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nice work, i wish you good luck with your sales ;)

This is really useful plugin, if you could like develop a custom alert box plugin in future, I will definitely buy it! :)

Hello jiangwz,
What types of alert box plugin do you need? Can you give me an example of Alert Box Plugin? Then I will try to develop that plugin.
Thanks :)

hi, something like Bootbox.js, there’re lot of jQuery Plugins in market, e.g. jQuery.modal, jQuery Confirm, SweetAlert and so on. I think it will be a good idea if you could develop a custom alert box plugin for Wordpress, it is just look like your custom scrollbar plugin. Customer can customize the alert box or just directly use the template.

I think customize the Browser BOM is a good idea for customer, because the different theme of wordpress need different Browser BOM.

Thanks for your suggestion, I will try to develop it. :)

Hi, it works fine for me, thanks for your work… but i wonder if it’s possible for next update an easier way to manage settings, shortocodes, etc. It’s very hard to set them, nothing intuitive…

For example, some suggestions: improve the way of choosing the types of bars by selecting an image instead of choosing them from a list, or improve increase scrollers instead of blank input boxes… etc

I hope you do it!

Cheers! ;)

Hello unocoma,
Thanks for your suggestion, I will try to do it much easier for a customer. If you have any other suggestion please don’t be hesitate to inform us we will try to implement it soon.
Thanks :)

Just purchased the plugin. First thing, it looks great. The issues I have is that the Dragger rail color is not changing after I changed the color (clearing the cache didnt work) and Moving mode by keyboard is not working either. My theme is twentyfourteen (free and very popular), latest wordpress version.

We just installed Q2W3 Fixed Widget (Sticky Widget) Plugin. And it works here twentyfourteen theme. But I don’t clearly understand what’s happened there. Can you give us you admin access to our mail then we will check the issues.

It must be the premium plugin then. I cant deactivate it because its the backbone of the site and I already have good traffic. The scroll bar interferes inside the sidebar, this is basically whats happening. Is there a way to prevent it from happening? I cant give login details, the backend has limited access to several ip’s only. A wild guess is that it got to do with jquery but I really have no idea.

Hello Barks63,
OK, Can I know your premium plugin name? If I found any solution then we will inform you.

I am just updating that Q2W3 Fixed Widget released an update that might fix conflict (I think it is the jquery). I cant do it now because I have good traffic but I will do it later and update. If that wont work I will contact you directly via email. It is a good plugin if I can get it to work on all pages.

Can you share your site URL after activating both plugins? Because I need to check what’s kind of conflict happen on you.
Thaks :)

I updated the plugin, its still not working. Looks like the issue are with images in responsive sidebars. I am not writing my website in public, I dont need any of my site visitors to come here. My site has been up for over 2 years. Lets discuss it via emails. I am sending you an email through your profile here. Please email me when you are free and I will activate the plugin so you can see the problem.

There is a conflict but I dont think its any problem with the configuration. I have emailed you like I said, I will email once again. I dont want my site url to be on any ticket system. I will send an email in the case 10 minutes. Please reply back and we will take it from there.

Now we recive your email. Thanks

Ok, I am waiting for an email back once you are ready to check it. I am not activating the plugin beforehand because it breaks sidebars.

Looks very usefull for me. PreSale questin: does it support mobile browsers too?

Yes, It supports mobile browsers too.

Very cool. Can this work in Visual Composer?

Yes, You can use it on visual composer because Visual Composer has the option to integrate a custom shortcode.

Hi! Is it possible to style widget scrollbars with this plugin (e.g. by using classes)?

This version is not possible to change WordPress default widget. But you can show it anywhere by shortcode. You can paste shortcode in Text Widget.

OK, thanks for your answer!

Have a nice day :)

Great work GL

Thanks :)

PRE-SALE QUESTION: I would like customize sliders and also make them appear at all times, not just when the user hovers over them. Can this plugin do this?

At present, there is no dynamic option like this. In the update version, I will try to integrate it.

Brilliant plugin. Thanks.

I could integrate into my website. I also have a light window on the website which has scroll. I would like to change all the scrolls of my website to your scroll. How can i do that.

Can you read the documentation? If not please read it first. If are not understood that please inform us or open a ticket from

If you are asking if i can read, Yes i can. If you want to know did i read, I did not as it comes to “This site can’t be reached” all the time. I believe i cannot create ticket too.

Hello. Are you sure that- the site can not ve reached all the time? If it please contact us via mail. On our profile section. We provide the details info from this plugin. If need we activate this plugin on your site also. Sorry for repling late.

Hi, I just activate this plugin, it’s beautiful! Love it.

But I found some issues, it’s not like the general scrollbar has the natural scrolling, like when you scroll to the top or end, it will let you scroll a little bit more and automatically back to normal. And also it some how broken my CSS Animation of my Visual Composer page builder. Can you fix that in some way?

No sure I explained right or not, but I can send you the website I wanting to go with as example, and my website which I am building. This is what I wanting to do like : This is my website (still building) :

I just found another way to customized scrollbar with css lol Thank you!

Thanks for finding the way. And also thanks to inform your problem. We remeber all issue and fix when we re update it.


pre-sale question: in the content, can you insert a shortcode from another plugin? I use Ultimate member and would like to show social activity feeds.

thanks Mo

Please send a message on contact form Then I will sending you the update copy.

Just sent one :)

Can I have a refund please? This plugin is great but it literally killed all my css animations and added a very long delay on mouse scroll.

ok, no issue. I trying to fix your issue if u need, because refund is not good for me


Is this plugin not maintained anymore? I also see some other people that your plugin can destroy the CSS from the theme?

Yeah, it’s maintained. Maybe it’s happening for other reason. If it destroys then we wanna help to fix that and also fix this bug on the plugin.

Hey, Updated Version 4 is just the free version on WordPress!!! ( I think you uploaded the wrong version or something here. Please check. Hate to pay for an otherwise free plugin.

Sorry, I upload the wrong one. And also I replying you on email as well. After the update, I am informing you

Hi i purchase the plugin.. is there anyway i can have it scroll only using the side bar and not on hover?

yeah, it’s has a custom selector. so you can select the class of sidebar then just paste the class name on settings panel then it will works

Hi, I am having trouble finding the class… I am currently using a sidebar shortcode and i just don’t want it to scroll on hover… only when im using the scroll bar manual.


Ok, please open a ticket on with your site URL, Then I tell you how you could do it.

I was trying out the free version before I bought this one, and I like it, but the regular scrollbar on the page shows and then disappears and is replaced by your scrollbar everytime a page loads. Is it supposed to do that? Because I can’t have that. Your scrollbar should show on the pageload.

Well. Maybe some other’s content takes time for loading and also we can fix this is a short time. Then I will inform you.