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If you hadn’t noticed…he only answers the easy questions…

Question for Envato. Would this plugin honestly still be available for sale with this lack of support for product which does NOT work ‘out of the box’ if the author wasn’t a member of staff????

How do I add the images to make them in the gallery I can only get one to work.

Also I cannot get updated version.

Any support still happening? Hm, this does not look like it should? Or?

I have got a few more questions and some suggestions, that could be made. I would pay for it. pls. get in touch with me.


Demo site doesn’t work?!

Demo is back!

There is no password on folder…what is the password Video.

Password is included in the documentation.

I was going to purchase the plugin, looks like a good rating then I read the comments and also tried to view the demo. Nothing…. sad as this is such a good solution but does not seem to be working.

Hey, just wanted to let you know that the demo doesn’t work anymore

Demo is back!

Plugin has been updated to work with the latest version of WordPress. Let me know if you run into any problems.

Demo would be nice? Does it include a search function with options such as mileage, age range, fuel type etc.?

I’ve added the demo again. :)

Car Inventory ( Search filter is active ) Sorry, no cars could be found!

what’s the problem???

This means that no cars can be found with the current filter parameters.

Philo01, long time without bothering you. Thanks again for this great plugin, it is really one of the best if we talck about cars management.

Well … i got a simple question for you. I know the cars can be created in backend with the admin, but…

Is there a way an user (registered user/publisher) create and upload a car in some kind of frontend form?

Thanks again for the plugin, hoping a quick anser.

Hi Masterbip, It is possible to create something like this, but there is no out of the box solution.

Just another one: How can I set some kind of “featured”, not a category or so, a native option to show those cars on FrontPage? Thanks in advance!

You could add a brand called “featured” and query those on the frontpage.


i need connect in a page your plugin. I need that in one page i can see all cars? How can i do? So i need translate all fields in italian language. Where i can do this?

Thank you

Where i can find file php for translate? Please you can connect to my panel for see my problem please? Thank you

Try to open this link please… layout is wrong only for your plugin? i can change this permalink?

philo i need present my site in next week ans i need resolve my problem. Please you can help me otherwise i need search another plugin.

I’m wait thank you


is it possible to include your plugin in a page?


I managed it myself, but now it doesnt work properly. It cant find any cars wenn i apply filters.

Please help

Hello . Pre sales question, please. Has anyone used this plugin with the theme Striking Multiflex, (Theme forest) I know some themes/ plugins don’t play well together, so just asking beforehand…


No response?

Sorry to say, this plugin is not working correctly. The search filter does not appear to work at all. When searching for one string eg; manufacturer, it does not return any results, even when the make is in the inventory. Plus, you have to clear all the search parameters back to ‘any’ before it re-lists all the cars in the inventory again. It clearly needs to have a ‘RESET’ button to be user friendly.

In addition, when using the galeria images display for cars, the thumbs do not show initially, they appear some time after clicking through the main images.

I’m using this plugin by itself with the theme AVADA, a very popular theme here on TF.

Really hope you can provide some ways to rectify these issues.


No Response?

Last reply from author 4 month ago

No support indicated. Envato staff, your comment?

Hi there,

Sorry for the delay, I don’t check for comments that often. Next time please sent an e-mail.

I currently don’t have time to add new features. The search filter is build this way, but it shouldn’t be to difficult to add a reset button.

As for the gallery, this issue seems to be caused by the Avada theme. If you take a look at the demo you will see that the gallery does work properly.

This plug in does not support any WP theme as far as I can see, it has no options for page layout… do not waste your time and money on this plugin!!

The plugin needs to be integrated in the theme. This way you can completely customize it to your needs. Please check the documentation for more information.

Unable to open the zip file?I download a 396.77kb file but can’t zip it

Not running a Car Dearlership so I am only interested in this plugin if it acts just an other Feature on my Blog.