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cool work very nice ! :)


This plugin remove unnecessary code output and also optimize HTML output.

The plugin you mention is for optimize database.

Thank you.

Hi. Pre sale question to understand: the plugin will change the theme files and removes unnecessary codes? Best regards. Math


Wordpress Cleanup & Optimize Plugin will not change or modify any theme files. It will remove unnecessary codes from final output and optimize HTML as well.

Thank you.

Hello, I purchased your plugin and installed it. Unfortunately, just installing the plugin completely breaks my theme. Please advise.


First of all if you can access your admin then disable the plugin from there. If you could not able to access the admin then delete the plugin folder named as “codextent-wp-cleanup-optimize” using your FTP or Cpanel.

If the plugin is the cause for breaking your website the above steps will fix your website. Now to know the exact reason of your issue I need your error log file. I will check it and send you the solution as soon as possible.

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. It appears that it was a problem on my end that I was able to resolve. I apologize, but it was coincidence with timing.

There is an issue however with the “Optimize HTML Output” option. It is breaking recaptcha making my “Contact Form 7” form useless.

Its a great news that your website is now fixed.

Now for the recaptcha + Contact Form 7 conflict with the plugin – I will check this and update patch in the plugin very soon. You will get notification email when plugin is updated.

pre sale questions: can this plugin work with plugin visual compoer( Ultimate addons for VC( .Pages of my site build by this too plugin . please have a test and reply. Thankyou.

ok I will test and let you know. Thank you

thanks ,wating for your reply

hi, one more question ,could you please have a test about work with plugin – wp super cache( thank you so much

hello i buy your plugin ,it is good. but i have other optimize plugin which has some useful function that your plugin don’t have. i just want use your plugin, but i wish you can update these functions to your plugin to make your plugin more popular. the plugin down here: though it’s a chinese plugin, but i can tell you which function are useful ,i wish you can update these to your plugin

1-remove useless code in wp-head(you don’t have) 2-disable post revision(you don’t have) 3-disable Trackbacks(you don’t have) 4-disable Auto Embeds(you don’t have) 5-disable XML RPC 6-disable WP Cron(you don’t have) 7-disable REST API 8-disable Embed(you don’t have) 9-remove Admin Bar(you don’t have) 10-remove widgets in dashboard(you don’t have) 11-turn 304 not modified header for user which not login(you don’t have) 12-defer delay JS(not useful for my theme, make my theme broken) 13-make shortcode work before wpautop(you don’t have) 14-do not load language translation(not useful, we need translation) 15-remove update notification(you don’t have) 16-this one not useful 17-this one not useful

(you can click the menu there are links to show detail)

these functions which i list are very useful, and im sure when you update these to your plugin which can make a good sale.

i wish we can communicate privately by email.

Hi Lucifer,

Thank you for your excellent suggestions regarding inclusion of new features in Wordpress Cleanup & Optimize Plugin. I will certainly research about the features and include in the coming version.

Thanks again for your suggestions.

Hi you are here ?

I want to purchase your plugin Optimize. It’s possible to test before ?

I use W3 total cache. You think the combinaison is good ? Thanks you.


There is no way to test this plugin (Wordpress Cleanup & Optimize Plugin) before purchase though you can see the screenshot of the plugin.

Yes it is good combination with any cache plugin as it helps you to remove/disable many redundant/unnecessary script/code from your website like WP Emojicons, recent comment style, Remove version from scripts, Move JS scripts to footer, Disbale XMLRpc, Optimize HTML Output etc.

Thank you.

Does this plugin work in Wordpress multisite?

Hi, Yes It works on Wordpress multisite