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Hi, Before you buy there are some questions: 1 – I can stranice Victorine show advertising banner google or other? I just haven’t found in the admin a place to put(( 2 – This plugin integrates with any WordPress blog? 3 – When the user leaves the mail, I’ll be able to have access to the entire list of mail addresses? 4 – is there any documentation for setup? Thank you

1# – you can find ads options here http://buzzfeed.voodoopress.net/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=quiz&page=wnq_config top and bottom ads codes

2# No special requirements for blog type

3# http://buzzfeed.voodoopress.net/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=quiz&page=wnq_emails here

4# No, as thought its pretty simple to use

Thanks for the reply! Last question: Tell me how I can configure that the user has specified me a mail to answer? Thank you

in settings set Result Access Option to Ask Email


I’ve just downloaded the plugin (and love it!) for my site here: http://writeoncon.org/

However, after downloading it I noticed immediately that the Twitter and Facebook icons on pages (like this when you scroll over the pictures: http://writeoncon.org/about/our-team/) are warped now. Do you know how to fix this?

thank you!

hi. write me pm, ill send you edited version

Hi, I’m looking for a quiz plugin that can produce multi-answer results so I can use it as a product recommender in my site.

Would like to ask if this plugin can do that. EG. https://www.hunterdouglas.com/product-recommender/question/shape

I think, it would NOT fit your needs


squeebo Purchased

Is there a way this can be modified to add more weighting options like Wordpress Viral Quiz does? I see only 0, 1, and 2. I want some questions to heavily influence the results more so than any other questions, such as -10 and +10 instead of just 1 or 2.

Sorry, but no.


squeebo Purchased

In that case I’m going to have to buy Wordpress Viral Quiz to do this. I’m disappointed that this plugin isn’t as good as it first appeared before I bought it.

Hey there. Two questions: 1) Is there any way to clear out email submissions? 2) We would like to link the email signup to Mailchimp. Any way to do this?

Hi. No easy way for this. It require recoding of plugin

Hi, I’m quite satisfied with this plugin, but since GDPR is coming in May, I’m not sure if I can use it further. Could you please explain if the plugin processes any customer data? If yes, are you issuing an data/order processing contract?

HI. Hard to say, we just offer clients to enter emails, nothing more.