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When was WordPress Data Importer developed?

The WordPress Data Importer plugin was developed in 2016 by Ryan Bayne.

What is planned for the WordPress Data Importer project?

WordPress Data Importer shares a set of core files used in all WebTechGlobal plugins. As other plugins improve, the core improves and so our data importer continues to benefit from our overall WordPress development. The plugin started with .csv file import. We will add .xml import and then more tools to import data from any source users want. The goal of WordPress Data Importer is to import from all sources and accept all formats i.e. exported data from other blog platforms, Drupal and even forums. We want this plugin to consume data and use it in fantastic ways. The expansion of this plugin will never stop.

How can I contact WebTechGlobal for support?

You can contact WebTechGlobal for support through CodeCanyon initially or email for info@webtechglobal.co.uk remembering to include your purchase details. Let us know your preferred method for messaging/chat, correspondence and forum-style discussion. We will try to accommodate your personal preferences.

If your engagement with us involves file sharing and information. We may recommend specific methods of communication. That could be Skype, Email, your own forum and even Discord. We also have accounts with various project management services that are ideal for sharing files and information.

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