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very interesting script! Does this put any strain on the server if there are many page loads? (although, ideally the public wouldn’t access this data)

Hi . analyze process is optimized by default and currently we are working on a new ability to add default query for each “data browser instance” , with this option you can limit analyzed posts based on a term or custom field or other post data , so you can have a “data browser instance” that only analyze specific group of the posts such as WooCommerce product type . in this situation you can limit page loads and hide your private data form public.

now default queries are available to use for limit page loads and hide private data from the public .

thanks for the quick updates & new options !

wow, very cool plugin… wish you lots of sales!

Thank you! I hope that tooooooo 8-)

HI, I’ve just downloaded the free version and I have to say for your first plugin in this space. THIS IS AMAZING. Really easy to get started. It would be great for the documentation to be a little more extended. I am trying to just present a pie chart on it’s own rather than the whole page of Title, Graph, Posts, Pagination etc. Is there a way to eliminate some of the other elements so I can just render a single graph in the flow of my page content? Thanks!

Hi , i will create a tutorial for your purpose as soon

Thank you for such a quick response. I figured it out with the style settings for the table and setting display: none for a number of elements and removing the border on some, as well as changing background from grey to white. What I was trying to do was scale the pie chart to make it larger as the page was to only have one large graph, but regardless I could not make it bigger. No biggie, but it would be great to have presets :)

1- go to “edit boxes” in setting section and click edit sign for ””single chart box style”“

2- in the light box set the “Width” to 1000px and “Height” to 600px for example

3- go to “edit charts ” in setting section and click edit sign for ””Pie Chart”“

4- in the light box set the “Chart height” to “500” .

5- switch off the ””Auto or manual ”” sign.


Good work. Good Luck


Is your WordPress Data Browser Multisite compatible ?