Discussion on WordPress Live Chat (Upgrade Package)

Discussion on WordPress Live Chat (Upgrade Package)

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hi, any idea when it will be released:

I saw this a year ago !

Hello dear odesignc,

Thank you for reaching us.

Although, ETA isn’t clear yet, we will show up a preview of the next chat widget in 10-15 days on our website. So you may give it a try and see how it looks like on both desktop and mobile.

You may either revisit our website by yourself in 2-3 weeks, or subscribe to our email list to get notified when preview is ready on our website.


You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the footer of our emails.

Note that the preview will work on our website. You won’t need to install anything.

If you have other questions in the meantime, let us know.



Is this an add on for Live Chat Complete? That chat claims to be licencse for one domain. But reading info on this plugin it says “If you planning to use LiveChat more than 3 websites.”

So is the license of Live Chat Complete for 3 domains or just one?


Dear Alain,

Thank you your purchase.

You will want to unzip the zip package you have downloaded first to install the item.

Please don’t forget to use item support page for your support questions:

Best, Screets.

Sorry, but all plugins have to be zipped before upload, that is standard format for Wordpress. That is really basic knowledge….

“If you have a plugin in a .zip format, you may install it by uploading it here.”

Dear bmcinternet,

Thank you for your update.

We have been developing plugins for WordPress last 10 years and selling premium ones actively more than 5 years in this market. I believe my team has enough knowledge and experience.

If you select “All files & documentation”, you will get all files and documentation compressed in a zip package. In this case, you will want to unzip the package first and find file to upload into your WP installation.

If you select “Installable WordPress file only”, then you can upload it directly to your WP installation.

In this item, you aren’t recognized as purchased customer. Could you please use contact form to get premium support:

If you have other questions in the meantime, feel free to ask!

Best, Screets.

Hello your upgrade price does not make sense. I own complete and it is less expensive for me to buy unlimited directly than to buy the upgrade. Also what is your mobile experience like. When responding to customers most clients expect an app now rather than needing to login into wordpress – like intercom or similar.

Dear Neil,

Thank you for getting in touch with Screets.

As you aware, no mobile application for Live Chat yet. However, it is planned for the next major update for Live Chat 3 which is expected before May 2019. We will start working on it after we release version 3.0. Mobile app might be charged separately (one-time fee again).

Our customers who already have Complete license can save up to $20 if they decide to go Unlimited license instead of purchasing $75 license.

If you have other questions or concerns, let us know.

Best, Screets.

Do you have live chat for muti vendor/business ?

Dear crypto,

Thank you for taking the time contact Screets.

Could you please give us more descriptive information about multi vendor business? What features would you like to need?

Best, Screets.

I have a directory business, I like that each listing has its own live chat on their business page., When user/s are in their page and clicked that chat button, the message will go directly to that business.

Version 2.6.1

It is maintenance update for Live Chat. Enjoy!

  • NEW – Multilingual compatibility (WPML and Polylang plugins)
  • NEW – Added “custom css” box in design options directly for chat widget.
  • FIX – Fixed unexpected popup view in front-end
  • FIX – Fixed offline form sending issue faced in some WP installations

You can update it directly from your WordPress Dashboard > Updates.

Ask anything to .

Best, Screets.

hello, Could you show multiple agents on the chat box, at the same time, for users to select which agent to chat with?

Hello jfezeu,

Thank you for your inquiry!

Could you please give us more descriptive information about multiple operators? Why do your customers might need to choose operator, but departments?

So we can provide a solution about it once we understand the exact need.

Waiting for your reply.

Best, Screets.

Live Chat 3 Preview

Coming on 27th September.

We are close for the new major version of Screets Live Chat :) It comes with new core and user experience.

First preview is ready. Check it out there:

Please ask if you have anything in your mind :)


Get email when Lone Wolf is available:

I adore and love your product… works perfectly… however, we have multiple stores and would love one chat console to manage all the websites and incoming traffic, is that possible?

...its for different sites on different servers, being in every chat console is almost impossible so we want a central console allowing a customer services agent to manage all incoming chats :)


Thank you for contacting Screets.

Currently there’s no feature that allows you to have one chat console for all of the domains. You will have to make chat console per each domain. :)

Hope this helps, if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask us!


Does this support multisite? eg. I want visitors to be able to chat across any of the websites in our network. Also, will the chat remain the same/open if they move to a different site in multisite network?


Thank you for contacting Screets.

Unfortunately we don’t have that feature. You will need to install the plugin on every subdomain. :)

Hope this helps, if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask us!


hi there, i cant get my chat going it says connecting but it never loads


Thank you for contacting Screets :)

It seems like you couldn’t setup Firebase properly, or there is Javascript error in your browser console.

First of all, you will want to:
  • Check if you have entered correct App URL (it should be like “yourappname”, NOT like “https://youappname” )
  • Check if App Token is correct
  • Check your Login Form fields options in chat settings! You shouldn’t hide all all fields, make optional at least “Name” field
Check video tutorial to setup Firebase:

Still you have issue, check your browser console when you see “Connecting” message (CMD/CTRL+SHIFT+C) and send your website URL. Then we can check it for you.

If you have other questions in the meantime, please feel free to ask!


