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Hello, I have a presale question. Is it possible to use a shortcode (or with php code in a template) to convert? For example something like [convert=’100’ from=”eur” to=”ang”] Thanks!


Unfortunately the plugin does not have this feature.

It may be suitable for you converter –

Standard functionality –

You can try free version –

Good morning, I have entered the shortcode wpcs_price value=100 with brackets. And I added to the settings of the currency switcher manually the currency ANG and conversion rate 1.78. But when I use the widget to change currency to ANG the amount stays 100. Am I doing something wrong? I can send screenshots. Thanks!

oh, I want to use a currency aggregator but ANG gives problems with the ones I choose. 1) Is it possible to choose another currency aggregator than on the list? 2) Is it possible to add a fixed rate instead of using a third party?

@pabloborysenko, I bought the full version and the conversion now is 1.78 so this problem is solved



For technical questions, better use the contact form –

And another question, is something like this possible <?php echo do_shortcode( '[wpcs_price meta_value=$usd_price]' ); ?>? The $usd_price is a variable. Even better a ACF field. Thanks a lot!

found this my self :-) I have to remove the $ so the code will be <?php echo do_shortcode( '[wpcs_price meta_value=usd_prijs]' ); ?>


Yes! It’s correct


kuminov Purchased

Why after the purchase I see it in the admin panel? In the free version of the plugin you can operate with 2 ANY currencies only. If you want more currencies and features you can make upgrade to the premium version of the plugin!


Please delete the free version and install the paid version. all settings will be saved.

Clear all cache and CNTRL+F5

If no luck – write on support –

Paste your message + wp-admin access

Hi! I see there’s an option to set decimal and thousands separator, but it looks like it is for all currencies. Is it possible to set separators for each different currency? Thanks!


Unfortunately, the plugin does not have this feature. You need to customize the plugin code.

I tried your free version but it did not work. I can provide access to my back-end if you can help. I will also upgrade to the premium version if you solve this for me. I provide services to clients around the world and I want to show prices in other currencies aside the USD. Skype: kobina.plange


Please describe in more detail what is not working. Drop me exact link to the issue

I added the shortcode to my theme top menu and I tried to switch from USD to EUR by selecting EUR but the prices do change. It still remains in USD.

The box shown the two currencies, USD and EUR but when I select EUR the pricing still remains in USD.

Pre sales question: Hello, does this work with the WP rentals theme? Thanks


Unfortunately we do not have such information. You can try free version –


All prices should be wrapped into this shortcode to make it works

Hi, I uninstalled the free version and installed the paid version, and having configured the settings it doesn’t change the currency on any products now! I notice that my new version says 2.1.4 but in the docs it talks about 2.1.8. Is this version correct? If I then uninstall the paid version and re-install the free version the currency switcher then works again! Any ideas? Thanks

When I install the plugin Wordpress Currency Switcher it’s the same as the free version and keeps asking me to upgrade to add anoher currency!!

I have sorted it now thanks. Had to clear the mod_pagespeed cache.


Welcome! Yes, always after any plugin reinstalling reset all kinds of cache