Discussion on Automatic Cache Warmer - Speed Up your WordPress

Discussion on Automatic Cache Warmer - Speed Up your WordPress

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pastidea Purchased

Hello. The purchased license key does not work. Could you solve this please?

Hi! I bought a second license and can’t be enabled, as happen to the previous comment to @pulan26

Hi, I have just bought this plugin but I am not able to active it, I added the Item Purchase Code and clicked on activate button but there is not response. It is doing nothing basically.

Can you please help me ?

hello, please check now there was an issue with the activation server

Hi there,

How do you install this plugin please? The zip file was rejected by Wordpress upload plugin with 403 forbidden error.

Many thanks


hello the 403 forbidden is server side on your part, the plugin does not control that


3d0zer Purchased

Hello, first I like to say… fantastic plugin, thanks a lot for it. I would love to make a hint for extra ease of functionality. Wordpress with elementor here…. and if I make an update to a page, the cache has to be flushed. Now I go to the plugin and do manual post and page warm. It would be very handy if you would add a few buttons on the adminbar in the backend of Wordpress. So it is very easy with just clicking 1 or two buttons to let the whole site be warmed up again.

Hi I need document Please

Hi how to use

I am interested in buying this plugin, but I am wondering if it warms the pages up for different compression algorithms such as Gzip & Brotli?

Hello, the warmer opens the website as a normal user did via CURL requests, I am not certain how Broli is cached, gzip should work correctly as depends on how your cache plugin saves it and afterwards its served by the webserver.

Truth be told I am not sure how much difference it makes, but the curl request might look something like this:

curl -s -I -L -H ‘Accept-Encoding: gzip,deflate,br’ https://domain-name

With the “br” for Brotli compression.

Will this component warm up a Cloudflare proxy?

I think it should, but will there be a shortcircuit routing if the request originates from the same server that serves the website?


meijin Purchased

Hello! Do you use the ActionScheduler library? I am just curious because after setting everything up, I now have over 6,000 tables that all begin with bgafwy_mlz and most seem to be related to ActionScheduler. And they are all about 12.5mb in size. I think I may have set the cron job up incorrectly as my host has you fill out a form and I have never done that before. To be clear, I am NOT “blaming” you. I am just trying to figure out where all of this came from is all. Thank for your time.

Hello, we are not using the action scheduler library and the plugin only creates a few tables, there is no way our plugin created the 6k tables


3d0zer Purchased

I would love that this plugin would also crawl all the ajax search filter options and combinations so that the filter will work with warmed cache too. I use “Search and Filter Pro” plugin as filter. But it works the same like many filters I guess.

Hello, your request is a custom one, he cannot build custom integration with all custom plugins. If possible, please do not give our review 4 stars because it does not do things that it is not built for. give a review how the current functionalities work as lowering our plugin grade will negatively impact us


3d0zer Purchased

I dont think this is custom for every filter plugin. Search filters have options and those options are available for crawling. This is how big ecommerce shops do it too. Google also crawls them for example. I looked into how you described the plugin, and that is a crawler and warming the cache. As filter options are part of the cache I think that would be a very good added functionality. 4 stars are great imho as review with one star for possible improvement / added functionality. You can’t expect all to give 5 stars right? Furthermore I cannot change reviews afterwards either too. Good luck with the development. BTW you can advice @webreturn01 (comment below here) to use this site: Here he can exactly configure cron and put the times in for the nightly cache build up.

Dear developers of Automatic Cache Warmer,

We want to build the cache for pages within a certain time period: overnight. However, this is not possible with cronjobs, since we can only set an interval or a specific time to run it once.

So, would you be willing to add an option to build the cache for pages within a certain time period? The PHP-files that are run by the cronjobs would use that option and warm the cache only within that time period.

It would be handy if the timezone that is chosen in the WordPress settings is taken into account, as our clients are mostly in the Amsterdam timezone. If that works, then we can set the time period to be 00:00 to 02:00.

