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Great plugin.

Maybe, you can add some or all of these features to make it even better:

- allow simple formulas like “count same values in a column” (for yes/no entries), sums, basic maths, average - allow to filter by columns entries (selectbox) - formatting numbers (amount of decimals, show ”.” in “1.000” - auto date columns (updated)

Thanks, I have added it to the to do list. I will have to check the feasibility of each one in isolation. Hopefully we get enough time to implement these.

Would it be possible to implement Excel files including PIVOT tables?


dwad Purchased

Hi i have uploaded a table and everything works fine beside the last row of the table isn´t displayed at the frontend. If I click the sort button the entry appears, but the number of the rows is the same, so another entry is not displayed. thanks in advance.

Is it possible to query another mysql database (not the wp one) on the same server, different mysql user data.

Hi, A Pre Sale Question. Can we create a chart on the fly based on data from a Custom post Type? Vijay

Hi Vijay,

The plugina accepts MySQL queries so you can write one that fetches the data from the DB. You will need to fetch the records again when you need to update the chart.

Can´t make it work with a complex mysql, don´t support GROUP_CONCAT

Pre-sale question: I’m looking for a plugin that will allow us to display/format tables on the back-end (admin panel) and not to front-end users. Is that possible with this plugin?

If I have graphics/hyperlinks in the excel sheet will those import nicely?

Can I create a drop down button that will toggle between different sheets w/o having o reload the entire page?

Is it possible to do pivot tables?

Is it possible to display the table data only after a search is complete? not as you type. I’m trying to check if this product can be used to display exam results. But show the results only after you enter the roll number. And not display data in advance.

Does this plugin is still supported ?

Will it work with a dynamic .XLS file ?


dee-uk Purchased

I’ve tried to contact the developer with no reply – my activation will no longer work…

Is there an option to edit chart styles? Meaning fonts, colors, etc. And if not, is it something that can be changed by adding custom CSS to my theme or are the styles given in a different way (JS, svg…)


No matter what I try, I cannot get my Excel spreadsheet to display properly once uploaded and get error messages. I was really hoping this one would work. Hopefully I can get a response soon so I can get this up and running.

Pre sales question. Is there a way to take live data (on a daily basis) from an excel or CSV file added to SFTP that then gets pulled into a table within wordpress.


I really like your plugin, but have a problem with lazy load. Our problem is that we have 4 columns of data and only want one column to be searchable.

Unfortunately, all 4 columns are searchable when we enable the Lazy Loader option. Can you help us with a fix for this?

Thank You.

Hello, where do I find the Secrect API key?

Hello, you can get your API key if you go to your account Settings then API Keys and click Generate API Key

HI. in my site https://www.eamarkets.com/table/ the download excel button does not work. please help. thanks

Hi, how many rows can added to a single table?