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Should I but this instead of your “WooCommerce Currency Switcher” plugin if I don’t use Woocommerce?

pre sale inquiry : the plugin seems good but can we make different tables for different currencies since I tested the free one and found out it should have a basic currency and this means only we can different tables against one currency , for example I need to make a table display the USD currency against other currencies and vice versa then making a table for AED against other currencies and vice versa I mean other currencies against AED then making table for EGP against other currencies and vice versa other currencies against EGP >>etc But I found out only I can put other currencies against basic currency , I don’t want a basic currency I want to make different tables for multi currencies like making a page display currency rates at USA and a page displays currency rates at Egypt etc like this table here on Top EGP Exchange Rates

Hello I understood you. You need customization of the plugin code

ok do you provide customization


Yes. Write me on support( use contact form ) –

Paste your massage


Could you please add the option to select the separator of thousands and decimals in the price value ?


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll pass it to the developers.


Update done and options you asked are there …

presale question, i need WordPress Currency Switcher for bitcoin, this plugin have that feature, thanks


Yes! This plugin works with all standard currencies. You can test it on free version –

Hi there, we’re having trouble using this Currency Switcher plugin when we’re using caching with W3 Cache – your plugin simply doesn’t work. Is there anything special we need to whitelist/except in W3Cache to ensure it doesn’t interfere with your plugin?


In tab options enable ‘I am using cache plugin on my site’ and reset the site cache

pre sale question, hi can i make auto calculate price to BTC, means no need click drop down.

like this site



Do you mean always show price in BTC? I think yes.

In functions.php add code -

add_action(‘wp_head’, ‘my_example_scripts’) ; function my_example_scripts(){ if (class_exists(‘WPCS’)) { global $WPCS; }


Try free version –

Pre-sale Question

Good day.

I want to display 3 different prices on my page using meta fields, but the price must update automatically when the currencies change. I tried the free version but it doesn’t seem to work. Is this possible?


I’ve setup ZAR as my welcome currency and Euro as my second currency.

Then I’ve created a meta field with different values (please see screenshots attached).

I added this shortcode to my description field: [wpcs_price meta_value=price_currencies_field] but it either shows None or 0.00 in the front end.

The idea is to have a default price in ZAR that will display in 3 different currencies that will update automatically when the exchange rate changes.

Thank you.


1) Please change aggregator –

2) If you want to use fixed price- – add attribute : type= ‘fixed’ OR delete this –

Do test please.

1) * update rate


Before I purchase this plugin, I want when user select currency from dropdown, Price should be change as per currency. Is this available in plugin? If yes then will go further.



Yes. If you use this shortcode [wpcs_price] to show currency. You can try free version –

Please note that this plugin does not work with woocommerce. For woocommerce –


Is it possible to use your plugin with custom fields generated by Advanced Custom Fields?

Thanks, Colin


I think yes. But it depends how this variable will be stored.

Read this please ( ) –

Try free version –

Hello! Can you make your plugin work with XL WooCommerce Sales Triggers? It wont change currency for the amount “You saved”.


This plugin is for WordPress only, maybe you mean this one: ?

Hi, I’m interesting with this plugin, but i cannot connect it with my existing website, I’m using real estate theme, and the price code look like below, could you help this? thank you.

<div class="price text-theme text-right">
            <?php echo do_shortcode('[wpcs_price value=???]'); ?>
            <?php $price = Realia_Price::get_property_price(); ?>
            <?php if ( ! empty( $price ) ) : ?>
                <?php echo wp_kses( $price, wp_kses_allowed_html( 'post' ) ); ?>
            <?php endif; ?>


$price = Realia_Price::get_property_price(); – In what format is this value

Read this please –


The price of Realia_Price::get_property_price(); should be decimal, and if its decimal you can create shortcode wrapper and use it in your posts content: add_shortcode( 'my_property_price', function(){ $res = do_shortcode('[wpcs_price value=Realia_Price::get_property_price()'); if ( ! empty( $res) ) { return wp_kses( $price, wp_kses_allowed_html( 'post' ) ); } return $res; } );

Presale question – does this change the currency across all woocommerce store pages on wordpress too? also is it possible to set conversion rates? The current converters are giving wrong conversion values—Also is there an html version? as we have some other solutions not on wordpress but we want it to have the currency conversion feature too. Please confirm


This plugin does not work with woocommerce. For woocommerce use this plugin –

also is it possible to set conversion rates? – Yes!

Also is there an html version? – Unfortunately no

Pre sale question:

My website display feeds of products from different stores.

The items are displayed with its currencies ($,€,£...¥)

Will your plugin allow to display these item under one currency.

The reasons I ask:

- to help sort items by price. - to help when comparing similar items.



Yes! But all products must have prices in one currency (base currency)


I have 5 items in $, 5 items in €

I want only the grabbed 5 items in € to be in $

So basically I want to change the € items to $ so I can compare the price all 10 items in website.

Will your plug in help me do that ?


Unfortunately no

hi how can i change “my current country”?

im from israel and its shows Netherlands?


It does not depend on this plugin. It depends on the user’s IP and server settings.

It looks like you have an IP of the Netherlands

Hi, I need the prices on this page to display into different currencies when open from different locations

Can I do this with your plugin?

Hi, it is a class field it exists and there is a number in it.

It is the field from the slider above.

Let me know if we can solve this. I really hope your plugin can help me.

Hey, please ignore my question, I see it won’t work with classes, only with meta fields.



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wow this looks relly useful, but I need it to convert PLN to USD. Does it do that?


You can use any currencies from this list for rates auto renew and even not exists currencies, for example as any points by bussiness logic