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I just bought the plugin but it doesn’t seem to work. I created my slideshow, I added the shortcode [carousel id=”1”] in my page but when I want to see it, nothing happens.

If I open the chrome console I have an error : Failed to load resource: net::ERR_INCOMPLETE_CHUNKED_ENCODING

Same problem in Safari, Firefox…

Thanks a lot !

sorry for the delay, I had some personal issues and couldn’t support codecanyon items but now I’m back. Can you please post your issue on the support forum

update up

I would like to make one carousel with the read more, but others without read more and without a link. I see it used that way in the demo, but after I purchased it, I don’t see a way to turn off the read more link.

I figured out how to disable the link with css (display:none). WARNING TO OTHERS, this plugin is not being supported. If you have questions and problems you are out of luck.

Sorry for the delay, I had some personal issues and couldn’t support codecanyon items.

About your issue, the css hack isn’t the best way to do it, checkout the latest update, now when you want to hide read more/title/caption just leave the field blank.

Sorry for the long absence. For any issues regarding the last update please use the support system

Hi can this do a archive carousel of years and months with post counts?

so you don’t want posts in the carousel, you want something like a filter for archive posts ?

Yes not the carousel post itself just the filter

Write to and let’s discuss further by mail. Cheers!