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Hello: I Have the same problem… Spanish horoscope is not working. Is the upgrade ready?

it will not be the same link as the one you putted the new domain name (for getting horoscopes) should be ready by tomorrow ;)

update send waiting for validation you can see the spanish language working here ;)

update ready :)


I have this horoscope plugin installed but no horoscopes come up it is just an animal that pops up. Our site is Any ideas please let us know.

Thank you


In the widget options put the text and navigation color to black instead of white also you can put the cache to yes to increase the loading time

Thank you

Is there any way to change the color of the text or the font? I can’t seem to figure out the CSS.


to change the css you will find in the plugin directory the file with the path css/horoscrope.css


Is there a shortcode that can be put in posts ?


The plugin can only be used as a widget


How do I change the look of the horoscopes? How do I modify the CSS to make the font bigger, etc.


to change the css you will find in the plugin directory the file with the path css/horoscrope.css


It’s not loading the horoscopes, just has the rotating wheel thing.


This is a pre-sales questions,

Does the Horoscope is unique 365 days a year, or give the same Horoscope every few days, weekly, etc?

I don’t see the date and time?

I also clicked the demo, many have no information but just an icon? This will make the users mad if this happens too often?

Do i have to pay some kind of service to pull the Horoscope information?

Please advise, thanks

Hello and thank you for your interest,

yes the horoscope is unique 365 days a year, no it’s rare that some information is missing, no you don’t have to pay nothing more


Forgot an other pre-sales question,

Is there’s a way it can show previous Horoscope from yesterday,4 days ago, last week, etc?

This way is more real live scope…..

Please advise, thanks

Hello and thank you for your interest,

Yes but not possible in standard plugin code unless we make unique customization for you


Is your script Still working I only see Loading sign all the time .


Yes my script is working perfectly, see the demo link

Thank you

Hello Grafikdev! I would like to use this plugin, you have the translation into Portuguese of Brazil?

Thank you!!!

Thanks my friend!!!!!!!

Portuguese of Brazil added, you will find the language in the plugin settings

Thank you for your attention my friend I appreciate your assistance you are very kind and this is very interesting

Thank you for your attention my friend I appreciate your assistance you are very kind and this is very interesting

Thank you for your interest my friend

Why Plugin stopped working all of a sudden? Its just loading but never loads.



STOPPED WORKING and pluggin not functioning


All is fine now

Thank you

The Arabic translation incorrect is the only outward appearance does not make sense other than English. اللغة العربية فقط مظهر في ملف لا يتغير وهي فقط لأستغلال البسطاء ولا تعمل وفق حسابات التنجيم كالانجليزية

Hello sir, the Arabic language work exactly the same as English, it’s not a translation from English to Arabic, it’s a standolone language, Thank you

There is a big difference between the English text and the Arab the Arabic text Minus does not mention the planets The text is wrong I know that I own experience in astrology . See the difference between these texts in meaning and explanation

Arabic ربما يحدث شيء ما يغير أفكارك وحتى قراراتك ولذلك ستشعر بأنك مشوش. من الأفضل أن تؤجل اتخاذ أي قرارات اليوم فربما تتفاجأ بعض المشاكل، كل ما تحتاج إليه اليوم هو أن تتحلى بالهدوء وتبدأ في حل مشاكلك فورا.

  French 1er décan, c’est une bonne semaine pour demander un crédit, un étalement de paiement ou encore pour réclamer une somme qui devrait déjà vous être payée. En tout cas, avec Mercure en Scorpion, il sera forcément question d’argent et de gestion de cet argent. Il se peut aussi que vous soyez plus productif… Mais il peut arriver, sous cette conjoncture Scorpion, que vous vous posiez des questions qui vous tourmenteront un peu. Ça ne durera pas : vous avez horreur de ça !

Arabic If you’ve been playing the waiting game in the emotional arena, it could be time to turn your anticipation into action. You’re riding high on the energy of the playful Leo Moon in your 5th House of Romance. However, the urgency to free yourself from complicated entanglements standing between you and your happiness might prompt you to overreact. Instead of taking a risk, exercise a small dose of caution so you don’t do something you regret. A new kind of love may be within reach, but you still have work to do before it’s yours.

Thank you and good luck


I have 3 questions: 1. Is it possible to translate this Horoscope in Serbian, with some plugin like WPML? 2. Is it possible to set from which site widget will take horoscope? 3. Can somebody manually write horoscope for signs?

Best regards, Rastko


Thank you for your interest

To reply to your questions :

1- it’s possible to add a serbian daily horoscope

2- yes you can tell me on which site to grab the horoscope

3- it require custom work only for you

Best regards

Hi, I would like to buy your plugin but I’ve a question before. Is it possible to present the horscope without arrow, just side by side with every signs ? Thanks you so much for your response.

Hi, You could do it ? (free or not). Or Could I do it ? Easy or not ? Thanks you

Hi, yes i can do it, customization are not included in the price, you can do it if you have some coding knowledge, thank you

ok, I’ve sent you an email. Thanks you.


Pour l’heure, le plugin ne fonctionne plus, aucun horoscope affiché.


Merci à vous.

Bonjour, dans la partie “Horoscope quotidien” sur la page d’accueil. Le bloc est blanc, en fait, étant donné que votre site est KO pour l’heure, je pense que le flux passe par votre site. Du coup, plus rien sur la home page.


Sur la page Horoscope de votre site le tout est bien affiché, vérifiez la configuration de widget de la page d’accueil et ça sera réglé pour vous


C’est good en effet, reconfig du widget et ça refonctionne parfaitement. Le langage n’était plus dispo ce matin. Merci.

is an excellent plugin but,.. I think it’s time to insert something different an interesting design This plugin is very simple.

1. It is good for you to enter the date of the signs that do not exist 2. make a panel like this site here. see an example 3. a new design 4. Large and stylized icons, without much detail

I bought this plugin, but I do not know if I’ll use it on my site because he has no beauty at all.

This is a constructive criticism!

hope the plugin author, think a little about us that also think about your work and your success!

Hello, cela ne fonctionne plus ce matin, le flux ne s’affiche plus sur

Bonjour, c’est réglé

PS: Si ça vous arrive de nouveau juste desactiver le cache du plugin, s’assurer que les horoscopes s’affiche (ça peut être un peu long) puis réactiver le cache

Merci ! Juste pour vider le cache, suppression du fichier JSON dans le dossier cache ?

Oui tu peut faire ça ou bien juste choisir l’option cache non dans la configuration du widget, charger la page d’accueil puis remettre l’option cache à oui

Hello, the plugin has stopped working on my site. Could you please help me fix it.

Site address is

Many thanks.


Yes, sure. How do I send you a PM?

I have sent you a PM but you have not replied. Nor have you done any work to fix the issue. Please respond.

It is almost three weeks now since I first asked for your help. Why are you taking so long?