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clio80 Purchased


Could you please help me resolve the issue with the modal window? Instead of popping up on the screen, the message appears in the footer. I noticed someone already posted about it a few days ago. Thank you!

Hi there,

please send WP-Admin credentials to support@db-dzine.com.

We will help you asap.

BR DB-Dzine


clio80 Purchased

I appreciate the great customer service and response time was amazing. Thank you!


If you have any more issues feel free to contact us.

We installed this plugin, but the Country Selection page seems to be broken after we put the shortcode in?


Hi there,

please set the whole plugin folder ”/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-country-selector/” and ALL files to 0777. This will help.

BR DB-Dzine

We installed this plugin, but the Country Selection page seems to be broken after we put the shortcode in?


Hi there, we’ve just purchased the plugin, however the popup is not firing as should. The site is http://pecandeluxe.com/

We’ve setup all the necessary settings in the backend and when we use developer tools to force show the modal via CSS it looks fine. However it’s just not triggering open automatically.

Any assistance would be really appreciated.


It could be a problem with the URLs you have entered. For example if you have setup “http://pecandeluxe.com/” in the plugin, but the real address is “http://pecandeluxe.com” then you have to remove the slash at the end.

Also you should set your USA site as a default one and not in the USA setting.

Thanks again for the swift reply, really appreciate it! That’s solved it. The only issue we’re having is with the Thailand site being in English we have to keep the Thailand site language english which won’t pull through the right flag / country for the “stay at Thailand” mention. Is there a potential workaround?

Not quite sure what you mean. Could you explain in detail?

Hi I just bought the plugin and turns out its not compatible with WPML ran through many issues

1. Auto redirect thinks im in Canada when im in Thailand. 2. When disable auto redirect the page ask for To Go Thailand or stay in the United States what if someone is not in the United States also when choose Thailand the popup is poping up again asking do you want to stay in Thailand 3. When auto redirect go to Thailand cant change language back to English what if im a foreigner in Thailand and cant read thai.

Is it possible to get a refund?


Hi there,

just make a refund request ;)

from where you or envato?


Hi there 1) we are facing problems with page display (we are changing CHMOD and we shall see) 2) we would like to change flag and text of “Stay USA” text on popup, where can we find that text?

Thank you

Hi there,

1) What is your issue here? Could you please specify?

2) If you want to change the text, you can change the translations with a plugin like “Loco Translate”. Just install the plugin, edit our plugin translations and change the text to whatever.

Hope we could help you

BR DB-Dzine

Thank you for your prompt response, regarding issues:

1) now the page is visible on the home page but the alignment is horrible, is there any css lines or other ways to display it as in your preview? There is also a problem with UK map icon (is not displayed)

2) ok for translation, is there any way to change “stay at united states” and flag? Where is the file stored?

Thank you

Hi there,

1) Please change the CHMOD of the plugin and ALL files to 0777. Then check again. If it is still broken, please send WP-Admin credentials to support@db-dzine.com

2) Flag is configured from your settings. And you can change even the English translation to another English translation.

You can also write a short mail to us with the credentials and want to want to archive. Then we can help you.

If i got to my domain – www.domain.com – and the popup comes and i get suggested to go to the Danish website. I click go – and your plugin perfectly redirects me.

Next time i go to the main domain www.domain.com – isn’t it possible to have a cookie which remembers the option ?

Have you set the DK URL in the plugin settings to “http://no-logo.dk/dk” (WITHOUT a slash in the end)?

.... :O Sorry – your totally right, i had a slash at the end….. I removed it and now it works. Thanks

Any way i could contribute in a way to a faster development of the features (2 & 3) as im in a project where such features would save my life :) ?

Please i need to purchase this wordpress country selector. I have wordpress installed in my Godaddy hosting service plan. I need help to know how to set it up.



my idea of a country selector format i need is fedex.com


Hi there,

you just have to install this wordpress plugin.

The plugin is telling me I need Redux Framework which is conflicted with my theme!

Please try setting the plugin folder CHMOD to 0777

I presume you mean your plugin! I still can not edit the stylesheet on my theme!

Hi there,

maybe we understood each other. Could you please send WP-Admin & FTP Credentials to support@db-dzine.com? Also please include a screenshot of what does not work as you like ;)


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Hi there,

our plugin supports a widget, which shows the current language. You can see it in action on our demo site on the footer right.

When I try to manually change country, it automatically redirects again to same country, that’s not good. Also this widget is useless if there is no any dropdown to change country! Every page automatically redirects to base page.

Before making a bad review, you could have contacted us!

1) When the plugin redirects you always to the same site, you have made a configuration mistake. Maybe you have set a slash (/) at the end or forgot the www

2) Dropdown was not described and you could have clearly see, that there is no dropdown on the demo site.

