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How do I remove the “Non verified “WP Dynamic Tables” plugin” warning and activate my licence?

You must activate your licence and insert your API code, to do so follow the instructions below:

Keep in mind that the username should used as its shown in the order email, for example: “Makis77” Step 1: Go to your CodeCanyon Profile Page
Step 2: Go to your CodeCanyon Profile Settings Page
Step 3: Generate your API Key
Step 4: Copy your API Key
Step 5: Go to your WPDynamicTables Settings Page and Activate your Licence

How do I create WP Table using a MySQL query?

Creating a WordPress Table out of a MySQL query has bever been easier, check out the video found below:

WP Dynamic Tables - Video Demo

How do I install WP Dynamic Tables?

Installing WP Dynamic Tables is as easy as any WordPress Plugin:
  • Download plugin from your CodeCanyon Download Page
  • Go to your WordPress Dashboard and select the Plugins—> Add New
  • Upload the downloaded zip file, install and finally activate.
  • That’s it!

How Do I update WP Dynamic Tables?

In order to update WP Dynamic Tables please follow the following steps:
  • Download the updated version of WP Dynamic Tables from your CodeCanyon Download Page
  • Go to your site WP Dynamic Tables Settings and make sure you have unchecked the “Remove Dynamic Tables data on plugin uninstall” option
  • Then go and disable and delete WP Dynamic Tables plugin
  • When finished select the updated WP Dynamic Tables plugin install it and activate it
  • In case you have a cache plugin installed clear your cache

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