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I bought this plug in awhile back but recently started using it. I am having issues accessing the chat console. The plug in says that the email address is already in use on another account. Why is it giving me this error? I am not logged in or using this somewhere else.

Hello Carlos,

Thank you for contacting Screets.

It seems like you are trying to connect chat console with the same account from different computers. To prevent this issue, you will want to:
  • Login your Firebase console
  • Open Firebase project
  • Go to Authentication > Sign-in method page
  • Find “One account per email address” and click Change button
  • Select “Allow creation of multiple accounts with the same email address”
  • Click “Save” button

We are working on new version 3.0 and authentication is rewritten from scratch with more secure and stable way :) Learn more about new version here:

If you have other questions about the same topic, feel free to ask here.


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What news do you have? Previously in version 3.0 there is an option to place the mail and receive news about it.

At least let’s say some progress, give us more clues, until the day of its launch.


ljepa_brena Author Team


Thank you for your update.

We are currently testing and it’s going good – we will publish some screenshots soon. So go to: and you will find more information there. Also subscribe because we will send updates about the 3.0 version there!

Hope this helps!



morganthx Purchased

Here’s an example scenario:

A user comes to the website > clicks on the chat box > it asks to login if the user is not logged in already > the user starts chatting with an operator > the operator recommends links and other stuff to the user form the website > the operator is confused about something so he/she transfers the chat to another operator > the chat continues > one the chat has been done the user/operator ends chat.


1) Does it automatically logs in user if they are logged into the website with some third party plugin such as woocommerce.

2) Can an operator transfer chat to another operator?

3) Is there an option to recommend stuff to the user?

4) Finally, being a user i would want to view my previous chats on the front end rather than going to the email and fishing it out, is that possible?


Thank you for contacting Screets.

Sorry for a delay.

Currently, we don’t have any of them but we added the ideas to developer notes and we are already working on some of them.

Hope this helps, if you have questions, feel free to ask us!



1) Is it possible to disable the chat on some pages?
2) Is it possible to host the chat on own server?


ljepa_brena Author Team


Thank you for contacting Screets.

Yes, you can disable chat button on some pages – you can choose on which pages you want chat button to appear.

No, it’s not possible. We use Firebase for that.

Hope this helps, if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask us!


2.7 ? what does this mean?

Is not it supposed to be 3.0?

I’ve been waiting for months for you to say the date first, then you announced that it would be 25.


ljepa_brena Author Team


Lone Wolf is currently in BETA phase and we want to be sure that everything is functional before releasing. We are also working on some of the feature ideas you gave us during the last couple of weeks and we want to implement them as well. Because of that we will have to move the date of the Lone Wolf update.

To get a good chat plugin we need your patience.

Screets Team.

Hello there. I’ve downloaded the latest version which is 2.2.6 but I get an update notification of 2.2.7? how can I get it?

Also, Once I activate the plugin, it shows 500 internal error on site and site becomes down

Hello ghorbany,

Thank you for contacting Screets. Could you please create temporary admin user with and send to the same email? We will install the latest version into your website for you.

If you have other questions, feel free to ask here :)

Regards, Screets.

Latest update 2.2.7 makes my images (png) disappear!

Hey guys, I just realized that when I have Chat X activated, my png images do not appear on my website. If I switch Chat X off, the images are back. I use the Uncode theme.

Would be great if you can fix this soon. Thanks and cheers Florian

Looks fine now, thanks! So the other non-SSL protected images caused that error? Strange.. But thanks a lot!!

I have rated your support 5 stars! :) Good night…

Hello Florian, glad that you solved and thank you for your awesome review :)

One of the active plugins seems like using SSL fix that conflicts the one Chat X uses. So we disabled our function to make it compatible with your website.

If anything else comes up, feel free to ask. We’ll be happy to assist you.

Regards, Screets.