Discussion on WordPress Countdown Plugin with Layout Builder

Discussion on WordPress Countdown Plugin with Layout Builder

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I’m having issues uploading themes as it says error please upload on FTP. I dont have access to FTP.

can u open a ticket here

Hello. How are you? I need a custom count format to insert on my website. - 1- Model: I need to create 1 counting template for all customers. All models look like this: “00.0000000000” See the exact example of what I need: - 2- Speed ​​and Control I need to have control over the counting speed of all clients, have control over the counting speed of groups of clients

and have control over the counting speed of each client individually.

A- For example in all customers: Increase or decrease the total counting speed by 10%.

B- For example in customer groups: Increase or decrease the counting speed of the “Y” group of customers by 3%.

C- For example for each individual customer: Increase or decrease the speed of the client “X” by 8%.

You got it?

3- Start and End Date. I need to set the end date for the count. For example: On December 1, the count should be “10.0000000000”

4- Include or Remove numbers in the count. For example, if I need to increase a customer’s count from 00.0000500000 to 00.0001000000 I can do that. But only I, as an administrator, can have this control.

Question for the Author: I have a very specific need and I’m not sure if this can do it or not. I am needing a countdown that can start at a specific time (let’s say 9:45am) and I need it to last 20 minutes (10:05am) and when the timer hits 0, I need it to repeat another 20 minutes over and over as a recurring event. Is this possible with this plugin?

Hi, not sure from your description, so I ask:

1. Can I make an evergreen campaign with it, so when the time for a certain visitor has passed it will direct him to a new page?

2. How does the timer actually look on a page? Do I paste the shortcode and the timer apears on that place, for example in the middle of the page. Or does the timer appear on the bottom of the page, static?

3. Is it possible for timer to move with page, for example on bottom end of the screen? So as the user scrolls, the timer is visible?


We dont have these options if you want can send you plugin to play with

Hi, thanks for the answer. I would need to have an evergreen campaign, without it the plugin is of no use to me. Best


I’ve downloaded the add-on this morning, but he doesn’t work in combination of the Layers/Creative Mist template. The [uc_layout id=56 title=”Test”] code is hard on the page and not as countdown. If i try a normal page, it is working. How can i make it work in my own theme?

Please open a ticket with backend access and we will help you

Don’t know how, but the problem looks solved. If there is a new problem i will e-mail you, thanks!

here you open ticket if you need .

Is there any documentation you can send me so I can decide if this plugin will work for us or not? I see documentation on installation (, but there is nothing I can find that’s specific to this plugin itself. Specifically, I’m interested in how the countdown timers are set up and then added to the site. Shortcodes? Also, what does the editing interface look like / what customizations can be made?

yes it works with a shortcode. visually there is no customization it just a field for the date. you can select any of the designs in the demo. if you want i can send you it to test. write me a mail at

Hi, I’m very interested in this plugin in but I have two questions before I buy: 1) Will it work with Oshine theme? 2) Is there a way to set more than a one date to a countdown, so it will automatically start counting down to the next one after the first is reached? E.g. can I set 25th of June and 14th of August, and once it reaches 25th, the same countdown now starts counting down to the 14th?

if u want to check with your theme you can send me mail and i send you plugin to test

That’s a real shame. Are there any plans for the future update that will include something like this? Or at least a way for the countdown to automatically change to another one after the first hits 0?

no plans sorry


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