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Nice work GLWS :)

Hi, i m using WooCommerce Currency Switcher v. and facing a problme in Deal Setting Discount %, when i enabling (Is multiple allowed = yes), but when i sent (Is multiple allowed = no) then i have facing problme on checkout page, currency changer not working on checkout page and discount % when using (Is multiple allowed= yes / no) in both condiations, plz. suggest how can i solve this issue.


Its another new plugin, write please in WOOCS forum. + Update WOOCS to 2.1.7

Hi, before purchasing this I wanted to see if the basic version works and it doesn’t? I’m trying to implement it with this theme here is there a way to do that with your plugin?

Also, I’d like to add a bar to the top of the site but with language option (from WPML plugin)

Is there a way to control the design and placement of the functionality of your plugin?


I would like to know AED currency is supported ?

Lots of issues while setting up the switcher is coming twice on the pages also no option to edit background colors and text. Please help url :

How can then i match it with my theme color. It looks odd. Please look innate my website. I need to change its Base Color

Also what to disable? Where is it??

Read docs: !!

How can then i match it with my theme color – customize it by CSS. Customizate it or not its your own deal, if you cant do that – hire somebody.

Hi , Are you able to use this in de admin and when you create a order for a costumer to adjust a currency ?

Hi Real, is just purched the plugin and did a installtion, but I don’t see the option

OMG i bought the wrong version, i need it for the Woocommerce. Can i get a refund ? I already bought the correct version

Hello, yes I see, in your case sure, make a refund request for WordPress CS

Hi, is functionality as this possible?


Yes, but instead of button drop-down will

One thing: prices changes by js timer – there is not such feature

Pre sales questions: - Does this plugin offers a GeoIP detection (or can be used with one) to set accordingly the currency? If yes how does this get implemented? I cannot find anything in the slim documentation. - Are there any template functions that can be used instead of the shortcodes? In my case the prices are coming from a db, so a function would be preferable. - I downloaded the free WP plugin and when I change the currency the page gets reloaded. Instead in the example page you have on your site the prices change via ajax with no page reload. How can I use the ajax function (no mention in the documentation for that either)? Thanks.


This plugin has not such functionality as GEO IP detection, as it need service for detecting user country. So if you have such plugin or script I can help you by code for price manipulations.

In my case the prices are coming from a db – I think its possible to realize by custom work. It needs creation custom connector to get right data from your DB. Now the plugin works only with shortcode [wpcs_price value=20] where values is described as attribute of shortcode. – look closer please – page is reloads to, no ajax action. By the way – update prices by AJAX is good idea, so I will add it in TODO list for the plugin.


Does this plugin offers a GeoIP detection – implemented


1. can i have custom prices? for example: country 1 price 1, country 2 = price 2 2. can i set the welcome currency in shortcode? 2. can i display without selector? some like this:


1) Unfortunately not now as it need geo location, and such feature will be implemented in the next version …

2) You can display switcher as flags – which is images, and by CSS set them as you want …

do you know aprox. when will be release new version?

No, the plugin is not successful so, maybe in the end of winter or march 2017

Well done, keep it up

Thank you!

Can I fix the prices for different currencies rather than auto-calculate? For example: US price: $100, Canadian price $75. Thanks.


Good idea of course – but GEO IP is not included in the plugin, the more managing prices by logic based on countries. BUT all that is possible to realize and will be done but not in the near future (will be in spring 2017). IF you need such tool just now – you can order custom work now:


Update on its way, read this please: – today or tomorrow will

Sorry, but I am confused about envato “regular” license for currency switcher.

I am building personal websites. I will not sell these sites and I will not give them away to anyone.

So, if I buy one (1) Currency Switcher regular license, can I use it on all my personal sites or do I need to buy one for every personal site I make?


1 licence === 1 domain and ALL its subdomains

Example: you have – you can install. Also you have,, – the same license you can use – another license required

Extended license is the same requirements, BUT + for developers which creates commercial product with the plugin and sell it on Envato

Flags are not showing up on my site. See image – – How do I fix?

On the screen 500 error – smth wrong on the server, check that media library page works on your site – if its still doesn work write request on support with wp-admin access

Hi i have a pre sale question my currency switcher is not converting the currency on checkout page

Hi realmag777,

Clearly 5 Stars for the feature availability, flexibility, customization and your customer support!

Thanks so much, this plugin is really what I was looking for!

Thank you ;)

Nice work guys! But one thing, the window to choose a flag is blank – nothing is loading:


Thank you :) Quite strange, because its standard wordpress popup for the files. Just checked – – should work, I think its js error, and can suggest you catch it you self by firebug or google chrome console OR share please wp-admin please with support and let they cacth it and resolve. Do not forget describe issue in the request, use the same text …

Hii does the php short code work with the free version?<?php echo do_shortcode(‘[wpcs show_flags=1 txt_type=”desc”]’); ?>


Yes! If you have a problem with this – write me on support( use contact form ) –

I will try to help you

Hi, pre-sale question.

Can I use with this plugin the same function as in Woo commerce plugin

if (class_exists(‘WOOCS’)) { global $WOOCS; $currencies = $WOOCS->get_currencies(); $msrp = $msrp * $currencies$WOOCS->current_currency; $msrp = number_format($msrp, 2, $WOOCS->decimal_sep, ’’); }



Yes, but use $WPCS.

Read this please –

Great, thanks!

How do you incorporate the php ( <? Php echo do_shortcode (‘[wpcs show_flags = 1 txt_type = “desc”]’); ?) code and where ?, I already copy it and paste footer.php and header.php and it does not work


It depends on the structure of these files. Drop me exact link to the issue. And screen – where you want insert switcher