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You mean the country of the current page? Inside the widget?

Yes the country of the current page (at least as selected in the cookie)

Hi there,

well this is currently not possible. You should use functionalitites from your translation plugin like WPML or Multisite Language Switcher.

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When redirecting to a link, the dialog keeps popping up.

Say I am in france. I click go to france (It redirects to a wpml version of the site). THe modal then pops up again saying go to france, stay in france.

If I click go to france, it repeats and never actually notices that it is already in france. How can I change / fix this behavior?

Hi there,

looks like a configuration error. May you double check if you have added trailing slashes at the end?

If so please send WP-Admin to support@db-dzine.com

Thanks :)

It does not matter if I add them or not, I get this non-cancellable modal (that only allows me to click go to, which refreshes back to same page. Sending wp-admin details. Also, we don’t want the default to be ‘united states’ how can we change it?

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no admin credentials received yet? May you double check this?

You can change the “United States” via Loco Translate. Just translate the United States string to “International”.

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1. How can I change the image at the widget “choose your country”? Because it shows US flag by default. I want to show a globe image then flags on to specific country drop-down.

2. How to make that country with long name should not create a second line. And how to bring countries list in line? please see: https://www.screencast.com/t/j0UC0x1oAO

3. How can I give it (select a country widget) a nice look? so that it should appear as in a field an not just blank as shown here: https://www.screencast.com/t/1xvFuwgsxP

4. Also once you choose a country it goes to that website but the flag and country selected doesn’t take over the previous. Looks like this is not working as expected. Actually I wanted something that could work like WPML if you choose Italy/Italian it shows Italy flag, ... Please answer to my questions and tell me if this is wrong purchase

Hi there,

1) The flag that displays depends on the site’s language settings. So if you have US English in your general settings then this flag appears.

You can remove the flag via this CSS:
.country_selector_dropbtn .flag-icon {
display: none;

Then you can add an img HTML tag into the widget with a custom flag of your choice.

2) Looks like a theme CSS issue, because the ul elements get a padding. Please try adding the following custom CSS:

.country_selector_countries {
padding: 0 !important;
margin: 0 0 20px 20px !important;

3) What do you mean with “appear in a field”? Can you give an example layout?

4) See 1) You need to change the site’s language to Italian Italy on your destintation site.

If you need help implementing the custom CSS or need further help, please get in touch with us: support@db-dzine.com

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The plugin has a problem with a slider on our site. When enabled with Bootstrap option ticked – the popup shows, but the product tiled carousel doesn’t work correctly If i disable bootstrap the carousel works fine, but the popup doesn’t show

Bootstrap setting ticked – no popup https://www.staging19.grrrl.com Bootstrap setting unticked – popup but carousel is broken https://www.staging9.grrrl.com/

Hi there,

on the staging 9 you have an JS error, which prevents loading our country selector:
Uncaught ReferenceError: UNCODE is not defined at ?country=debug:659

Rendering JS inside divs?

Wierd thing is it works on staging9 – but not on staging19 which doesn’t have the JS error

I have woocommerce set up in subdomains. It is NOT a Multisite installation, it is a simple installation with wildcard subdomain.

Some subdomains are for countries, for example, ar, cl, uy, br, bo, ve, ec, co, mx, py (all from South America)

For Central America and Caribbean I have a single Subdomain “latam.mydomain.com”

The question is as follows, I can with this plugin redirect as appropriate, If the country is for example, if is Uruguay > “uy”, Bolivia > “bo”, Argentina > “ar”

If it is Costa Rica, Cuba, Rep Dominica or any of the caribe redirect them to > “latam”


Okay, that should be doable. But we need to use our customization service for this. Please get in touch with support@db-dzine.com and the request details as discussed here :)

Sent, from my email registered in envato.


Thanks! We have answered – check your inbox :)

Hello. I bought and downloaded the Country Selector and I am experiencing some issues. Firstly when I activated the plugin I couldn’t find the ‘Settings’ section. I later found out that in order for the plugin to work I would also need to download and install the Redux Framework. The minute I activated the Redux Framework my theme broke. (I’m using Uncode)

Is there a way to use this plugin without Redux? Or do you know what I can do to fix this error?

I’m afraid that if I don’t find a solution around this I will have to ask for a refund. Thank you

We have not received it yet, but maybe there is just a delay.

Think it would be good if you could send FTP along also to see the PHP errros.

Please also send a URL with Screenshot before / after of the issue. Thanks :)

Issue fixed! No need of FTP. An update will be deployed here on CodeCanyon, but you do not need to install it ;)

Hi, I just purchased the Plugin. The Popup appears with a half under the header – so you cannot read it. How ca I adjust the positioning from top – I am not a css god :-) Thanks for quick assistance, Philipp

Hi there,

can you send a URL of your page where the popup is visible to support@db-dzine.com? Or can you send WP-Admin directly?


I was wondering if you could tell me if with this plugin I am able to make it only affect one page? As we only have one section of the website that we want to make dynamic based on the user’s location?

Is this possible?


Double post?


I was wondering if you could tell me if with this plugin I am able to make it only affect one page? As we only have one section of the website that we want to make dynamic based on the user’s location?

Is this possible?



Hi there,

this is not possible with our plugin. But we know there is a 3rd Party plugin that allows you to disable plugins by page. Do not know the name, but when you search you will find it.

Hi team,

How can I set up the plugin so it doesn’t show on the default URL please?

Even when I’m on the international (NZ) website the popup appears and the NZ button goes through to the page I’m already on, the US button only links to # on the same page…

Thanks team!

Cheers Clemens

Oh, and when I try the force redirect, it just redirects to the same page over and over again…

Hi there,

can you send WP-Admin credentials to support@db-dzine.com? Maybe you just have a small config issue :)

hi i wonder is the plug in support a drop down list for select country? instead of going to the country page to select the country

Hi there,

yes we have a country dropdown widget you can use.


I run a multisite where the main site is the international website. There are a couple of problems with your plugin.

When I visit my main page it shows:

Seems like you are coming from Netherlands!

Do you want to visit our international Website? Visit International

Stay at United States

First: I dont support united states, it’s my international website. Second: Visit international and stay at the united states are both the same links.

Shouldnt it be: Not show when you are on the Netherlands when you are coming from the Netherlands…

Show on the International page with the link: Visit The Netherlands / Stay at international.

If I’m wrong I have to issue a refund.

I will send credentials already to your support mail to smooth things up

Hi there,

1) Get “Loco Translate” plugin. Then change “United States” to “International” via Loco Translate in our plugin.

2) When you are coming from NL and visit INT site, then popup should get you to NL site.

When you are coming from NL and visist NL, no popup should show up.

Country not showing up. It just shows select region but when we select any region no countries show up.

Hi there,

can you send us a link to your site?



Hi I’m trying to use your “Wordpress Country Selector” plugin with WPML. So the country drop down be in the respective language. I don’t see any documentation regarding this point. I bought this plugin with the premise that “All our plugins are WPML compatible!”


you mean the country names are not translated in the dropdown? So for example Germany => “Deutschland”?