Hi we have upgraded to this verison but have notived it doesnt look the same as your video the Geo-location of visitors seems to be missing (the flag by username)

Hello Deano,

GeoIP location has been removed and will be added as add-on in next major update Lone Wolf (

If you’d like to use GeoIP location, please send email to and request old version with GeoIP support. After that, we will send you how to downgrade the version.

If you have other questions in the meantime, feel free to ask.

Regards, Screets.

Hello Team, I currently have version 2.2.6, i downloaded the file for 2.2.8 but i am unable to upgrade. please help


Thank you for contacting us!

Did you follow these steps:
  • Deactivate and then remove the plugin (old version) from your WordPress admin panel
  • Upload the new package

If not, please try and let us know! :)


Hi there,

Mine’s Chat X is an upgrade from Live Chat. The latest version is 2.2.8 and mine’s 2.2.7 and I can’t seem to update to 2.2.8 as it detects 2.2.7 as the latest version. What should I do? The API key is already all keyed in.

Please advise.

Hi there! I have still yet to receive the version 2.2.8 and my current version cannot be updated. API has been provided in my email.


Thank you for your update.

2.2.8 is approved from Envato. You will want to download the latest version from your .

If you have other questions, feel free to ask.

Regards, Screets.

Hi there, I am unable to download it the update directly from your end. It shows 2.2.7 as the most updated. How do I download v2.2.8 as mine is an upgrade from Live Chat and I do not have the permission to download directly from your Chat X download page.

Can you send me the latest version in zip? I have already sent in an email with my API but there is no reply since 10 March. Just reforwarded my email.

Hi I love your product. I recognize some of the customer like me operating small business which mobile time dominate our life. if you can create an add-on product allows us to access through mobile phone, it will be great

Thanks. I apologize if it is a bad question


Thank you for contacting Screets.

We are working on Android App and we are hoping to release it as soon as possible! :)

Stay tuned. :)

Oh, nice to know, I’ll put this product on my favorite list. :)

Hi there,

I have a presale question.

I would like the visitor to be able to see the chat feature and use it without having to register or whatsoever.

They can just enter their full name and email when the chat support pop up and then the operator would see the visitors name and email. I don’t want them to register or anything like that.

I would like them to use the feature immediately and as smoothly as possible.

Does your chat plugin support my questions and is it easy to configure?

Please answer here and I will make my decision on the purchase based on the answers.



Thank you for contacting Screets!

Yes, you can decide what fields visitors need to fulfill when they want to start the chat with operators. It’s up to you to put E-mail, Name, Issue or any other field you need that suits your needs. :)

Yes we support questions and we will be here for you if you need any help with setting up the plugin. The only ‘harder’ thing to configure is Firebase but if you follow documentation it will be easy.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask us!

Thanks, Haris

Hi. I love LiveChat. If I buy this upgrade to ChatX, can I continue to use LiveChat as well? Thanks!


Edit: Sorry for mixing. Deleted wrong answer. Here is the right answer for your question:

You don’t need to purchase this upgrade package for now as Haris mentioned in previous comment. Both plugins have currently the same core. It will make difference when we released the new major update Live Chat 3 and as you guess Chat X 3.

You have already Live Chat (unlimited license), so you can use it for unlimited domains. However, you will get support only for 1 domain (not whole websites you install it).

If you have upgrade, you will have 1 site license for Chat X.

Hope this helps. If you have further questions or concerns, feel free to ask.

Regards, Screets.

Hi. Perhaps the reply to which I’m replying was meant for someone else because I don’t know what you’re referring to. ;)

The answer above is updated :) Sorry for mixing.

Not working. I installed on my wordpress website, placed the purchase code and is giving me an error and crashing the dashboard. Any ideas?

Hello Fernando,

Could you please send the error to with your Screets API key? So we can help you over email.

Regards, Screets.

Hi there,

I just discovered that this plugin conflicts with theme which uses a colour/gradient palette for their section heading, text colour and background colour. After I activated your plugin, I cannot edit the three aforementioned parts in my home parallax sections. All revert back to normal after I deactivated your plugin.

Can you please assist to look into this matter? I have been using that theme for 1.5 years with no issue until now. I have dropped you an email on this. I have already purchased your plugin but it’s through Live Chat with the upgrade package.


Hello, could you please contact with with your Screets API key.

Regards, Screets

I have provided you with the admin access details for my site. You can find the API and the corresponding website I’ve registered for all there. (:

My theme author advised that it is most likely a js query conflict and the plugin author has to review that. Please help!! Thanks!

hello, can you upload the update for this upgrade as I see in WordPress Chat X plugin: already been upgraded to newest version which is last update was 29 March 16, but in here still 28 January 16. In my plugin dashboard it tell me to update the plugin already. Are you will still support this page download or we have to buy new at Please let us know. Thanks

I replied your email already with the URL as requested.

Hey Marie, we have sent your Screets API key. Could you please try to update plugin again after entering the api key in general chat options?

Thanks, Fatih

All good now. Thanks a lot! I successfully update the plugin! GREAT and SUPER FAST SUPPORT! 5 STARS for you guys!

Hello, when I try to get my API key I get this message: but as you can see, I did purphase the plugin.

Nvm I works!


Glad you got it working! If anything else comes up, feel free to ask. We’ll be happy to assist you.

Regards, Screets


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