Kind regards, Thijs Terluin

We have a lot of websites, so we would purchase many licenses if your plugin meets our requirements. Are you willing to develop this? Is there a possibility to contact you in private by email? As long as the TTL of the cache is long enough, the cron job does not have to run 24/7 every minute, so warming the pages overnight would not put extra load on the server during the day, only during the night.

Hi, why you don’t give any response on our questions?

Hello, we did respond it was not the way the plugin was developed to run as you are requesting, we will add this request in the possible Development list and we may develop it in the future if more users request it

Dear developers of Automatic Cache Warmer,

We have purchased your plugin and tested it today.

It works great, but there is one important function that needs to be fixed for websites that use the LiteSpeed Cache plugin.

LiteSpeed Cache does not recognize the mobile user agent that you use in file ’/includes/class-advanced-cache-warmer-functions.php’ at line 91.

This is the user agent that you use to build up the mobile cache for pages:

Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10_6_7; da-dk) AppleWebKit/533.21.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.5 Safari/533.21.1

However, these are the keywords that LiteSpeed Cache uses to recognize mobile devices by their user agent:

- Mobile - Android - Silk/ - Kindle - BlackBerry - Opera Mini - Opera Mobi

As you can see, keyword ‘Mobile’ is also included in this list. I have manually changed the user agent in the file, so it includes that keyword (which works):

Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 13_2_3 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/13.0.3 Mobile/15E148 Safari/604.1 Edg/

I actually tried adding the full user agent used by your plugin to the list of LiteSpeed Cache’s keywords, but that didn’t work.

Would you be willing to change the user agent to make sure it includes the ‘Mobile’ keyword, or add an option to overwrite the default user agent used by your plugin?

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards, Thijs Terluin

Hi, why you don’t give any response on our questions?

Hello, we never recieved a report about this, we will take a look at this issue

Oke thank you. Hope to hear from you! : )


ThomDJ Purchased

Hello, I e-mailed you a week ago. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard back from you. It may have slipped your mind.

hello, we have no answered emails, please check spam folder or mail us again.


ThomDJ Purchased

I don’t have any reply in my spam folder or in quarantine. I’ll send the email again.

EDIT: Just sent it. Did you receive it?


meijin Purchased

As a bit of a Wordpress newbie, I want to make sure I understand the full functionality of this plugin before purchasing. I am using WP-Rocket on the site in conjunction with their RocketCDN and the free version of CloudFlare. As I understand this plugin, I should still see a benefit in using this plugin, correct? Thanks very much for the help.

Hello, the plugin is used as an addon to wp rocket, it uses cron jobs to keep the cache warm so that when users/google bot crawls your site it will be already warmed and fast.

Hi! I see that the plugin wasn’t update from more than a year. Still working fine with last wordpress/woocommerce versions? thanks!

sure, thank you so much, I’ll do.

I solved by myself, is not related with the plugin, was an issue with the server. The plugin works as expected, thanks.

great! thank you


Perce2 Purchased

Does this work on a Litespeed server?

How exactly are you testing? The only thing that needs to be done is make sure you add an exception in your cache plugin to NOT cache cron job pages


Perce2 Purchased

We’ve done a manual run on selected pages, but the cache timestamp on the bottom of the page only updates when we open the page.

please email our support email so we can test

hello, is your plugin suitable for woocommerce?

Hello, yes it is.

cant activate license, cors origin denied from url

now its work, just disable plugin anti malware

I am very happy to hear that the issue is now solved; unfortunately we have no control over browser extensions;


do your plugin can simulate a login user to warm up the cache for login user?

Hello, it does not warm the cache for logged in users.

Hello, I just bought your plugin, and I configured it according to the documentation, but the cache is not heated, either manually or automatically. Website pages still need the first access for the cache to warm up. Tests were done on both wprocket and litespeed, cronjob was also configured in cpanel and it is running correctly.

I’m still waiting for a response from support.


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