Anyway you could have contacted us first via support@db-dzine.com

Hey. I’m having an issue, on my Ukrainian site the widget won’t show the country flag, other sites work ok.

Thanks. What is really strange is, that your blog language does not get read correctly.

Have you any Plugin installed (like WPML) that could overwrite your blog language?

Otherwise: May you send us FTP-Credentials so that we can check why?

I did not install any strange plugins, and other Lang codes are working correctly. there is a file manager installed on this site

Okay then please send FTP credentials so that we can debug.

Thanks ;)

Hi, i order you plugin today, i have some problem. dont see field to change Go to… or stay at… the point is, my website is in french for Haiti and i have a new one for usa, and i want show the country selector for USA and Canada but, the pop up says: go to Canada with a canadian flag (want to change it to USA flag and the name of my USA website) and Stay at France (want to replace flag and France) because Haitian speak french and creole. can you add those fields for manual change please? what i can do now?

YES PLEASE, because even it is a returning visitor, i want it to see pop up in home page to have choice to select website. (for example: everytime i go to amazon.com, it ask me if i want to go to amazon.ca… everytime i visit the homepage) if you plugin can do that too, it will be very good. When i can expect this update?

We will try to update this on start of next week.

Perfect. Thanks


mydna Purchased

Hi – i’m having a problem with the auto-redirect going into a loop. This is happening on “0” seconds as well as “1” second or more. I am hosting wordpress on IIS, so are there any .htaccess rules applied by the plugin? Also using polylang for translation, but have turned off browser language checking.

Hi there,

there are no htaccess rules created. It looks more like you have not setup the right website URL in the plugin.

Maybe you missed out a slash ”/” at the end or the www is missing.

If this still does not work please send WP-Admin credentials to support@db-dzine.com

We will help you :)


Jubau Purchased

Hi guys, waiting for your update for this week as promised. but, i have another problem, some time, the popup says: visit international but doesnt redirect anywhere when you click on. it seems a bug… what i have to do?

Hi there,

the update in queue since Friday. Have to wait until it is approved here.

Your bug seems weird. May you send us WP-Admin credentials to support@db-dzine.com with an URL, where the bug happens?


Hi, I just bought your Country Selector plugin but I can’t make it work.

I want it to show the map with the countries and sites we have for this countries, but it’s not working. Just the basic popup works.

We have this sites:

International: example.com Spain: example.es France: example.fr Portugal: example.pt

Hope you can help me.

Hi there,

have you added the shortcode on the country selector page?

Hi, I did but still not working.

Please send WP-Admin credentials to support@db-dzine.com with the URL of the country selector page.

Hi there!

It looks like a very good plugin, but I must say very very basic documentation also!

Will ask for help if needed… so far i didn’t manage to make it work!

Hi there,

we are always open for improvements. What do you think should be changed in the documentation?

Hi there DB!

You should add some configuration examples… The documentation only duplicates the information displayed in the plugin config screen.

If the user doesn’t understand in the config area what each option do, the docs don’t add extra information…

Just my opinion…

Thanks for your input – really appreciate it :)

We will work on an update to our documentation based on your ideas this week.

Hope you are glad with our plugin anyways :)

Hi Guys, I recently purchased the country selector plugin, installed on a fresh install of wordpress and when I try to activate the plugin, it kills the entire website with a HTTP error 500. Please can you advise? I have seen previous comments on the comments page for this but couldn’t see any guidance to resolve. Thanks, Paul Perry pperry@fortrisuk.co.uk

Hi there,

please send WP-Admin & FTP Credentials to support@db-dzine.com


ok thanks ill send it across to you now

Thanks your theme developer made a very hard mistake. I have fixed it and sent details to your mail.

Hello Dear DB,

Can you kindly allow a refund concerning your Country Selector plugin?

As I state in the support forum, I found the documentation without enough information.

Also even after following some hints like change the folder to 777 (a no no procedure) I wasn’t able to make it work.

So, if you agree with the refund, please provide all the information to follow.

Best Regards

Jorge Tavares

Hi there,

please describe exactly what is not working as it should. What errors do you have? You can also contact us via support@db-dzine.com to show a URL of the problem.

Best regards

Dear db-dzine team, My company is interested by your Wordpress Country Selector plugin. Our only doubt is the compatibility with our custom theme and the customization of the popup. Do you have a demo version that we can try in our website ?

If it’s not the case what are the refund possibilities in case the product doesn’t answer to our needs ?

Kind regards,


Hi there,

we do not provide a Demo, but if the plugin does not work you first have to contact our support@db-dzine.com

Then, if nothing helps, we will of course accept your refund ;)

Best regards

Hi, Thank you for your answer. I will order the plugin today ;) Best Regards