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Possible to see a live demo?



Hi. Yes it is. Besides the video, you can open this link http://tiagoduarte.dyndns.org but it is only open a few hours per day


Is it possible, to make this on posts?

And decide what content that should be made to and pdf?

Thanks for the fast reply. But how do i make it visible from the frontend, and what if i dont want it in the sidebar? but on the post :)

when I say front end I mean having an option in the widgets area that you can click in order to tweak print media on and off. You can simply add a new code line that enables that. I can make an update on the widget that contains that or send you a tweaked .php file for that particular feature. as for showing the button on specific areas, you can also use CSS to do that. themes typically have classes that tell you if you are in a post or not. e.g.

body .pdf_generation_button{display:none;} body.single-post .pdf_generation_button{display:block !important;}

I just did that here, http://tiagoduarte.dyndns.org/, so you can check it out

since this is a widget, you can place it directly on other areas rather than the sidebar, but that depends on the theme you are using. There are workarounds to be able to add widgets to posts directly. http://wordpress.org/support/topic/how-to-embed-a-widget-into-a-post-or-page

Hello, I just purchased your plugin but i can’t seem to use it to create .pdf’s from my wordpress website.

You clearly state in your product page where you sell your plugin that its made to convert Wordpress pages into .pdf’s, jpegs, and png’s so why can’t I do it: Below is a copy of what you say in your page:

Convert your pages easily to PDF, PNG and/or JPG using this widget plugin.

Please let me know how I can convert my pages into .pdf’s using your plugin.

Thanks Yaniv

Hi. You have to download the binaries to their folders according to your platform. This is explained in the product page.

Will this work for other content types or only posts? I need to be able to print these pages http://mrinmobiliariaqro.com/property/casa-venta-en-juriquilla

Hi. This is a regular widget. It converts the current page (where the button is clicked). So as long as you add the widget to that area it shouldn’t be a problem. Also in case you didn’t notice, this widget uses an executable command line application in the background so you should make sure your web host (if any) allows that. Please let me know if you need further assistance.

Hi, is there a none wordpress version of this that works on linux web hosting?


how about the slider pictures, what are in a page/post? Will be these images included in pdf-document?

I use easysliding (http://easingslider.com/) in my pages and ask me, if it works with your pdf-plugin.

I need it seems to be an pdf with images from slider, text, tables.

Thank you for answer. Rezo

you can add a print.css to the page and then hide the header and footer with css. the plugin has a print media option.

Great idea! Thank you so much! I’ll add print.css and will buy your plugin.

Next Question: it comes just one image from slider in pdf, right?

well, since we are taking a static snapshop of the current state of the page, you will only get one image. if you want more you can try generating again. depending on your slider transition time, you may end up with different images per generation.

I have bought your plugin because i need to generate a normal pdf from a small page, but this plugin is not working with any of my 4 tested different themes, it generate nothing for normal text pages, not for blog pages… the only it is generate on any of my themes are “Error 404 – Not Found”

Sorry, but i want my money back.. GLWS

sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with the product. kindly submit a message through my profile so we can discuss this further.

Does this plugin work on WordPress 3.8.1? :)

yes. however, please read through the plugin requirements before you purchase. “If your application is hosted, make sure your web host allows running an executable process within the web application. For more information please comment or send me a message before you buy.”

Hello After some struggle the plugin is now working fine on a share hosting. However there should be some settings within the wordpress admin : page orientation, print styles etc… Editing the plugin is not the best I way to do so I think…

thanks for the reply. I will take that under consideration for the next update.

hi i have a problem with plugin…i actived in a specific page but when must generate the pdf or the jpg it produces a Error 404 – Not Found… any ideas? thanks

you must check if your hosting provider allows running external executable binaries

Hello, Available with woocommerce?

its a widget so I assume it shouldnt be a problem


We are interested in purchasing your plugin, is it possible to remove the links from the front end so we can access them from the back?


hi. this plugin is a widget, which means that you can add it to pages. however, the code provided uses helper methods that you can call, which is exactly what the widget part does, providing the current page as a parameter. you can use these methods on your own code.

We have a client who needs a publishing system where the details below are possible. can you advise if your plugin can achieve this either out of the box or with some alterations?


Joins as a member (we will use a membership plugin for this)

Logs in and uploads 10 photos to his profile/page

Adds some text to a pre-defined area ( a heading and a short intro)

Has the ability to move the photos around (this is optional, perhaps that have to remove and re-add them?)

Views a preview of the page

Then either prints the page as a pdf or submits it (via payment gateway) for Admin to print and post

(The reason the admin-print option is so that the customer receives a premium quality print).

Admin receives a notification that an order has been placed.

Admin then logs in and prints the poster, possibly with an address label.

The customer should be able to go back to their page at any time to view or re-print their poster and they should be able to add more pages/posters as time goes on.

Many thanks

Steve Cube Lab

Hi. This plugin converts the current page to pdf, as-is. So, there is a button on the page and users can convert to pdf. You can also, as an admin, take the url that the user was using, and convert it yourself by opening it and clicking the button. everything else is custom development

Thanks – we’ll look at this in more depth

Hi there, and thanks for the great plugin. Is there away to control the layout of the PDF? Like a print css? I am looking for a solution to use as an editor for a book. So authors can come here to make changes and be able to print or export PDFs out of the same exact layout without the web UI like nav and buttons. Any thoughts?

you can include the print css attribute to the generation. send me a message through my profile page for more details. better through email

Hello, when I convert a page to a PDF I end up with a 404 error. I have connected with my host to troubleshoot, however they sent me an error message from the logs that could be contributing to the problem. Can you please let me know how to solve the issue for the following error messages:

PHP Notice: Undefined index: title in /wp-content/plugins/Page2PDF/Page2PDF.php on line 74

PHP Notice: Undefined index: HTTPS in /wp-content/plugins/Page2PDF/Page2PDF.php on line 34

My site uses Chinese characters, but when I generate a PDF all the chinese characters are missing. What can I do to have the chinese characters appear when I generate the PDF?

hi there. I was never asked this before but the best chance is to look for other people with the same problem. a quick search for “wkhtmltopdf chinese”, which is the underlying tool, displays a few interesting results such as this one, about installing the fonts in the server: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25833954/wkhtmltopdf-and-chinese-characters


My template brings Visual Composer and I need to add the possibility for users directly through the website to print some pages and some custom posts in PDF (not all).

Can you please confirm if your plugin works perfectly with Visual Composer and allow users to generate a PDF for a specif page/custom post?

Can it be added as a shortcode to specific pages/custom posts?

It’s really urgent.


it can be added on areas as a widget. shortcode is not implemented, although I could probably add it easily. your main concern if you want to give this a try is making sure your hosting company allows running executables through the web application. generation is made through the binary tool, and as a universal solution, it may require some additional tweaking to make the output of your own site look the way you want it to


cg-web Purchased

Hello, i’m looking for a plugin to convert a compiled form generated with QForm plugin to a pdf. I tryied with a lot of other plugins but no one works, the pdf generated is always empty or without impagination. Can you tell me if your plugin is compatible with QForm? or with a paga template that load data with GET method?

I suggest that you download and test with the tool wkhtmltopdf. if you have a good output, you can try my plugin.


cg-web Purchased

Oh well! it works, but i dont know why some fields are empty in pdf. I hope its just an issue of the tool and with your plugin i dont have this problem. I do some more test and if is ok ill buy your plugin for sure. Thanks so much


cg-web Purchased

Ok no problem, i can use it in my project. I’m going to buy it. Thank you