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Maybe I missed it. Is the content displayed before or after post?

Awesome idea!!!!!!!

Thanks, Just pushed version 1.0.1 with this option.

Hi, sorry for all the questions. If I have 10+ user roles can I add all 10+ shortcodes or PHP to posts so that when whichever user role logs in they see their designated content? Thanks

Yes, its designed to work like this.


I have installed your Frontend Membership Module on a couple of the websites I’ve designed for some clients.
With that plugin, you can also define different menues (Visitors only and Users Only), but I’m now looking for something similar, but based on the User Role…
To give you an example…
All people visiting the website are able to purchase tickets to events.
This is done using WooCommerce.
Visitors ordering tickets who haven’t got a membership account (Subscriber role) will also get an account created upon checkout (Customer roles).
The members (with Subscriber roles) have access to additional pages on the website.
This is done using the Users Only Menu option.
However, since users who have purchased tickets also becomes members (with the Customer role), they also have access to these pages…
Will this plugin help me to show content in the website menu based on the Role…?

Kim Frederik

Hello Kim, Sorry for the delay in reply. I am adding an option to enable user role based nav menus in my User Based Content Placeholders ~ http://goo.gl/7MGtsD plugin. I’ll push the new version as soon as its done today.

Thanks for getting back to me on this.
No need to apologize for a few days delay. I fully understand that you’re busy.
I will inform the customer and hopefully get their accept to be able to purchase it one of the following days.
By experience I know that all the plugins you make works great and whenever I get the opportunity, I recommend your plugins to various people designing websites.

Thanks, I am glad you like my work :) Keep the suggestions coming, this will help me create my products more useful.

Hi, i purchase all package plugins. i try to contact u via skype, mail and nothing…

i think u are busy, whene you can give me support ?


Hi, Sorry for my absence, I’ve been a little tied-up this week. I will respond to all support tickets today.

Hey… i need your help via skpye, i need to advance in my proyect i thin is more fast with 10 minuts to show you and you tell me what to add.

I Think I deserve attentionFor Your Part. I BUY 4 of Your Products and have not Received Support From Then

Hi I’ll be on skype within an hour and we can work together.

Is there any way to remove all the formatting when the placeholder is displayed? I don’t want the placeholder nested in the tag and the

tags… I just want the placeholder to display the raw variable text that I assign to it.

Hello, please create a ticket at http://support.cssjockey.com and share your website Url and settings screenshot so I can check and help you with the fix.

Hello – I have a special request that I need. I need to be able to change the Header Logo by Role. Are you able to help at all?

Yes this can be done.

Thanks for the reply – Are you saying it can be done with your plugin, or do we need to do something different? Thanks

this can be done with my plugin User Based Content Placeholders ~ http://goo.gl/7MGtsD We can add the code in template files where the logo is called to achieve the same. I can help you with the same.

I just installed this plugin, and it’s working well, but I can’t get the Setup Assistant to go away. Also, every time I try clicking on any links in the assistant I’m just taken to a page that says “This Webpage Not Available”. How can I disable the assistant?

Hi, Please check if there’s any upgrade available. This issue was fixed in the latest versions. If not, then please create a ticket at http://support.cssjockey.com.

I am developing a real estate site using WordPress, and I made it possible for agents to enter the property owner contact details in the back end when they create the property listing. This was achieved by creating a field group using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin (www.advancedcustomfields.com). This will make it easy for them once logged in to view the property and see the owner’s details on the page so they can easily contact them.

The challenge I have not being familiar with PHP, is how to display the values (entered into the back end property form), in the body of the currently being viewed property based on the user role and property id.

This doesn’t appear difficult, but I lack the know how. I installed another plugin (http://www.acfthemecode.com/) which gives you the code you need to enter into the template file to display the field’s contents however I also need a filter of sorts to determine what role the user has in order to determine whether the content of the field group should be made visible to them.

Can this plugin make what I am trying to achieve work?


cjrupak Author Team


I am afraid that our plugin won’t be useful to you in this case.

I would suggest you to get hold of a developer/freelancer to achieve this.


hello, the plugin still works?

and compatible with your other add ons ?

the preview page is not working

Hi, I am in process of converting this plugin into an add-on which will work with CSSJockey Add-ons framework.

I have raised a ticket with you due to the following shortcode causing error 500 [cjphs_content_placeholder id=’39065’ random=’yes’]. It seems if I have 2 variables for a placeeholder the plugin doesn’t seem to like it.

I have tried logging in today to check on ticket updates however my login didn’t work, have tried to reset password and keep getting error 404 on your site when clicking “Send Verification Link” so cant login

Any news on this please?

Hi, I’ve fixed the 404 issues on my website and also replied to your ticket and released a new version of this plugin. Please try the new version and let me know if you face any issues with the latest version.