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Is is possible to have a results option for a tie or very close answers? for example I am building a quiz with 30 questions and want to have three possible results; A, B, and C. But if someone has 13 A’s and 13 B’s have a unique tie result AB?

Not sure I got your idea, but you can set corresponden number of points to each result. So if they are like each other – just give them 2

Hello, I wanted to ask a question before buying the plugin. I have been using another plugin for long but I’m looking for something like yours. The only thing is that in yours, unlike the one that I use, there is no management of user names and email addresses. The plugin I’m using, once the user completes the quiz, before giving the solution is asked to access through facebook. Once accessed, the plugin saves name and email address in the database and gives the solution to the end user with buttons to share. The administrator, from the control panel, can also do the extraction of the list of users saved. With your plugin is this possible? Can I get this change?

Thank you

Sorry, my plugin doesnt support this feature


I installed the plugin. It works, but pictures do not appear.

1: http://prntscr.com/9swgcg

2: http://prntscr.com/9swgox

picture link, throwing 2 plans.

I would appreciate if you can help, thank you.

I still didn’t get the answer why? :(

Sorry, missed your message. As I see from your screenshot – some script replace original image. It can be uunctionality if theme or some plugin related to images. Try to turn on-off plugins to find which one cause error

We require this plug-in for checking Body Type according to ayurveda.

The main work is calculation way. However, calculation is very simple, but I am not finding this type of plug in.

People will answer and it automatically show results based on their answers.

For example, we build a form with 100 questions and each have 3 options from which person can select one option only.

All Option A is for VATA All Option B is for PITTA All Option C is for KAPHA

Person has selected Option A for 70 questions, Option B for 20 questions, and Option C for 10 questions.

Plugin redirect result page show percentage like this:

You have VATA dominant Body Type having following results:

1. VATA = 70% 2. PITTA = 20% 3. KAPHA = 10%

Can your plugin do this? I will buy after your answer.

When function do we need you can see sample link and functions.

http://lifespa.com/ayurvedic-health-quizzes/body-type-quiz/body-type-quiz-form/ http://www.prokerala.com/health/ayurveda/prakriti-analysis/

Sorry< probably no

Hi, i found you quiz very useful to me, but I have a request, because my results are 3 or four and depends on the number of answers, how much does it cost if you modify you quiz?

For example, it´s an alcohol test, and the answer are yes or not, if the user answer 6 “yes” i give him a certain result or advice, and if the user answer 4 “yes” i give him another result, and so on.

Why cant you configure it with current plugin points system? Or you mean it should be like discret number of yes, not top number?

Hi. I’m happy with this plugin, but it seems not compatible with wpml.org translation plugin. So, in different language, the facebook id app should be different I think, otherwise the share of result not work. Any tips or idea how can we let it works for multilanguage? Thanks

Hi. Tnx. I didnt tested it with multilangual WP. So issue you need to have different messages for sharing?

Hi, the main issue Is that cannot share result if I’m on the 2nd domain (.net instead of .it), it says: Unable to load the URL : The domain of this URL is not included in the app domain. In order to load this URL , add all domains and subdomains of your app to the field in the App Domains

Solved, please del

Hi there!

I just bought the Wordpress BuzzFeed Style Knowledge Test Plugin. But the one I really wanted was the Wordpress BuzzFeed Style Quiz Plugin. I got confused on the test plataform. Is there any way to exchange muy purchase?

You can ask support if they can do it. If no luck – send me PM

pre-sale questions: 1 does your plugin work with last WP version ? 2- does it eat server resources ? 3- does it suport RTL ?

1. Yes 2 No 3 – I dont know, It was designed to ltr

Привет! Слушай, а можно добавить другие социальные сети для share? Например ВК или Одноклассники

На данный момент не планируется

Hi, does it support RTL languages such as Arabic please? also Can you add more questions under the video type questions?


Hi. It wasnt tested with RTL. All other things you can try on demo account

thanks, can test it please, do you offer demo?

Test account You can login to http://buzzfeed.voodoopress.net/wp-admin with test_user/test_user login/password to test plugin online

Hi, nice plugin! I’ve a question for you. Is there a way to export quizzes from my wordpress and import into another wordpress site? Thank you

As plugin use all default structures – I think you can use Import/Export functionality of wordpress. But to say true – I didnt tested it.

Hi is it possible to add aweber for email marketing? So for example users have to insert their mail address to see the results?

Hi. Plugin dont have any result share protection so for now integration of systems not availiable

Too bad then I have to look somewhere else


pjordan Purchased


I’ve bought your plugin and I decided to start testing it after sometime. I have an issue which it’s not showing the featured image on the quizz post. The problem is that my theme does not show featured image as default. To show the featured image I just need to select an option in the post to show it. It’s simple. I have that field in the edit mode of the post, but it’s not showing up on the quizz edit mode.

My question is: how can I get that field available on the quizz edit mode? I really need to show the featured image on the quizz.

My purchase code is: 9fe333d7-7960-4ada-bb1a-e909fef4c663


Peter Jordan

Hi, I recently purchased the Wordpress BuzzFeed Style Quiz Plugin and my developers just told me that the plug-in was broken and I should contact you for a refund.

I’m not sure either since I wasn’t the one installing it but a refund would be great since they’ve already found a replacement plug-in they like. Thank you so much!

What information do you need to get the refund processed?

I dont do refounds, you need to contact codecanyon to get it as they responsible for this. ( https://codecanyon.net/page/customer_refund_policy )

Hi, I just installed the plugin and created the first questions with answears (without pictures, only text). I have 7 options for each question and there’s the problem: They are all shown in columns next to each other and not in rows below each other. Of course, the page space is too narrow for all to be shown. So how can I change the setting so that all answears will be shown below to each other, in rows? I coulnd’t find that anywhere.

Would be cool if you could help me!

pre purchase: is it possible to have a quiz and then ask our visitors to send us the result for win a gift ? (they can not see the result and before answer the questions should write their email and name for example) Thanks

Sorry, no

Hi. Maybe is changed something with Facebook policy? Plugin stopped to share the result of the quiz, it share the general data and not the profile. I tried to install it into another wordpress website and have the same issue.

ALSO your demo has the same issue: it not shares the profile result.

Can you check/update? Thanks