me a rundown to add as an option?

I have no doubts that i could hook in foobox, but would rather not have to edit on each update.


Hi, I just checked foobox, it is a commercial plugin, so I can’t include within Exit Box, you’ll have to mod the plugin if you want it to support this box. Good luck

I am running into an issue with the plugin. The error I receive is:

“The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later.” on external links.

Any help would be appreciated!

I did a little troubleshooting and found that it is giving a 403 error. When I remove the http:// from the link it does not give the error. Unfortunately the http is needed for it to transfer to the external site properly. Otherwise it links as http://www.(mysite).com/www.(external).com

Hello, I’m aware of this issue, it is related to your web host’s security settings. I have a modified version of the plugin to bypass this. please email me through here and I’ll send it to you.


Thank you for the assistance AngryByte. I have emailed you.

I have the lite version installed on my site to test out before purchasing. It doesn’t seem to be working at all though?

Hi, the lite version only processes links inside posts. Try creating an external link within the text of one of your posts to see it working.

Thank you. I tried a link here, but the box covers the whole page and is not a pop-up box.

Hi as we discussed by email, one of your plugins or theme is calling a very old version of jQuery (from 2010) which is not compatible with the exit boxes, just disable it to revert to wordpress’s version of the library

I tried the demo, but when you scroll up, it goes under the header, should it not go above everything?

Hi, thanks for pointing that out, it was just a CSS issue with the new version of the theme I was using, it is now fixed.

using the paid version, is there a way to select more than one exit box? for example, Link A sends you to an open box A and Link B sends you to an open box B?


No, all links will be passed to the same exit box design, which is what is needed for most usage scenarios.


The plugin keeps adding “&” every time it sees a “&” sign. How can I disable this feature? It is crippling many links.

Additionally, is there a way to exclude certain links, for example menu items?

Hello, I have replied to your email, please check. thanks

hello sir i am using lite version and want to buy pro but i want to tell you i am a begineer and please tell me all external link are auto nofollow by this theme or i have to do somthing thanks for this great plugin waiting for your reply

Hi Imran, Yes all external links are protected by nofollow with this plugin.

PS: I’m still waiting for your feedback regarding your email about the “Pro” version of Exit strategy.

yes sir there was a problem with my webs hosting website was offline and now running on a VPS i will buy this plugin very soon because i love your plugin and this is worlds best plugin thank you for your great work really love you angrybte

Hello, We purchased this plugin a while ago and everything was working fine. Now I get this message when I click on any link: “The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later.”

In addition, I get an error in my console saying (my site URL)?xb=(my requested page) could not be retrieved because it was forbidden.

Hello, This is because of a new security feature on your web host, I have replied to your email with a workaround for this problem. Thanks

Hello, This is because of a new security feature on your web host, I have replied to your email with a workaround for this problem. Thanks

Duplicate – posted twice.

I am getting this message: “The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later.”

Please advise.

Hello, I will reply to your email with a fix for this problem.

Hi, This is a presales question. I have a client that wants a link to another site placed as a submenu item of the main menu for the site. When a user clicks that link, the client wants a popup message to indicate to the user they are leaving the site. Will your plugin provide this functionality? Thanks

Hello, Yes it will, just enable entire page processing from the plugin settings. Thanks

I just can’t make this plugin work on my WP site. Where I can find instructions, please?

Hello, the documentation is enclosed inside the file you downloaded. if you need more help, feel free to email me from here

I just purchased the plugin and it is not working. It currently REMOVES all external links from the pages. The links are present in the WordPress Page Editor, but not on the front end, nor in the code. Any suggestions?

Hello, that’s strange, are you sure you’re not using any other plugin that manipulates external links? in any case, please send me a message through here with more info, and we’ll figure out whats wrong.


I purchased the plugin and installed on a site in a shared hosting environment. It worked exactly as I expected it to. But when we migrated the site to a virtual server environment it would prevent some links from rendering. When I would look at the code some A HREF tags were complete missing.

Hello Garias, I this this problem is related to the an old PHP version on your new VPS, I replied to your email with more details.

The customer service was great! They helped me to identify the issue (server related) and they provided a work around to my problem. Thanks for the help!

Hi, I emailed you about the problem I have with the plugin, but wanted to post here in case you didn’t get the email. It seems your plugin has a conflict with the WordPress SEO plugin. Seems to be a jQuery issue. After disabling WP SEO, Exit Box works, but it’s pretty buggy and throws script error warnings in FF and Chrome. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Hi, I never got your email, please try sending again from here