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Hello Envato Community,

We are new to selling on Envato, we have new products and new ideas. We are very eager to get it right but all the “new” can easily lead to some initial issues. So if you experience trouble with anything we sell, we’ll be there to help you through it.

We have been selling online for many years, some things we’re not new to at all, in-fact we’re very experienced at many things.

Please feel free to contact us for info@webtechglobal.co.uk and request assistance with WordPress Data Importer.

An update is coming soon for the plugin and we’re excited to impress you with some evidence of the projects long-term plans.

Kind Regards Ryan R. Bayne

This week I’ve been working on a new Schedule and Automation system. It will bring an interface that allows us to see exactly what WordPress plans to do in future.

The goal is for my plugins to be intelligent and avoid doing too much in a short period of time. Right now the schedule system is so basic, we just prepare the configurations and wait to see posts appear in our blog. That is alright, but I feel we need to know exactly when posts are meant to be made.

That way we also know if the scheduling is working.

VIDEOS I’ve just made the plugins first video. More will come and I’ve made it clear, in my video. That I’m happy to make videos in your own blogs, so that they are easier to understand in relation to what you are doing. I think that’s what I said anyway, I get nervous and it comes out different!

VERSION 1.1.0 There may be an update today. I found a bug but it may not have been released, yet to determine that. If it was not released, then there is no urgency. Let me know if you feel otherwise.

AUTO PLUGIN UPDATING I don’t have a procedure for this yet but it is now on the projects task list. I will need to create a solution that notifies users of new versions, available on Envato. The option to download and install the new version will also become available.

So yes, lots to do. Now that the plugin has begun selling, I can justify even more hours on it. So a big thanks to those who have put their trust in me so soon after the plugin was launched.

Good luck with the sales Ryan. I can highly recommend WebTechGlobal products and the support is fantastic! I purchased one of the originals (pre-Envato) from them and had a custom one built too, very happy with the results. :-)

That is a great comment Sean I appreciate it.

I’m working on improved automation and scheduling. It’s going to be a powerful tool that gives the user increased ability to control exactly what happens.

I’m just getting started but posted a little glimpse. The first plugin to get the new class, after it is completed in the test plugin, is WordPress Data Importer. This plugin is priority for 2016.


Someone emailed me today with some questions…


I think you have created a great plugin!!

I have a question. I can use this plugin for affiliate products with my id?

for example…. import products from amazon or courses from udemy and automatic add my affiliate id and publish products or recommendations.

If so here …..you are a happy customer!!”

I replied…


Great English from what I can see.

My plugin will eventually use Amazons API and many other API. However right now it only allows CSV import.

So users need to download data into or convert the download into a file with .csv extension for now. That will change and this plugin will grow. The price of the plugin may increase a little as that happens but not a lot. It’s my goal to offer a very low cost solution to get users started and they can pay more when they themselves are having success.

The next update coming to the plugin is a new schedule and automation system. Working on that daily right now.

Regards Ryan “

I’m currently adding the new schedule system developed in Multitool to WordPress Data Importer. It is a very flexible system that gives us good control over what we want from our automation.

Presale question: is there a way to preserve category hierarchy upon import?

Yes, category hierarchy is setup on the plugin’s user interface by selecting each category column/header in the correct order. There is a tool for splitting a single column of data into multiple columns to make category terms easier to work with in the long run.

I need a tool for importing content into Wordpress from a custom made CMS with MySQL backend

There are many tools for importing from XML or .csv file. There are not so many plugins for working with database tables that already exist. That is something my plugins are almost ready to do.

I’m working on multiple file support right now and published a quick post on my blog yesterday about it. The update coming is ideal for users importing other CMS databases because not all data can be merged into a single file i.e. taxonomy and meta.


That will take another week. Then I’m adding forms to make use of existing database tables. Meaning you can use your existing CMS database as it is. You would need to import the tables to your WordPress installation or install WP tables into the same database.

If your in a rush and can’t wait for these updates. Your options include exporting as XML or CSV. There may be other plugins that handle multiple files but I’ve not seen any. WordPress Data Importer does but the tools/forms to get the job done aren’t clear enough and that is what I’m improving right now.

Thank you! I will try exporting to XML

To be clear when I said you have the option of XML I did not mean in this plugin. This plugin only offers .csv file support right now. That will change in-time.

Your database structure seen in images sent are fairly simple. Any importer should do the job. You do not appear to have tables for meta or taxonomy so that makes the resulting .csv or .xml file simple enough for even free plugins on WordPress.org.

Great work. GL