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I hope to keep their promises.


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To avoid, I want a refund.
No need to contact the support, a lot of bugs and not working:
1. This plugin is using unsecure http, making my website becoming unsecure
2. After setup, the shortcode is blocking the page: all css and styles gone, your website will become a blank page
Maybe it works for people under an old version of WordPress and an old theme.
To finish , an blurry doc, not explaining anything to make it works after setup
I want a refund.


Author response

Dear user !

If that plugin was misfucntioning and not working as the way you are saying you should have at least generated a support ticket at: but you didn't

We really apologize that you have to face all of this but there might be many reasons behind it "that why it's not working properly at your install"... There might be any other plugin which could be conflicting with content locker plugin that's why your ssl stops working.....

It's short code doesn't block the page, it just locks that paragraph or portion where you have placed that code.

Best regards


for Bugs

When creating web forms. it doesn't save the form at all.