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Can I use this plugin to restrict editing access to a certain page or group of pages for a custom role?


Hello, yes. Any wordpress backend page from plugin and the core pages.

Hi i just installed the plugin but i can’t open it.. i get this message when i open the Page Access page.. :

“Connection Failed”

Thats because of an error connecting to the database, it extends wp database connections. Check if you uploaded all the files, and check the connection.php file in case you are using different configurations for wp database connection.

can i create new role and give some menu rights to that user role witht his plugin – and if possible can i get demo of this plugin

You can create a new role and give some menu rights to the user role. I will provide some demos soon.

Hi, does this work with custom post types?

It partially supports custom post types.

Hello. The plugin is working with some menus (Ex: Hiding Duplicator plugin menu), but not with others (Ex: Gravity Forms menu).

Can you help me with that?

Hello. For gravity form menu use this “gf_edit_forms”

I have a question regarding this plugin , I’ve noticed that sometimes it does not create roles , why?

As for your email, will look into it.

I have the same problem with plug in. He say me always “Fail to save rule”. Can you help me?

ok. I’ll you send today as soon as possible. I need resolve thin problem. Thank’s you.

i have just sendet email. with my ftp details. Thank you.

i have just sendet email. with my ftp details. Thank you.

I have installed it but when I click on the page access button it does not allow me to see anything. It shows a warning message…

Warning: mysqli::mysqli(): (HY000/2005): Unknown MySQL server host ‘’ (0) in /home/content/p3pnexwpnas07_data03/33/2585633/html/wp-content/plugins/wp-custom-roles-1.2/includes/database.class.php on line 21 Connection Failed

Are you using a wordpress version with core modifications?

Just bought it, not working, getting an error: Connection Failed

E-mail me ftp details so I can check.

Just bought it. I have problem like the others with plug in “Fail to save rule”

This happens with MariaDB, I think I fixed it!

Hello, does it work with Woocommerce? I want to choose which permissions they have for each section

Hello, Pre-purchase question

Can your plugin allow me to automatically assign to my users a specific “role” which was created by another third party plugin upon registration?

Example: When users register, they will be automatically assigned to the “role” created by the third party plugin?

- GM

Hello, No.

Salam Alekom

I do not want to show anything about WordPress, I want to hide all the titles that are on the left of the Dashboard, For example, I’m using the Woocommerce-POS plugin, I want the user who will work on this plugin to see on the left nothing but woocommerce-pos. Another example: I did not see the entrance of the products and work on the woocommerc, did not see anything else on the left, only the woocommerce+ media, and so on,

There is nothing to show that WordPress exists at all.

Does this Plugin do this?

Thank you..