Wordpress carousel gallery

Wordpress carousel gallery

Plugin description :

With this plugin , you can display a customizable Flash Gallery , on your Wordpress website .

You can set different options :

  • a gallery identifier
  • the plugin width
  • the plugin height
  • a magnifying glass
  • the thumbnail images width
  • the thumbnail border color
  • the carousel radius
  • the carousel horizontal position
  • the carousel vertical position

You can use a « browse » button to select images and upload them on your server , knowing that the weight of large images is automatically reduced .

You can also remove images from your gallery :

  1. either , in one go
  2. or , on a case by case basis

Screencast tutorial and documentation :

A screencast tutorial of this Wordpress carousel gallery plugin is available at the following address :

A documentation of this Wordpress carousel gallery plugin is available in the plugin package and also online , at the following address :

Technical constrainsts :

  • Galleries ID must be integer values that are successive .
  • Recommended Max image size to upload : 150 Ko .
  • The maximum number of authorized uploads per gallery is 10 to avoid images overlapping , because of their elliptical orbit .
  • The authorized images extensions are either png or jpg or jpeg .
  • The full size images that are uploaded correspond only to given plugin width and plugin height .

    Therefore, to be sure that the final result meets your expectations, be sure to fill in the «  plugin width » and « plugin height » fields before you upload your images .

    If you realize too late that you are not using the correct values of plugin width and plugin height, do not hesitate to use the procedure available in the plugin documentation , which allows you to remove images from your gallery , then correct the values of plugin width and plugin height and reimport your images .

System requirements :

  • Wordpress 3.0.1 content management system ( CMS )
  • PHP 5.2.5 or Higher is needed to create the XML file which contains the parameters to be passed to the Flash movieclip .
  • Users must have a Flash player installed, which is able to read swf ( version 8 ) files .