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Hello, can I set up chat action (like pre-save massages) with different triggering? For example: on price page, I will do prepopulated message after 15 seconds on the page “Hello, do you have any price related questions <<opareter name>> can assist you.

Dear zov911,

Thank you for contacting Screets.

Both features pre-saved messages and auto-initiate chat are in our roadmap.

Why don’t you join our email list on our page, so we can notify you when its available?

If you have further questions, let us know.

Best, Screets.

Hello, I believe this may be a bug. When closing a chat and choosing to send transcript to the customer, it doesn’t send the transcript to the customer e-mail address, rather it sends it to my wordpress admin e-mail address only.

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Hi, I’ve setup everything, including Firebase

But then I see a message inside a plugin

New update is available.

⚠ Login to your Firebase account to complete installation.

What is wrong? What update? And what installation?

Dear PictureIdeas,

Thank you for contacting Screets.

It seems like you’re missing very small thing. Please create new Firebase project and give us permission by following the steps below:

How to give permission?

  • Go to your Firebase project:
  • Click “cog” icon (project settings)
  • Click “Users and permissions”
  • Find and click “Add” button on the next IAM title
  • Add our email:
  • Select a Role > Project > Owner
  • And click “Add”

You can revoke access once we have done with setup Firebase.

Once you gave permission, please send an email to with your Screets API key, so we can let you know through email.

Best, Screets.

I was wondering if it is possible to have more than one backend user? Want to have multiple employees able to answer the chat.

Dear michaelscorcia,

Thank you for taking the time contacting Screets.

More one operator can login and talk with visitors. However, only 100 users can talk with each other at the same time. It means if you have 10 operators and all of them are chat console, then 90 visitors can be logged in chat and talk to you.

Another example is that if 3 operators are currently online, then 97 visitors can join the chat at the same time and text to you.

If you have further questions or concerns, let us know.

Best, Screets.

i want to purchase your plugin but want to ask few questions (1) can i embed the chat in a page instead of website, because i want to restrict it to members who login and can have access to the page (2) i checked your demo and did not see the audio chat, please how does it work.

i look forward to hearing from you soon

Dear circle,

Thank you for your inquiry!

  • There is no embedding feature. However, we can add a feature to show up specific type of users (i.e. logged in users) in the next update. So the chat box will appear only for them
  • There is no audio chat. You can only text to your visitors and vice verse.

If you have other questions, feel free to ask.

Best, Screets.

Hey screets, is there a way to remove the “no internet connection” message that appears over the floating button when you are not connected? I’ve tried to inspect it so I could apply a simple display:none, but I couldn’t even target it.

I want to remove it because it’s just a plain text message that floats over the website for a short period of time and it doesn’t look good on mobile phones.

Thanks in advance!

Dear Nishi,

Sorry for the delay. We had been busy with the new updates.

Sending email issue was happening in some of our customers and fixed in this update 2.6.

Do you see new update in your Dashboard > Updates?

Best, Screets.

Hey there, screets!

Don`t worry. Good to hear you guys are working on updates.

No, I don’t see the update there, and the plugin it’s already activated. My version is 2.5.2.

Well, I’m downloading it again and I’m going to overwrite the files over FTP.

Well, didn’t work out. The downloaded version was the same I was using (v2.5.2). How can I get the v2.6.0? Thanks in advance.

Hi, I am interested in the plugin. Is it Multilingual? WPML says yes, Version 2.2.8 – for real?