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weptile supports this item


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Hi there,

I installed the plugin and received the ‘successfully installed message’ as well. I have also activated the plugin but i can’t see it under the settings menu. Can you please help?


I’ve sent you an email to test it on your servers. On multiple servers and setups we’ve tested it’s working. So we’d like to check your setup and make sure if there’s a fix for everyone, we’ll provide it.

Hi Farhan, Can you update your plugins and try again? If that doesn’t work can you try with the default theme? this way we can spot where the problem is.

Demo link not working

Hi, we’ve fixed the demo link now. Sorry for the error. We’ve just moved all our demos to WPEngine :)

http user is demo and pass is weptilepass

Hi. Does this work in Multisite and custom post types?

Hi, thank you for buying our plugin. We’ll check and provide an update immediately this week. We’ve added this fix to our queue. It should be working on all post types as you said, you’re right. And as soon as CodeCanyon approves the update, you should get an email to let you know.

That’s great! thank you so much.

we just published an update. As soon as CodeCanyon approves the update, you’ll be able to have it working.

HI, i want to add a javascript code to a wordress theme… is it possible with your plugin right?


Hi, We just saw these comments. yes it is possible.

The plugin not work in my website. I dont see the menu in wordpress dashboard. I use AVADA theme.

Pls hep!

The plugin does not work. Can someone help pls?


Hi, it works on our end and we also tried with Avada. Might be some other confllict with another plugin but we’ll keep testing and updating the plugin.

we just published an update. As soon as CodeCanyon approves the update, you’ll be able to have it working.

Awesome design. Great job! Good luck

Thank you :)

This is great, any way to get this working with The Event Calendar? (by tribe)

Is it possible to get the code and where to place it… I know this is probably asking a lot but it would be much appreciated but its a massive job then don’t worry! and i will be looking out for the update!! :) thanks

We’d need to update a few places, not big pieces of code but it’s been a while since we updated this plugin so it’d take a little time for us to get to it alone :) It’ll be a quick update, but slow to warm up to it.

I’ll plan the update for next week and if all our client projects goes according to plan, we should be updating it then.

awesome man sound great!

The css editor itself is great. Multiple cursors, Emmet autocomplete.. most others don’t have this. All you need now is live preview editing for css..

Thakn you MAXp0wr, we’d love to see these comments as a star rating as well ;)

The live preview makes no sense. It takes me to a basic site which I login as suggested and then I get blank preview screen???

Also screenshots need cropping as they are hard to see with so much wasted space at left.

Sorry m8, couldn’t judge your app from what you showed me.

Thanks for your prompt and courteous response. Perhaps you could put an instructional note on the webpage saying close the ‘frame’.

Also if you crop the left half of the screenshots supplied the remaining part of the image may be easier to read ;-)

Appreciate your honesty. Will look at it again as I need something like this to replace a plugin I have already that has been abandoned.

Hi again katw, after your comment we’ve prioritized on our forever neglected plans of redesigning our whole CodeCanyon apperance. Icons, header images, product desciption pages, and most importantly their demo sites. It’ll take a week or two maybe, but we’ll take everything you said into account, with more things we already had in mind.

Thank you once again for the comments.

Smart move, may encourage more sales. Thanks for keeping me (us) informed.